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KITCHEN ORGANISATION The kitchen brigade

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1 KITCHEN ORGANISATION The kitchen brigade
KITCHEN AND RESTAURANT GUIDE FOR STARTERS Leonardo da Vinci project 2010 – 2012 F&B4YOU Omagh,United Kingdom and Izola, Slovenia

2 Kitchen brigade hierarchal structure
Executive/head chef/kitchen manager Sous chef/second chef Chef de partie/section chef leaders/cooks Senior commis chefs/assistant cooks Commis chefs Apprentices F&B4U

3 Classical kitchen brigade structure
(chef de cuisine) Head chef Sous chef (second chef) (Chef Entremettier) Vegetable chef Commis chef Apprentices Chef Patisserie Pastry chef) Chef saucier (sauce chef) Chef tournant Relief chef Kitchen porter Chef du garde manger (larder chef) Kitchen Porter Chef rotisseur (roasts chef) Chef rotisseur Meat chef) Fish poissionier Fish chef ( F&B4U

4 Roles of Executive/head chef/ kitchen manager or chef de cuisine
administrator and budget-holder responsible for the production of all food items and the amount of actual cooking responsible for health and safety in charge of staff recruitment and purchasing of resources F&B4U

5 Roles of sous chef /second chef
In charge of operations in the absence of the senior chef responsible for the production of food on a daily basis Depending on the size of operation there may be more than one sous chef F&B4U

6 Role of Chef du partie/ section chef leaders/cooks
Responsible for a particular section or number of sections in the kitchen F&B4U

7 Chef du partie - sections
These sections may include: Chef saucier/rôtisseur (sauce and roasts and entrées) Chef du garde-manger (larder section) Poissonnier (fish section) Chef etremettier (vegetable section) Chef pâtissier (pastry section) Chef tournant (relief chef) F&B4U

8 Chefs / cooks Key members of the section
In charge of the section when the chef du partie is absent Generally works in the larger sections e.g. pâtissier and larder F&B4U

9 Commis chef/assistant cook
Depending on the size of operation there may be one or more commis chefs responsible for the day- to-day preparation and cooking within the section F&B4U

10 Kitchen porter / sculery maid
hired or employed for the cleaning of utensils and equipment in some operations they may be required to do some basic food preparation F&B4U

11 Some pictures in the presentation have been taken from the public domain via the Internet. The presentations are used for non-profit educational purposes. F&B4U

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