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STIF - Paris Ile de France Public Transport Authority.

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1 STIF - Paris Ile de France Public Transport Authority

2 Ile-de-France is one of the 22 administrative "régions" of France 11 million inhabitants (18% of French population) 5 million jobs 28% of France GDP Ile de France 12,000 km² Paris city : 105 km²

3 Map of heavy rail network

4 4 A dense network Metro 16 lines (1 fully automatic) 211 km / 381 stations Rail network 1401 km / 444 stations Bus 1,311 lines / 22,650 km 28.950 stops 8.000 bus Tramway + 1 « bus rapid transit (TVM) 3 tram lines 31.5 km + TVM 12.5 km 56 stops in total 64 Mio journeys (2006) Tram-train 1 line 11 stops

5 Organising determination / approval of routes and stops setting level of fares and creation of travel tickets definition and monitoring of contracts with operating companies financial balance of public transport system : Collection of transport tax and public subsidies Funding of operations Modernising quality of service experimentation Developing Approval of new infrastructures/ economic evaluation Mobility analysis Prospective studies Inclusion is naturally a main concern and STIF policy encompasses 3 areas: - overall policy of achieving accessibility of the network to people with reduced mobility PRMs - specific measures in terms of fare policy - development of specific services STIF - has three main missions...

6 Imagine R Discount tickets : Améthyste …. Chèque mobilité /mobility voucher Carte solidarité transports and Free pass FARE POLICY

7 Among the fare policy, 3 main targets : young people, the disabled and elderlies, people with low income For the young people under 26 years old: IMAGINE R is an annual pass intermodal covering from 2 to 8 zones with a significant discount (50%, and more so depending on local policies towards students). IMAGINE R allows any rides beyond the chosen zones during week ends or school holidays WEEK END PASS for the Youngsters : flat rate (equivalent to 2,5 plain ticket) for 1 day Saturday, Sunday or bank holiday For the disabled and the elderlies Under conditions of disability and/or age and low income these population are entitled significant discounts For the people with low income - a Mobility Voucher allowing to buy tickets is delivered to some beneficiaries of the welfare system - Carte Solidarité transport and Free Pass (March 2007) for low incomes benefiting a free Social security plan it allows 75% discount on monthly passes and even 100% discount if benefiting from the minimum inclusion allowance (includes the family) fare zones streamed down to 6 zones instead of 8 (Zones 6,7,8 =same price)

8 SPECIFIC SERVICES DESIGNED WITH AN OBJECTIVE OF INCLUSION As STIF is responsible for the overall definition of transport provision, a thorough attention is given to the design of local bus lines beyond the main structured network, and specially when local municipalities or public bodies pass on the demand based on social /inclusion needs. Furthermore, STIF has designed specific services in different areas among them, in chronological order : - Door to door services for the disabled and specific information center INFOMOBI - Allobus ROISSY - NOCTILIEN SPECIFIC SERVICES

9 DOOR TO DOOR SERVICES Since the 1980 : door to door services from voluntary initiatives mostly by associations running on public funds (mostly from STIF): Not evenly spread all over the regional area little standards required No competition (no tendering process) Early 2000, STIF designs a frame for a D to D network (PAM) on behalf of its coordinating role Geographic area of reference is the county (8 counties in the Region Ile de France ) Responsibility is given to the county local authority to undertake tendering procedure Funding is shared by County, STIF and Region STIF fixes objectives and standard requirements (rather generic) PAM Paris nov 2003, PAM Val de Marne avr 2005 (PAM 75 70% small veh life cycle max 6y, diesel powered) These services are aimed to severely disabled adults

10 Infomobi website


12 ALLOBUS ROISSY ALLOBUS- ROISSY is a genuine mix between demand responsive transport and regular lines depending on the time of the day. It is a 24/24hours service designed to serve Paris-CDG Airport platform from 9 communities around with 4 bus lines operated most of the time with minibuses Funding also is genuine gathering the concerned municipalities and County (Département), Aéroport de Paris, the bus operator and STIF; Launched in 1999 it proved to be successful among the local population and specially employees with low income and female employees but it also proved to be very expensive; A new contract has been issued in 2006 that should achieve the financial balance and relieve STIF from being the major funder (part of the funds originally coming from STIF social policy budget « politique de la ville » as an experiment have been significantly reduced and other stakeholders have increased their share)

