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Developing French collections October 2011. Introduction 2 Developing a French collection can be challenging for an institution, library or school. The.

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1 Developing French collections October 2011

2 Introduction 2 Developing a French collection can be challenging for an institution, library or school. The distance from the resources and the language barrier may add to the difficulty ! A better understanding of the components of the French book industry in Québec and Canada seemed an essential first step to facilitate the process of collecting French material. This session gives us the opportunity to present an overview of the actual picture of the industry and its main actors, to point out the interesting ones and to offer guidelines, based on our experience, that we hope, will help librarians in selecting French material.

3 The workflow 3 LibrariesPublishers Distributors Bookstores

4 The French book business 4 AVERAGE MONTHLY OFFER - FRENCH BOOKS PUBLICTOTALEUROPE(85%)CANADA (15%) New releases French books for Adults22001870330 New releases French books for children45038368 DISTRIBUTORS NAME SHARE TOTAL SOCADIS 25% 85% PROLOGUE15% DIMÉDIA15% MESSAGERIES ADP20% DIFFUSION DU LIVRE MIRABEL 10%

5 The selection process : tools/resources 5 Libraries Bookstores showrooms Librarians

6 The selection process : tools/resources 5 ONLINE (VIRTUAL) SHOWROOMS ONLINE RESOURCES CHILDRENDESCRIPTIONWEBSITE Lurelu magazine, Section Coups de cœurLibrarians and booksellers Communication Jeunesse, Annual selectionLibrarians and booksellers Archambault bookstore Top sellers listGeneral public Renaud-Bray bookstore PalmarèsGeneral public FNAC, Section Meilleures ventes JeunesseEurope - France ONLINE RESOURCES ADULTSDESCRIPTIONWEBSITE Cyberpresse, Section LivresJournalists FNAC, Section Meilleures ventesEurope - France Archambault bookstore Top sellers listGeneral public Renaud-Bray bookstore PalmarèsGeneral public

7 The final selection 6 Budget limitations ? Space limitations ? Material not suitable for patrons? All of the above ? Budget limitations ? Space limitations ? Material not suitable for patrons? All of the above ? AVERAGE NUMBER OF TITLES SELECTED LIBRARY% ADULTS% CHILDRENADULTSCHILDRENADULTS EUROPEAN 60% ADULTS CANADA 40% CHILDREN EUROPEAN 40% CHILDREN CANADA 60% Montréal35-3840-4279218547531774111 Québec35-3840-4283618950233476113 Laval35-3840-4281418048832672108 Longueuil- Brossard 25-3030-355501493302205989 Gatineau20-2530-354621402771855684 Ottawa15-2025-303301171321984770


9 8 Differences between French books published in France VS Canada IN GENERAL EUROPE (FRANCE)CANADA (QUÉBEC) Established publishersYoung industry Size of the populationLimited clientele Quality of language is…Quality of language is improving ADULTS EUROPE (FRANCE)CANADA (QUÉBEC) Fiction and Non fiction N-fiction => More translationsMostly original French Wide variety of subjectsLimited subjects CHILDREN EUROPE (FRANCE)CANADA (QUÉBEC) Fiction and Non fictionMostly Fiction More translations (F & N-F)Mostly original French (F) Wide variety of subjectsN/A or some translations

10 9 Collecting for native French speakers VS French immersion CHILDREN Fiction Preferably documents published in Canada Language similar to other resources (TV, Internet) Level of language is closer to day to day French Significant efforts by publishers to improve the quality of language Select documents with 1 year below recommended age group Publishers try to match school programs Reading skills on native French speakers are fairly poor Difference between native French speakers and immersion is thinning... Non Fiction Since the selection of original documents is poor => European publishers Often translations from English (D&K) French publishers also have to face the level of language issue

