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Sebastian haupt René Schnorr, Steve Ullmann prof. dr. b. kersting

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1 Novel Calix[4]arene based Ligands: Complexation, Extraction and Functional Materials
Sebastian haupt René Schnorr, Steve Ullmann prof. dr. b. kersting leipzig university

2 Working group of Prof. Dr. B. Kersting
macrocyclic hexaaza- bis(thiophenolate) ligand calix[4]arenes 15 Å Au(111) 1 Kersting, B., Steinfeld, G., Fritz, T., and Hausmann, J. Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 1999, 12, 2167 2 J. Lach, A . Jeremies, F. Lungwitz, B. Kersting, submitted. . Sebastian Haupt Leipzig University

3 Working group of Prof. Dr. B. Kersting
BMBF-project, 02NUK014C TU Dresden Karsten Gloe – HZDR Gert Bernhard Steuerung des Migrationsverhaltens von Radionukliden mit Hilfe makrozyklischer, multifunktionaler Chelatliganden binding sites for alkaline and alkaline earth and/or d- and f-elements coordination chemistry binary interactions in liquid-liquid and solid-liquid systems  cooperation with HZDR – research site Leipzig and TU Dresden . Sebastian Haupt Leipzig University

4 Introduction calix[4]arenes four conformations upper rim n = 4 - 14
lower rim four conformations 1 C. D. Gutsche, M. Iqbal, Org. Synth. 1990, 68, 234–237. 2 C. D. Gutsche, Calixarenes. An introduction, RSC Publ., Cambridge, 2008. Sebastian Haupt Leipzig University

5 Coordination chemistry of calix[4]arenes
a Zn(II)-complex supported by a novel salicylidene-linked double-calix[4]arene - CHEF-effect 1 S.Ullmann Sebastian Haupt Leipzig University

6 Coordination chemistry of calix[4]arenes
H2Lbandit, a calix[4]arene in partial-cone conformation anion driven self-assembly -2:1 complexes with nitrate and chloride -2:3 complexes with acetate 1 R. Schnorr Sebastian Haupt Leipzig University

7 Starting point liquid-liquid extraction of divalent metals
focus of interest  Sr2+ 1 Ungaro et al., J. Chem. Soc., Chem. Commun. 1984, 981. 2 Ungaro et al., J. lncl. Phen. 1984, 199. Sebastian Haupt Leipzig University

8 New tricks for an old dog
systematic use of derivates simple CHCl3 / water system radiometric determination: 85Sr2+ investigation of influences pH value, counter ion, temperature, time, concentration pH = 9 1 h shaking room temperature ligand/strontium 5/1 over 95 % extracted strontium 1 S. Haupt, R. Schnorr, M. Poetsch (in preperation) 2 A. Mansel, S. Gruhne,K. Franke,S. Fischer, Production of 85Sr at a 18 MeV-cyclotron and purification for geochemical investigations 2012 (Submitted ) Sebastian Haupt Leipzig University

9 Synthetic groundwater
ion concentration / µmol/L HCO3- 1445.5 SO42- 120.4 Cl- 0.9 NO3- 3.9 F- 15.3 HPO42- 69.8 Na+ 1480.4 K+ 86.6 Ca2+ 0.3 Mg2+ 0.2 Al3+ 398.8 Fe3+ 11.7 Mn2+ 2.8 Ba2+ 64.4 Sr2+ 719.0 over 90 % extracted strontium 1 P. Mell et al. Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry 2006, 268, 2 B. Torstenfelt, K. Andersson, B. Allard Chemical Geology 1982, 36, Sebastian Haupt Leipzig University

10 Immobilization on mesoporous CPG-silica
joint linker calix[4]arene solid support joint -triazole, tetrazole -ester, amino acid -imine, amine -ether -C-C coupling radical thiol addition 1 R. Brindle, K. Albert, J. D. Glennon, Journal of Chromatography A 1996, 731, 41–46. 2 J. D. Glennon, E. Horne, K. Hall, D. Cocker, M. A. McKervey, Journal of Chromatography A 1996, 731, 47–55. Sebastian Haupt Leipzig University

11 Immobilization on mesoporous CPG-silica
1 S. Haupt, M. Handke (in preparation) Sebastian Haupt Leipzig University

12 Immobilization on mesoporous CPG-silica
13C CP/MAS NMR DTA  thermal stability to 300 °C elemental analyses  up to 0.5 mmol ligand / g CPG Raman  no SH vibration Sebastian Haupt Leipzig University

13 Solid-liquid-extraction
batch experiments strontium salt buffer, ph = 9 filtration gamma counter compound CPG CPG-S-c[4]a CPG-S-7 extraction of Sr2+ [%] < 5 10 – 20 > 90 1 M. Poetsch Sebastian Haupt Leipzig University

14 Posters see poster number 6 and 28 encapsulation of amino acids
gold nanoparticles 1 A. Jeremies, R. Schnitter, M. Börner Sebastian Haupt Leipzig University

15 Thank you for your attention.
Das diesem Vortrag zugrundeliegende Vorhaben wurde mit Mitteln des Bundesministeriums für Bildung und Forschung unter dem Förderkennzeichen 02NUK014C gefördert.

16 Anhang Sebastian Haupt Leipzig University

17 Anhang CPG-SiO2: OF ~ 100m2/g, Porengröße 30nm (groß), Körnung µm, OH-dichte 4-6/nm2  max 1 mmol OH/g (mit 6 OH gerechnet) Sebastian Haupt Leipzig University

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