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Titelmaster Prof. Dr. Heiner Kuhlmann Dipl. Inform. Stefan Paulus The benefit of plant models for laser generated data - advantages of a symbiosis - Dipl.

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1 Titelmaster Prof. Dr. Heiner Kuhlmann Dipl. Inform. Stefan Paulus The benefit of plant models for laser generated data - advantages of a symbiosis - Dipl. Inf. Stefan Paulus Institute of Geodesy und Geoinformation Professorship of Geodesy University of Bonn

2 Dipl. Inform. Stefan Paulus 2 overview state of the art motivation problems and difficulties benefit of models perspective

3 Dipl. Inform. Stefan Paulus 3 state of the art Laserscanning of plants with airborne laserscanners inertial system + GPS with ground based laserscanner time of flight phase shift in the laboratory triangulation structed light with different geometric approaches Omasa 2007

4 Dipl. Inform. Stefan Paulus 4 state of the art Omasa 2007 Extraction of various parameters: canopy height / mean tree height distribution of leaf area in space gap propability breast hight, diameter carbon stocks from biomass estimation shape analysis Hosoi 2011 Omasa 2007

5 Dipl. Inform. Stefan Paulus 5 state of the art High resolution laser scanning of plants Perceptron 2008

6 Dipl. Inform. Stefan Paulus 6 motivation today: Derivation of morphological characteristics Sensor fusion with RGB/IR/hyperspectral camera data Reference system for calibration of other sensors Observation of smallest changes to quantify plant response to changes in environment time

7 Dipl. Inform. Stefan Paulus 7 motivation Llorens 2011 Volume [dm³] Interaction is needed here! In future: usage directly in the field target-actual comparison prediction of parameters due to environment adjustement of application and geometry time

8 Dipl. Inform. Stefan Paulus 8 problems and difficulties 1. Plant motion due to growth and vibrations 2. Change of plant structure und arrangement

9 Dipl. Inform. Stefan Paulus 9 problems and difficulties 3. Occlusion due to sensor range and structure 4. Penetration of the laser beam and the plant surface Rascher 2010 Perceptron 2008

10 Dipl. Inform. Stefan Paulus 10 benefit of models In short: penetration improve the technique occlusion ??? change in structure ??? plant motion ??? Benefit of physical (or FSPM) models coordinate system for the plant knowledge of structure independant from sensor connection between parts is known, this enables tracking phyto-reference-system

11 Dipl. Inform. Stefan Paulus 11 benefit of models laserscans model.

12 Dipl. Inform. Stefan Paulus 12 benefit of models laserscans model high resolution plant puzzle aligned by underlying grammar system resolution accuracy geometry deformation geometry parameters prediction structure & connection interaction growth & development

13 Dipl. Inform. Stefan Paulus 13 benefit of models local data can be aligned to the whole structure by this, motion can be eliminated resp. is less disturbing different sensors like RGB or hyperspectral camera can be fused in a more accurate way

14 Dipl. Inform. Stefan Paulus 14 The idea in short Laserscans ParameterModel Problems Errors Laser penetration Occlussions Accuracy Resolution Errors Uncertainty no data

15 Dipl. Inform. Stefan Paulus 15 The idea in short Laserscans ParameterPre-Model Problems Errors Model Improved Parameters Improved Laserdata Reliability Testing advance prediction sensor crossing less errors plant coordinate system less occlussion better data connection

16 Dipl. Inform. Stefan Paulus 16 with an application Laserscans ParameterPre-Model Model Improved Parameters Improved Laserdata Reliability

17 Dipl. Inform. Stefan Paulus 17 perspective better results for known techniques laserscanning under difficult circumstances parameter extraction under bad point cloud conditions

18 Dipl. Inform. Stefan Paulus 18 perspective better classification results for automated classification leaf / stem classification by using SVM

19 Dipl. Inform. Stefan Paulus 19 questions? Thanks for your attention. Feel free to ask!

20 Dipl. Inform. Stefan Paulus 20 Abstract Laserscanning im Pflanzenbereich bietet höchste Auflösungen bei gleichzeitiger nicht invasiver Messung. Aus den resultierenden Punktwolken lassen sich Parameter ableiten, aus denen der Zustand der Pflanze bzgl. bspw. Trockenstress hervorgeht. Probleme ergeben sich aus der Eigenbewegung der Pflanze, der Dimension der Deformation (Wachstum und äußere Einflüsse), sowie einer unzureichenden 3D Zuordnung, die Fusion verschiedener Sensoren und Teilscans sowie Vergleich zu unterschiedlichen Zeitpunkten erschweren. Pflanzenmodelle bieten hier Lösungen durch Pflanzen-bezogene Koordinatensysteme, die zeitlich und räumliche Zuordnungen ermöglichen. Laserscanning of plants provides highly accurate spatial resolution information together with non-invasive measurements. The resulting point cloud can be used to extract parameters describing plant state changes in response to i.e. drought stress. Problems resulting from plant motion, dimension of deformation caused by growth and outer influences as well as from insufficient 3D correspondence of scan parts among each other, complicates fusion of different sensors and scan parts and also the comparison of data of different dates. Plant models are solutions to these problems by providing plant-applied coordinate systems that enable spatio-temporal registration.

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