11 10 Collecting for native French speakers VS French immersion ADULTS Fiction Preferably documents published in Canada Established authors (Laberge, Brouillet, Laferrière…) Accessible (Ex: Top sellers in bookstores…) Good language level (distribution in Europe) Original French can be risky… Translations from many languages are good alternatives If pocket book size is accepted => Interesting series : romance, detective novels… Bilingual series available (Livre de poche and Presse Pocket) Non Fiction French Canadian publishers have a more limited selection Interesting subjects : Cooking, Popular psychology, Gardening, Animal life, How to books…

12 11 DISTRBUTORSMAJOR PUBLISHERSMAJOR SERIES SOCADISGallimardFolio Junior Folio Cadet Primarily European publishers FlammarionCastor poche Castor Benjamin Tribal Castor Doc CastermanRomans Junior Romans Classiques Romans Cadet Romans Benjamin Groupe HachetteHachette JeunesseBibliothèque Rose et Verte Livre de poche jeunesse LaroussePetits classiques Larousse Series by distributors/publishers 1

13 Descriptions of series 1 NAME OF THE SERIESDESCRIPTIONPUBLIC Folio JuniorPocket size books for readers aged 8 to 16. The name of the series refers to the collection's flagship publishing house: Folio. Some titles are "very French"… 8 + Folio CadetBy talented and established authors and illustrated by actual artists. The books escort the young reader in the process of learning to read. 8 + Castor pocheNovels for pre-teens. Very French approach.10 + Castor BenjaminFrom age 6. 32 to 48 pages with some illustrations.6 + TribalCreated specifically for teenagers. All chosen for the narrative force and originality of the text.12 + Castor DocNon-fiction (Very French). Interesting subjects.10 + Romans JuniorFrom age 10. Mystery, humor, adventure, science fiction …10 + Romans ClassiquesClassics revisited. From age 10.10 + Romans CadetFirst novels to be read like "real books", from age 8. To laugh and to wander, to get a better understanding of oneself. Supported by illustrations. 8 + Romans BenjaminFor beginners, short stories and lively, full-colored illustrations. From age 6.6 + Bibliothèque Rose et VerteVery French texts. Reprints of classics like Comtesse de Ségur.8 + Livre de poche jeunesseClassics of French literature8 + Petits classiques LarousseReprints of classics of French literature for children.8 + 12

14 13 DISTRBUTORSMAJOR PUBLISHERSMAJOR SERIES PROLOGUE Québec-AmériqueBilbo Mini-Bilbo Primarily French canadian publishers Gulliver Titan, Titan + Fou LireGaloche Chat-Ô en folie Les aventures de Marie-P Les histoires de Zak et Zoé Les IntouchablesSérie Les Affreux Série Aurélie Laflamme Série Amos Daragon Léonis Vents d'OuestGirouette Vive le vent Azimuts Ado Éditions ImagineMes premières histoires Les contes classiques Les imaginaires Series by distributors/publishers 2

15 Description of series 2 NAME OF THE SERIESDESCRIPTIONPUBLIC BilboNovels for beginners.8 + Mini-BilboFor beginners. With illustrations.6 + GulliverFor good readers.8 + Titan, Titan +Excellent series for teens.12 + GalocheFantastic adventures of a dog named Galoche8 + Chat-Ô en folieLe chat Coquin raconte la vie au pays du Royaume d'En-Bas. Beaucoup de plaisir! The cat Coquin tells the life in the imaginary country of Kingdom of the Netherlands. Lots of fun! 6 + Les aventures de Marie-PMarie-P plays detective. Investigations and intrigues are waiting for you.6 + Les histoires de Zak et ZoéZak and Zoé are really sports maniacs. For each novel, a different sport.8 + Série Les AffreuxSix characters, beautiful and ugly, hard and soft. Sometimes cheeky, a bit disorganized, they form a colorful, touching and terribly endearing family. 8 + Série Aurélie LaflammeSeries created by India Desjardins. Adventures of a teenage girl. Big hit in Québec !12 + Série Amos DaragonMedieval fantasy adventure books created by Bryan Perro.10 + Série LéonisLéonis is a serie of Fantasy novel for teens. The action takes place in mysterious Egypt.10 + Collection GirouetteAdventure stories, day to day drama, science fiction and fantasy !10 + Collection Vive le ventA good initiation to reading for beginners.6 + Collection AzimutsRoman psychologique ou d'introspection, historique ou d'anticipation, policier ou social. Psychological or introspective novels, historical or anticipation novels, suspence or social works…For good readers 12 + Collection AdoDrama, adventure, love, humor.12 + Mes premières histoiresLivres conçus pour découvrir très tôt le bonheur de se faire raconter des histoires. Books created and designed to discover at an early age, the pleasure of having someone reading us stories. 3 + Les contes classiquesTexts to be read aloud. Classics revisited. Established illustrators.6 + Les imaginairesFirst readings. Dynamic illustrations. Fast paced text.6 + 14