13 Night services Noctilien bus service: every night from 0:30 am to 5:30 am every 17mn on week days and every 10 mn on week ends 35 lines: 2 circles lines in Paris, 8 suburban to suburban lines and 25 radials from Paris to suburbs 175 municipalities served with 1950 stops 2,6 million passengers since 2005 operational costs 8,5 million extension is planned to cover at night the RER network June 2007: 42 lines and over 10 Mio passengers since beginning of the service 13

14 Enhancing security on OPTILE network in difficult areas Syndicat des Transports dIle de France Division de LExploitation / Qualité de Service 31 mars 2006 About community building policy...

15 Objective overcoming fraud and the feeling of insecurity Main problems : - receding of the quality of service (passengers behavioural problems and social conflicts inside the operator company) -receding of patronage, -increase of fraud. Enhance the inclusion process and secure public transport networks in such areas. Un objectif : Lutter contre la fraude et le sentiment d insécurité 1) Le cadre du dispositif 2) Les modalités de mise en œuvre 3) Des obligations contractuelles Ccl : Un bilan positif

16 STIF develops a special tool « politique de la ville » Since 1993 experimental at first -specific subsidies to selected operators 4 april 2002, confirmation as a policy which concerns - municipalities that have a specific contract with the government - other sensitive areas, : 145 municipalities 43 specific contracts What is at stake Enhance security on public transport which in term hopefully helps maintaining level of patronage Promote social inclusion enhancing new job profiles in urban transport accessible to the local population. 1) the frame Un objectif : Lutter contre la fraude et le sentiment dinsécurité 1) Le cadre du dispositif 2) Les modalités de mise en œuvre 3) Des obligations contractuelles Ccl : Un bilan positif

17 Those 2 goals interact keeping a sharp eye on the territory while creating new links and interactivity between local population and the public services (for ex transport staff visiting the schools ) There is a specific legislative frame for the 2 main job profiles one is control agent, the other is a mediation agent both can lead to qualification and the second can benefit from state subsidies of course potential employees as far as possible are recruited among local population 2) implementation Un objectif : Lutter contre la fraude et le sentiment dinsécurité 1) Le cadre du dispositif 2) Les modalités de mise en œuvre 3) Des obligations contractuelles Ccl : Un bilan positif

18 3) to enhance quality of service Number of agents is depending on local environment to overcome fraud : the average number is 4 control agents for 7000 passengers/day STIF is funding for 3 of them and the 4th is paid by the bus operator For security purposes : number of agents depends on specific local level of difficulties Raising the level of Qualification training schemes must be provided by bus operator keeping in mind.that around 50% of the agents are locals and the majority dropped school age 14-15 Un objectif : Lutter contre la fraude et le sentiment dinsécurité 1) Le cadre du dispositif 2) Les modalités de mise en œuvre 3) Des obligations contractuelles Ccl : Un bilan positif

19 Ccl : level of achievement leads to keep on with the process Surveys have been conducted and asserted a fair level of efficiency both in terms of territory and security Operators are willing to keep on with the process around 30 bus operators are concerned in Ile-de-France, 470 agents. But the funding from the state came to an end, and had to be progressively replaced by STIF subsidies Un objectif : Lutter contre la fraude et le sentiment dinsécurité 1) Le cadre du dispositif 2) Les modalités de mise en œuvre 3) Des obligations contractuelles Ccl : Un bilan positif


21 As a conclusion, This is a brief overview of the main policy measures or services STIF undertook. Targeted offer in terms of transport provision seems to meet the social needs for inclusion whatever the reason (disability, low income etc…) the increase in patronage can be considered as the beginning of a proof. However these special measures, - need time and dedication to implement - should be monitored regularly in order to react quickly if necessary (instead of waiting untill the financial gap is jeopardizing the whole system) - should be evaluated in their status as positive actions versus main stream transport policy (funding is often very different according to status) - should be evaluated against the whole network services (cost efficiency analysis)

22 Carte de synthèse offre actuelle




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