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Ruth Alonge Ajah Adams Jacmel Alphonse

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1 Ruth Alonge Ajah Adams Jacmel Alphonse
Han Dynasty Ruth Alonge Ajah Adams Jacmel Alphonse

2 Image courtesy of Wikipedia: http://upload. wikimedia

3 Background Knowledge The Han Dynasty lasted over 400 years from 206 B.C. to 220 A.D. Considered 2nd great Chinese Imperial Dynasty Established by Liu Bang

4 Background Knowledge Historians separate Han dynasty into two sections: Western Han: (206 BC-AD 25) Period before Wang Mang’s interruption, capital moved to Ch’ang-an in western China Eastern Han: (AD ) Period after Wang Mang’s interruption, capital moved to Lo-yang in eastern China Ban Chao ( AD) took control during the period of the Eastern Han

5 Leaders Liu Bang, Han Gaozu, ruled 202-195 BCE
Liu Ying, Han Huidi, r BCE Liu Gong, Han Shaodi, r BCE Liu Hong, Han Shaodi (Hong), r BCE Liu Heng, Han Wendi, r BCE Liu Qi, Han Jingdi, r BCE Liu Che, Han Wudi, r BCE Liu Fuling, Han Zhaodi, r BCE Liu He, The Prince of Changyi, r. 74 BCE Liu Bingyi, Han Xuandi, r BCE Liu Shi, Han Yuandi, r BCE Liu Ao, Han Chengdi, r BCE Liu Xin, Han Aidi, r. 7-1 BCE Liu Kan, Han Pingdi, r. 1-6 CE Liu Ying, Han Ruzi, r. 6-9 CE Xin Dynasty Interregnum, 9-23 CE Liu Xuan, Geng Shidi, r CE Eastern Han Dynasty Liu Xiu, Guang Wudi, r CE Liu Zhuang, Han Mingdi, r CE Liu Da, Han Zhangdi, r CE Liu Zhao, Han Hedi, r CE Liu Long, Han Shangdi, r. 106 CE Liu Hu, Han Andi, r CE Liu Yi, Shaodi, the Marquess of Beixiang, r. 125 CE Liu Bao, Han Shundi, r CE Liu Bing, Han Chongdi, r CE Liu Zuan, Han Zhidi, r CE Liu Zhi, Han Huandi, r CE Liu Hong, Han Lingdi, r CE Liu Bian, Shaodi, the Prince of Hongnong, r. 189 CE Liu Xis, Han Xiandi, r CE

6 The Han Dynasty The Chinese invented many new products during the Han dynasty, such as the waterwheel, the rudder, drill bits, steel, and paper Han China boasted magnificent palaces, and multistoried towers. Chinese doctors began practicing acupuncture, the practice of easing pain by sticking needles into patients’ skin.

7 original seismograph

8 Han Achievements Artisans and Artists
Artisans produced ceramic, bronze figurines, jade carvings, and silk cloth Artists painted portraits and nature scenes on walls, scrolls, and room screens During Later Han, Buddhist art flourished, including many temple wall paintings

9 Han Achievements Literature
Han literature known for poetry, new styles of verse Fu style, combined prose and poetry to make long works of literature Shi featured short lines of verse, could be sung

10 Agriculture under the Han
Farming thought to be a significant and honored occupation But in reality, small farmers were troubled by government taxes and became greatly indebted to the rich Image courtesy of Wikipedia. Ancient Chinese wheelbarrow

11 Like the earlier Han dynasties, though, the wealthy stopped paying taxes, the economy declined, the peasants revolted, and the Han Dynasty fell in 220 A.D. Floods damaged irrigation systems. Extensive famine resulted to further revolts in the south.

12 What were some technological advances of the Han dynasty?
Summarize What were some technological advances of the Han dynasty?

13 Answer Answer(s): paper, iron plow, wheelbarrow, acupuncture, compass, sundial, water mill, rudder

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