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P&G CEO Challenge 2018 Global

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1 P&G CEO Challenge 2018 Global

2 First ever World-wide business competition by P&G
Test your skills in real business environment Get to know P&G from inside Fast-start your career with us P&G CEO Challenge 2018 Global


4 HOW DOES IT WORK? Sign up Online Case Study Country Finals
European Finals Global Finals Fly to Panama to compete with the World best participants Submit your application and pass our online assessment Solve a multiple-choice, online H&S case study. Visit your local P&G office and solve a H&S case study. Present your solution to our European Jury in Rome HQ P&G CEO Challenge 2018 Global

5 HOW DOES IT WORK? Apply at
Take the online assessment to see if P&G fits you Solve a business case on Head & Shoulders brand to test your business knowledge Become one of the finalists in your country and travel to local P&G office to compete with the best Represent your country in Rome to beat the CEO Challenge finalists across Europe! Fly to the Global Final in Panama to compete with world-wide CEO Challenge Winners Get your seat in the P&G Signal Conference in Cincinnati P&G CEO Challenge 2018 Global

6 WHEN DO I START? Subscription and Application Cluster Final
22 Sept-27 Nov STAGE 1 CEO Challenge Online Case 28 Nov-22 Dec STAGE 2 Cluster Final 23 March 2018 STAGE 3 Europe Final 10-12 April 2018 STAGE 4 Global Final May 2018 STAGE 4 P&G CEO Challenge 2018 Global

A real business problem broken down into a series of multiple-choice questions to test your business knowledge 1 open question to test your creativity and strategic thinking CMK Marketing F&A Sales Logistics P&G CEO Challenge 2018 Global

8 Test your business knowledge solving the business case on line
WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME? Test your business knowledge solving the business case on line Get to the Southern Europe Final: Experiment what is like to be a P&G manager Finalists will take P&G F2F assessment to get an offer if successful Network with P&G Top Management The winning team will travel to P&G HQ in ROME to represent Southern Europe in the ultimate Europe finals on April 10th 2018 Best team is Europe will fly to PANAMA to the Global Final in May 2018 The Global winner will get a seat for the P&G Signal Conference in CINCINNATI! P&G CEO Challenge 2018 Global

P&G CEO Challenge 2018 Global

10 The Online Case P&G CEO Challenge 2018 Global

11 I. THE CHALLENGE How can Head & Shoulders stay the best in the Winner-Take-all Digital World: developing an integrated strategy for the Brand How? Become familiar with Head & Shoulders product range Assess current Head & Shoulders performance Evaluate haircare market trends Evaluate digital consumer profile Find growth opportunities P&G CEO Challenge 2018 Global

Purchasing pathway is changing Consumer behavior is less predictable than ever, consumers are no longer online or offline. Multiple channels are integrated along the purchasing way, while digital sales channels might be the end-point of the chain or serve as primary source of information about packaging options, ease of use, convenience or main ingredients. P&G CEO Challenge 2018 Global

Digital technologies are offering multiple new opportunities Retailers no longer have the power to control the marketplace, as this has been taken away by consumers who use digital technologies to enable themselves to shop ‘anytime, anywhere’. This change could be of benefit to CPG companies, as it reduces their dependence on their customers (retail outlets), and affords them a measure of control over the market. This new age of digital shopping allows manufactures opportunities and freedom that was impossible through traditional retail methods. P&G CEO Challenge 2018 Global

Opportunities come with threats (e.g competitors) Marketplaces Sales are expanding at a faster rate than rest of e-commerce Breeding ground for new native companies and other e-retailers, who are able to gain a foothold in the e-market through getting a large number of good reviews through the site (marketplace). They have a clear understanding of how the system works, use it to launch products that would have little to no chance of attaining a market share in the traditional brick-and-mortar world. P&G CEO Challenge 2018 Global

When Head & Shoulders launched in 1961, it was the first time people ever experienced the powerful dandruff eliminator, ZPT. Fifty years later, as the world's #1 shampoo, Head & Shoulders is still leading the way in hair care that gives consumers confidence. P&G CEO Challenge 2018 Global

