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Friday, September 13th vendredi le 13 septembre 2013

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1 Friday, September 13th vendredi le 13 septembre 2013

2 Dates TO KNOW FRENCH CLUB MEETING: Thursday, 9/26 2:30 room in 2 weeks Monday 9/16: New supply and book check (daily grade) Tuesday 9/17: Tablets and meetings most of the day! Friday 9/20: Quizzes for all classes! Tues. 9/24: Projects due for all classes (Mon+5) Fri. 9/27: Tests for all classes Last week of 6 weeks: Presentations of projects

3 Sept. 9-13 week (3rd week of 1st 6 weeks) McCage
Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri F 1 Book check Notes Makeup quizzes Prep for oral grade Handouts F 1 -Book check Notes (2) Review ABC’s, numbers, colors, greetings. H/W: Handout-colors & fix sentences. Early bird orals F 1 Oral grade Due: Bor. Words A Rest: Handouts Late borrowed words Oral grade cont. PROJECTS (FP pays) Rest: Handouts ALL Work due Late/Ab oral grades review game-#’s etc. Mon: Book/supply check Next Fri: quiz, project due 9/24 F 2 R Book check Je me Presente-if ab Over F 1 vocab pkt. Handouts to do in class Bor. Words back F 2 R -S & S check Handouts due Over pg. 2 Vocab F 1 Notes: Time, weather F 2 R PROJECTS OUT Je me présente-orally #’s, days, months, seasons review F 2 R Review all PROJECTS OUT-JMP Intro game Quiz-F 1 vocab Due: School vocab Project & Oral grade due 9/24 F 2 PreAP SAM 1 per. 4 done? SAM 1-not per. 7 Handouts & review pg. 1 F 1 vocab packet F 2 PreAP- S&S in. See above Plus B/W sentences F 2 PROJECTS OUT Sentences & B/W due! Sentences for 50 QUIZ: F 1 vocab School pages due Project & Oral grade: due 9/24 F 3 +20 points: verbs & idioms book Pg. 4-5 orally Start letters/do bonus F 3 S & S in? W/UP: translate sentences with idioms. Rough drafts & Bonus booklets in Work on letters F 3 PROJECTS OUT W/UP: choose verb to go in sentences Letters due –rough drafts Introduction game Warmup: Eng-Fren. Letters for 50% Get letters back Finish intro game PROJECTS OUT H/W: Fix/turn in neat letters. NICE Acrostics due Wed. LETTERS DUE! Warmup: 5 sentences using idioms. Acrostics due Wed. ---ready to mat/laminate!

4 F 3 Warmup: traduisez! Due-Letters Back-Acrostics Intro game done?
If tiem--See: Sam 1,2

5 F 3 warmup (Traduisez) I feel like eating. J’ai envie de manger.
I have just eaten. Je viens de manger. I’m going to eat. Je vais manger. I’m going grocery shopping. Je vais faire les courses. Je fais les courses. I need to eat! J’ai besoin de manger.

6 F 2 PreAP Due: school pages Take Quiz Introduce yourself game!

7 F 2 R Due: School pages Quiz: Next slide Henri le chat/Shelter dogs & cats Introductory game, if time!

8 F 1 Warmup! (per. 6 only--next slide)
Choose country!? French speaking countries map.docx Work on and KEEP cognate pages!(we’ll collect them on Monday). Make sure you have copied notes pgs. 35 & 37! (family members & asking age) Handout: Unit 1 Vocabulary List! See project specs again:F 1 francophone_countries_project.rtf Finish any Oral grades! See: Henri le chat, if time! BON WEEKEND!!! No H/W, unless you want to start your project for your French-speaking country!

9 F 1-Telling how you feel-say what 1-9 mean
How’s it going? How are you? I’m fine, OK, all right How are you? (Fam) How are you? (Pol) Fine, well! Very well! So-s0 Bad(ly) Very bad(ly) Ça va? Ça va! Comment vas-tu? Comment allez-vous? (polite) Bien! Très bien! Comme-ci, comme ça Mal Très mal!

10 Comment t’appelles-tu? What’s your name?
F 1-Greetings Bonjour hello Je m’appelle … My name is … Comment t’appelles-tu? What’s your name? Moi me Et toi? and you? ex: - Comment t’appelles-tu? - Je m’appelle Marie. Et toi? - Je m’appelle Marc.

11 F 1-How to inquire about people:
Tu connais…? Do you know…? How to describe people & give their nationalities: Il est … He is … américain(e) She is … Elle est … français (e) anglais (e) canadien(ne)

12 F 1-How to find out another person’s name:
Comment s’appelle …? What’s the name of …? Ex: Comment s’appelle le prof? Il s’appelle … His name is … Elle s’appelle … Her name is … Ex: Elle s’appelle Marie. Il s’appelle Jean-Claude.

13 F 1-To introduce someone or point out someone:
Voici … This is… Here come(s) … Ex: Voici Olive. Voilà … There’s … Ex: Voilà Xavier et Alice.

14 F 1- (persons) Les personnes:
un garçon (a boy) une fille (a girl) un ami (a male friend) une amie (a female friend) un copain (a male friend) une copine (a female friend) un monsieur (gentleman) une dame (lady) un prof (a male teacher) une prof (a female teacher)

15 Important Websites!
1. Accessing Blackboard (Our new LMS): 2. My website: =teacherpages 3. Gradespeed website: 4. Textbook link: (let’s see this together, to view textbook & activities)

16 Coming up Sept. 16-20th (4th week of 1st 6 weeks-)
Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri F 1 Book/supply check Due: Cognates pgs. Oral/Audio practice unit 1 F 1 – Tablet day Review day-game Unit 1 review-workbook pages Unit 1 review –workbook pgs & quiz prep Quiz-unit 1A Borrowed words “A” sentences due next Wed. Project Mon. +5 Test next Fri. F 2 R APT/Workbook pages Review all Game for review Notes: Grammar review Notes: Grammar & review units 1-3 vocab Quiz-F 1 vocab units 1-3. School bingo Project Mon-+5 F 2 PreAP F 2 PreAP- Book & supply check (vocab. 1-3 & school) F 2PreAP Note: Grammar & review units 1-3 QUIZ: F 1 vocab-units 1-3. Borrowed words quiz next Wed. School bingo Project-Mon 4 +5, Test next Fri. F 3 Review: 5 verbs pg. R3 Review of present tense –notes R2 APT pages Game day: review verbs (reg/irreg) present tense Review: R6, 10, 11 (articles, dates, food, numbers) Skits out Review R12, R 13 (body, clothes) Practice skits QUIZ: dates, food, body, clothes, #’s SKIT: rehearsal Body bingo Mon: Project in 4 +5 Fri: test Reprise

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