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Your endless desires. Our endless efforts

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1 Your endless desires. Our endless efforts
Crave Ocean Your endless desires. Our endless efforts

2 About us Since the day a baby is born, his desires start walking on an endless road. The desire of hunger soon changes to the desire of money and growth. So, we are here to satisfy your cravings for the endless ocean of growth.  Crave ocean is not just a company which is helping you to build your brand, It is your friend who is supporting you to balance yourself even on one leg. We are surely, new in this field but it’s believed that everyone is running behind new vibes for their business and we have such crisp and creative minds forging innovations and yes! that “Something is different” factor.   We are diverse in our own way ready to open up our manifolds, we are that new state- of-the-art ready to spread our colors, we are witty enough to know how to turn one into five, we shape strategies that build brands, we are prudent in our plannings because your growth is our objective.

3 Our Process : Give us your Budget May require more than one slide
Brand strategy/planning Choose plan Execution See your company growth May require more than one slide

4 Services Brand Strategy Marketing plan Marketing to specific audience
Digital marketing Website designing UX/UI development Advertisement (ATL) Offline Marketing(BTL) Photography Door to Door Marketing

5 Marketing to specific target Audience
Marketing Emoji Marketing Bulk SMS

6 Digital Marketing Google Adwords (PPC) SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation) SMM ( Social media marketing) We also design facebook/Instagram/twitter post and content for that by which it enhances your product/brand.

7 Newspaper/phamphlets
Advertisement : Outdoor Transit Newspaper/phamphlets

8 Offline marketing (BTL)
Promoters promoting in market Organising an event Product launch event Application launch event


10 Photography Product launch/relaunch Advertising Tv commercials
Fm /radio commercials You tube ads Short films for youtube or can be played anywhere

11 Our Aim You can think of any type of marketing or any 1 month plan/campaign or we will help you in making a plan strategy for your company and successfully execute them . If you are thinking it is too high for your budget . Don’t worry we will make that price in your budget Our only and only aim is to make your company grow as we make your company as our own company .

12 Thankyou Come and talk to us : Shubham jain

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