16 15 DISTRBUTORSMAJOR PUBLISHERS3MAJOR SERIES DIMÉDIABoréalBoréal Junior Boréal Inter Some major French Canadian publishers but primarily European publishers Les Carcajous Maboul Les 400 coupsGrimace Ma langue au chat Super-Machins Series by distributors/publishers 3

17 Descriptions of series 3 NAME OF THE SERIESDESCRIPTIONPUBLIC Boréal JuniorProposes a first approach to literature while encouraging young readers to read for their own pleasure8 + Boréal InterNovels with a little more "body" for pre-teens.12 + Les CarcajousA series that chronicles the adventures of a Pee-wee hockey team.8 + MaboulSeries for beginners. Imaginative and charming mini-novels.6 + GrimaceTo be read when a child masters basic reading skills. Funny stories.8 + Ma langue au chatRhymes, stories, riddles for children.3 + Super-MachinsMini-albums. Initiation to reading.6 + 16

18 17 DISTRBUTORSMAJOR PUBLISHERSMAJOR SERIES MESSAGERIES - ADPÉditions de la BagnoleKlaxon Taxi French Canadian publishers and major European publishers Gazoline Michel QuintinSérie La Zone Série Les Maîtres du Pentacle Les p'tits romans Quintin Les Dragouilles Dominique et compagnieÀ pas de souris Galette À pas de loup Rouge / Lime / Vert / Bleu / Noir Albin MichelWiz Série Téa et Géronimo Stilton Série Camille Série Didou Pocket JeunesseLes P'tites poules Romans Pocket Jeunesse Series by distributors/publishers 4

19 Descriptions of series 4 NAME OF THE SERIESDESCRIPTIONPUBLIC KlaxonPromotes an aspect of language: the rhymes, onomatopoeia, poetry. For preschool and primary levels.6 + TaxiThis series gives the childern the opportunity to discover the world of writers usually read by adults.8 + GazolineNovels completed by a dossier on the work of the author and a literary analysis. For teens.12 + Série La ZoneAdventure series for boys8 + Série Les Maîtres du PentacleFantasy. The quest for the five pieces of a magical pentacle.8 + Les p'tits romans QuintinSeries for beginners.6 + Les DragouillesLearn to read while having fun with the "Dragouilles", seven playful little creatures.6 + À pas de sourisBeginning readers as well as struggling readers. Three levels of difficulty in this series6 + GaletteIntroduction to reading. Promotes interaction between children and adults.3 + À pas de loupPicture books for children learning to read. 4 levels of reading in this series6 + Rouge / Lime / VertThree categories of documents with increasing complexity. The novels are able to assist young people for quite a while in their discovery of the joy of reading. 6 + WizSeries divided in 4 "sub-series" (Girl, Fantasy, Fiction, Bliss). For teens.12 + Série Téa et Géronimo StiltonGeronimo Stilton is the president of the magazine Echo of the rodent. Téa is Geronimo's younger sister and special reporter for the Echo of the rodent. Adventures, intrigues. 8 + Série CamilleCamille est une girafe attachante qui vit des aventures de tous les jours avec beaucoup d'amour. Texte court, souvent très vivant, adapté aux enfants de 3 ans. Camille is a giraffe living endearing everyday adventures. Short lively text, recommended for children age 3. 3 + Série DidouDestinée à un public préscolaire et dédiée principalement à l'apprentissage du dessin. Series aimed at preschool children and mainly dedicated to help learning drawing basic skills. 3 + Les P'tites poulesSeries that tells the adventures happening in a barn, with lots of humor.8 + Romans Pocket JeunesseSeries for teens. A different topic in each volume.12 + 18

