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Month Year IEEE Motions in July, 2017 Plenary

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1 Month Year IEEE 802.21 Motions in July, 2017 Plenary
doc.: IEEE Motions in July, 2017 Plenary DCN: Title: Request for Sponsor Ballot unconditional Approval for IEEE P /Cor1 Date Submitted: July 14, 2017 Presented at EC Closing Plenary, July 2017 Authors or Source(s):  Subir Das, Vencore Labs Abstract: This document contains WG Letter Ballot result and motion for Sponsor Ballot unconditional approval John Doe, Some Company

2 IEEE P802.21-2017/Cor1 WG Ballot Result
• Date the last ballot closed: July 14, 2017, 12:01am, US EDT • Vote tally including Approve, Disapprove and Abstain votes: Ballot Pool = 13, Ballot Return= 13, Return ratio= 100% Number of Approves = 13 Number of Disapproves = 00 Number of Abstains = 00 Did Not Vote = 00 Approval Ratio = 100% • Comments received – None Comments that support the remaining disapprove votes and Working Group responses – N/ A Subir Das, Chair, IEEE

3 MEC review Result • Initial MEC review result on D01
There are issues with the labeling of the document and the copyright statement. Once this is updated as per IEEE staff advice the document can proceed to ballot. WG updated labeling of the document (D02) Draft D02 is produced (no technical change since there were no comments) MEC review result on D02 This draft meets all editorial requirements and can proceed to ballot. Subir Das, Chair, IEEE

4 Sponsor Ballot Plan (Tentative)
Sponsor Ballot Initiation closes on August 04, 2017 Sponsor ballot starts 2nd week of August, 2017 Sponsor ballot comments resolution starts in September, 2017 Sponsor ballot recirculation starts on October, 2017 Subir Das, Chair, IEEE

5 EC Motion Motion: Approve IEEE P /Cor1 D02 for Sponsor Ballot Move: Subir Das Second: Steve Shellhammer WG Vote: For: 07 Against: Abstain: 0 EC Vote: For: Against: Abstain: Motion Slide 5 Subir Das, Chair, IEEE

6 P WG Motion Move to authorize the P WG Chair to make a motion to the IEEE 802 Executive Committee for unconditional or conditional approval to forward the IEEE P /Cor1 Draft (D01/D02) for Sponsor Ballot. Move: Yoshikazu Hanatani Second: Tomoki Takazoe For: 07 Against: 00 Abstain: 00 Motion passes Slide 6 Subir Das, Chair, IEEE

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