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Vocabulary G21 B5 Unit 1 Part B pg. 10 – 15 G21 B5 Unit 1R. Fischer1.

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1 Vocabulary G21 B5 Unit 1 Part B pg. 10 – 15 G21 B5 Unit 1R. Fischer1

2 G21 B5 Unit 1R. Fischer2 English:percentage Example: 10% means, 10 out of hundred. Deutsch:Prozentsatz

3 G21 B5 Unit 1R. Fischer3 English:bar chart, pie chart Example: You use them when you want to say e.g. how many people use the car to go to work. Deutsch:Balkendiagramm, Tortendiagramm

4 G21 B5 Unit 1R. Fischer4 English:e.g. Example: That means, for example Deutsch:zum Beispiel (z.B.)

5 G21 B5 Unit 1R. Fischer5 English:(to) divide sth. into Example: That means, you make e.g. two groups out of one group. Deutsch:etwas aufteilen Demonstration

6 G21 B5 Unit 1R. Fischer6 English:slice Example: Not the whole bread but one part (slice) In the morning I always eat one slice of bread. Deutsch:Scheibe, Stück

7 G21 B5 Unit 1R. Fischer7 English:nearly Example: = almost I nearly finished my puzzle = Its not finished. Deutsch:fast, beinahe Beispielsatz

8 G21 B5 Unit 1R. Fischer8 English:leaf, leaves Example: In autumn the leaves fall down from the trees. Deutsch:Blatt, Blätter

9 G21 B5 Unit 1R. Fischer9 English:back Example: Michelle Huntzinger has a tattoo on her back. Deutsch:Rücken, Rückseite

10 G21 B5 Unit 1R. Fischer10 English:ballet Example: Its a sport where you have to stand on your toehold. Deutsch:Ballet

11 G21 B5 Unit 1R. Fischer11 English:(to) get married (to) sb. Example: That means you promise to stay together for the rest of your life. Deutsch:(jn.) heiraten

12 G21 B5 Unit 1R. Fischer12 English:skydiving Example: You have to jump out of a plane to do this sport. But make sure to use a parachute. Deutsch:Fallschirmspringen

13 G21 B5 Unit 1R. Fischer13 English:(to) continue Example: = to go on You start e.g. reading and you dont stop. Deutsch:fortsetzen, weitermachen Beispielsatz

14 G21 B5 Unit 1R. Fischer14 English:conversation Example: When people talk to each other. Deutsch:Gespräch

15 G21 B5 Unit 1R. Fischer15 English:(to) introduce sb. to sb. Example: You tell someone your friends name. Deutsch:jn. jm. vorstellen

16 G21 B5 Unit 1R. Fischer16 English:(to) repeat sth. Example: to say sth. again. Deutsch:etwas wiederholen Beispielsatz

17 G21 B5 Unit 1R. Fischer17 English:I didnt get that. Example: = I didnt understand. Deutsch:Ich habe das nicht verstanden Beispielsatz

18 G21 B5 Unit 1R. Fischer18 English:tricky Example: = difficult Deutsch:verzwickt, heikel Beispielsatz

19 G21 B5 Unit 1R. Fischer19 English:wetsuit Example: Something you use to protect your body from coldness. Deutsch:Surfanzug, Taucheranzug

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