20 19 DISTRBUTORSMAJOR PUBLISHERSMAJOR SERIES DIFFUSION DU LIVRE MIRABELCourte échellePremière Lecture (niveaux 1 à 3) Premier roman Specialized in Quebec literature for children and most of the major European publishers of graphic novels and comics Roman Jeunesse Série Épizzod Hors Collection SoulièresMa petite vache a mal aux pattes Chat de gouttière Graffiti CalligramSérie Max et Lili Pierre TisseyreSésame Conquêtes Papillon Chacal BoomerangSérie Secrets du divan rose Série Passepeur Au cœur des différences M'as-tu lu? Biblio Romance Series by distributors/publishers 5

21 Descriptions of series 5 NAME OF THE SERIESDESCRIPTIONPUBLIC Première Lecture (niveaux 1 à 3)This series is perfect for getting young people to "first reading" level. Real books that offer fascinating stories of all kinds. 6 + Premier romanA voyage in the world of imagination, important themes such as courage, determination, friendship and hope. An invitation to read that will satisfy the dreamers… 8 + Roman JeunesseThis series offers young readers novels that will transport them into the original and humorous adventures8 + Série ÉpizzodEPIZZOD is a unique project in Quebec that puts the serial up to date and brings together established and upcoming writers. This series offers fast paced stories, illustrated like comic books or graphic novels. 12 + Hors CollectionAvid readers of gripping stories rich in emotions will be totally satisfied by those novels written by authors from near and far, already well known to young readers or that they will discover with pleasure. They will feel challenged by the larger than life characters and their quest for independence, freedom and adventure. 12 + Ma petite vache a mal aux pattesShort stories presented in "novel format" beautifully illustrated.6 + Chat de gouttièreMore challenging interms of size and content. Something for everyone8 + GraffitiTopics for teens.12 + Série Max et LiliEach volume focuses on a theme experienced by children or someone close to them and then solved,or at least discussed with their parents. The childish and humorous feel of those stories is a perfect approach for somehow difficult topics 8 + SésameMimi novels. Shorts chapters. Highly recommended for immersion programs6 + ConquêtesWide variety of novels. Often studied in high school.12 + PapillonRecommended for immersion programs. The numbers of butterflies on the cover indicates the difficulty level. 8 + ChacalFor fantasy, science-fiction and horror fans. For good readers.12 + Série Secrets du divan roseTeenage topics for girls. Day to day stories. Very "Barbie" (!)12 + Série Passepeur "You are the hero" type of book, with multiple choices in the course of the story.8 + Au cœur des différencesShort stories. These books allow teachers to educate children about the richness of differences.6 + M'as-tu lu?Includes a glossary for difficult words and two quiz related to the text.6 + Biblio RomanceRomantic novels for girls.8 + 20

22 DISTRBUTORSMAJOR PUBLISHERSMAJOR SERIES BAYARD / NOVALISMilanMilan Poche Benjamin Milan Poche Cadet Distributor of Bayard/France and Bayard/Québec Macadam Milan Poche Junior Bayard - FranceLa Cabane Magique J'aime lire Millézime Bayard - QuébecCheval masqué Le raton laveur Les Débrouillards Petit monde vivant DISTRBUTORSMAJOR PUBLISHERSMAJOR SERIES HURTUBISE HMHHurtubiseAtout Caméléon Bleu Distributor of Didier and Hurtubise Caméléon Vert Bescherelle Series by distributors/publishers 6 21

