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TECHNIKEN 3D-PDF Tomasz Wierzbicki0627044 Michael Karasek 0326666.

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1 TECHNIKEN 3D-PDF Tomasz Wierzbicki0627044 Michael Karasek 0326666

2 Why 3d-Pdsf? One of the biggest challenges facing technical illustrators is the need to convert complex CAD designs into the form necessary for documentation, such as service, maintenance, and other manuals. Pdf 3d helps the technical illustrator increase productivity, save time, and reduce costs, by providing simple access to 3D assets, creation of graphic Advantages: Save time by capturing 3D designs quickly from major CAD applications into Adobe PDF files for easier, faster review by extended teams Reduce errors and changes by using embedded 3D content to resolve design issues before production INTRODUCTION

3 Advantages: Improve communications by creating multiple 3D cross-sections, animations, and exploded views Accelerate collaboration by enabling Adobe Reader® 7.0* users to participate in the review process using familiar measurement, redlining, and markup tools Control access by setting parameters enabling or restricting access to Adobe PDF documents with 3D designs Safe exchange of the 3d-information Representation of complex products Marketing – Sales Construction of the products INTRODUCTION


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7 EXAMPLES Tutorials Creating custom 3D PDF templates inside Acrobat 3D with Right Hemisphere's PDF Publishing and PMI Modules. m_3D_PDF_templates_inside_Acrobat_3D_with_Right_Hemispheres_P DF_Publishing_and_PMI_Modules&gid=7388 How to create advanced 3d content for pdf. Examples/online galleries

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