Haircare products are included in Beauty segment, which constitutes 18% of P&G Net Sales, while Head & Shoulders is a billion dollar company within the segment. For all major players of the CPG industry haircare is an important strategic segment as it contributes more than 15% of the total global beauty and personal care market revenue. P&G CEO Challenge 2018 Global

There are 4 basic product types Clinical solutions were formulated to specifically combat severe dandruff. Products provide up to 7 days’ protection and are clinically proven to help treat even the most persistent dandruff flakes. 2-in-1 products were specially created for people that are short on time or want to avoid a lengthy hair care routine. Products provide all of the dandruff fighting power consumers expect, while combining the benefits of both shampoo and conditioner. P&G CEO Challenge 2018 Global

Which new distribution channels could be activated? Products are distributed via hypermarkets and supermarkets, specialty retailers, department stores, online retailers, drugstores and pharmacies, warehouse clubs, salons, as well as P&G online shop. Channel partners sell the products through their retail outlets to consumers. Consumers are the end-users of the product. P&G CEO Challenge 2018 Global

How strategic will be Head & Shoulders market penetration in coming years? Global market is expected to grow from $72,5 billion in 2016 to $83,1 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 1,58% North American region accounts for 19,54% of the global haircare market. Europe generated $17 billion in revenue during 2016, due to the rising number of fashion-conscious consumers in the region. Latin America is expected to grow with a CAGR of 2,86% until 2025, and Brazil already accounts for the largest share of the market. The Asia-Pacific is expected to have the largest share by 2025 due to an increasing middle-class population and rising disposable incomes, with major markets being Japan, China and India. P&G CEO Challenge 2018 Global

20 IV. MARKET TRENDS Male Haircare was the first year when consumers expressed more interest in men’s hair than women’s hair on Google (by around 6%). Today, nearly 22% of males want products just for men. Natural. Organic and plant-based ingredients are dominating hair care product development in Around 34% of women are interested in products with natural or organic ingredients. Moreover, 33% switched to natural/organic brands during the last year. P&G CEO Challenge 2018 Global

21 IV. MARKET TRENDS Seasonality. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware about how the environment affects the condition of their hair and are looking for products that benefit their hair all year round. There has been an increased interest in shampoos and conditioners that moisturise hair in the winter and offer UV protection in the summer. Caring for the scalp. Providing care for not only the hair, but also the scalp itself, has been a major growth trend. 51% of consumers in Europe are interested in products that protect the scalp. This trend is not exclusive to Europe, but can also been seen in the markets across Asia Pacific, North America and Latin America. P&G CEO Challenge 2018 Global

22 IV. MARKET TRENDS Multi-benefit products. Products that offer multiple benefits are gaining momentum. As a result of the potential stripping effects that using shampoos too often can have on your hair, new products - such as cleansing conditioners - are generating a lot of enthusiasm with 58% of consumers showing interest in this product alone. Single-use products. Sample size, or single-use packaging interest consumers, with up to 40% of consumers wanting either something they can take with them to use ‘on-the-go’, or as a low risk option to test a new product before committing to the purchase of a full size product without knowing if they truly like it or not. P&G CEO Challenge 2018 Global

Consumers take a multi-device path to purchase P&G CEO Challenge 2018 Global

Lines between online and offline shopping are blurring P&G CEO Challenge 2018 Global

25 VI. CONSUMER PROFILE Always connected Opinionated & Share it 63% 73%
51% Adult smartphones owners don’t go an hour without checking their phone Aim to influence other when they express their preferences Seek authenticity Requires immediacy Have more confidence in info found online 92% Having real-time product availability would influence their shopping choice 89% Consult review before making a purchase 70% P&G CEO Challenge 2018 Global

26 VI. QUESTIONS Which new distribution channels can you suggest? What will be the potential threats and costs associated? Which new segments can Head & Shoulder enter? (In terms of products and consumers) How the resources should be distributed to keep the leading position globally? What new\out-of-the box digital marketing instruments would you suggest and why? How will you be distributing your marketing budget between online and offline initiative? P&G CEO Challenge 2018 Global

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