23 Descriptions of series 6 NAME OF THE SERIESDESCRIPTIONPUBLIC Milan Poche BenjaminTo help the child evolve from reading with a parent, to reading almost independantly.6 + Milan Poche CadetFunny and moving stories8 + MacadamA series fro teens. Texts to escape, think and dream.12 + Milan Poche JuniorA series that prioritized the text with adventure stories, science fiction stories as well as more introspective tales. 12 + La Cabane MagiqueSeries of novels inspired by the Arthurian legends and the stories of Tom and Leah, two children found it a cabin full of books. 6 + J'aime lireShort stories. Riddles. Charades. Short graphic novels8 + MillézimeThis series proposes a wide variety of literary genres and is aimed at readers from 12. Large novels to really plunge into literature. 12 + Cheval masquéThis series has the purpose to be the bridge between reading with an adult and the first steps of reading alone...3 levels of reading: Au pas, Au trot, Au galop. 6 + Le raton laveurAlbums to read and looked at... Introduction to reading3 + Les DébrouillardsNon fiction for science buffs.12 + Petit monde vivantNon fiction documents on animal life and nature8 + AtoutNovels in all literary genres. Love stories or history, science fiction or chilling fantasy stories, detective stories, readers from 12 and over are certain to find their fill of thrills. 12 + Caméléon BleuHilarious stories, full of twists and mysterious investigations in an absurd universe.10 to 12 Caméléon VertHilarious stories, full of twists and mysterious investigations in an absurd universe.(Illustrated)8 to 10 BescherelleL'art de conjuguer. THE reference for conjugation of verbs6 + 22

24 For Adults 23 DISTRBUTORSMAJOR PUBLISHERSPUBLISHERS OR SERIES SOCADISFlammarionCasterman Le Dilettante La Presse Flammarion Québec Primarily European publishers Autrement FidèsBibliothèque québécoise Éditions Fidès GallimardÉditions Gallimard Les Allusifs HachetteDelcourt Éditions Hachette Marchand de feuilles Livre de poche LeméacActes Sud Éditions Leméac

25 For Adults 24 DISTRBUTORSMAJOR PUBLISHERSMAJOR SERIES PROLOGUE Presses UniversitairesPresses de l'Université d'Ottawa Presses de l'Université du Québec Presses du l'Université Laval Regroupement éditeurs canadiens- français Éditions du Blé Primarily French Canadian publishers Éditions des Plaines Bouton d'or Acadie Éditions Prise de parole Québec-AmériqueÉditions Québec-Amérique

26 For Adults 25 DISTRBUTORSMAJOR PUBLISHERSMAJOR SERIES DIMÉDIABoréalÉditions Boréal Some major French Canadian publishers but primarily European publishers Les 400 coupsÉditions 400 coups Alto Seuil DISTRBUTORSMAJOR PUBLISHERSMAJOR SERIES MESSAGERIES - ADPAlbin MichelÉditions Albin Michel French Canadian publishers and major European publishers Groupe LibrexÉditions Libre Expression Trécarré Stanké De l'HommeÉditions de l'Homme Groupe Ville-MarieVLB Éditeur Typo L'Hexagone Éditions de la Bagnole AlireÉditions Alire

27 For Adults 26 DISTRBUTORSMAJOR PUBLISHERSMAJOR SERIES DIFFUSION DU LIVRE MIRABELCourte ÉchelleÉditions Courte Échelle Specialized in Quebec literature for children and most of the major European publishers of graphic novels and comics Diffusion de Bandes dessinéesDupuis Lombard Dargaud Pierre TisseyreÉditions Pierre Tisseyre DISTRBUTORSMAJOR PUBLISHERSMAJOR SERIES BAYARD / NOVALISBayardÉditions Bayard Distributor of Bayard/France and Bayard/Québec NovalisÉditions Novalis DISTRBUTORSMAJOR PUBLISHERSMAJOR SERIES Hurtubise / HMHHurtubiseÉditions Hurtubise HatierÉditions Hatier Distributor of Didier and Hurtubise

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