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MicroContinuum, Inc Image Storage Systems Applications of Optical Tape in the Entertainment Industry -- from D-Cinema to Home Theaters 57 Smith Place Cambridge,

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1 MicroContinuum, Inc Image Storage Systems Applications of Optical Tape in the Entertainment Industry -- from D-Cinema to Home Theaters 57 Smith Place Cambridge, MA 02138 617.354.1092 LA: 626.333.9926 Gene Slafer 28 May, 2003

2 ©MicroContinuum, Inc. 2 Agenda Intro to Optical Tape-What & Why Applications of Optical Tape Background MicroContinuum's New Technology ROM Tape and Content Protection Conclusion

3 ©MicroContinuum, Inc. 3 What is Optical Tape? The Best of Both Worlds --it combines the storage density of optical discs, …..with the surface area of magnetic tape

4 ©MicroContinuum, Inc. 4 Massive Storage Capacity 1 meter of 1/2 tape has the same surface area as a single DVD example 1: an LTO or DLT-style tape cartridge would hold the equivalent of 600 DVDs using optical tape … example 2: a microcassette would hold over 650GB using optical tape and Gen II technology

5 ©MicroContinuum, Inc. 5 Volumetric Efficiency In the same volume as a single DVD, optical tape can store 50 times more data

6 MicroContinuum, Inc. 6 High Data Rate OT can exploit the advantages of multiple optical heads...for improved read/write performance

7 ©MicroContinuum, Inc. 7 Additional Characteristics fast access times...less than 3 sec average time required for a 100 m tape True-WORM using phase change technology … and erasable version similar to R/W discs archival stability … comparable to CD and DVD phase change media, with >50 year lifetime

8 ©MicroContinuum, Inc. 8 General Applications satellite weather image archiving data mining and analysis motion picture & TV archiving surveillance & security data retention law enforcement records medical image archiving financial records e-mail archiving geophysical and seismic data supercomputer storage

9 ©MicroContinuum, Inc. 9 Entertainment Applications archival storage of films and videos 4TB of data in standard 1/2-inch cartridge (Gen I), to 100 TB (Gen III) Roadmap based on proven optical technologies compatible with automated tape libraries ultra high definition recording medium for D-cinema (supporting >12 megapixel cameras) ROM version as "release prints" for digital cinema projectors and secure home HD distribution

10 ©MicroContinuum, Inc. 10 Background First commercial OT system introduced by CREO Products in early 1990s physically massive drive (costing over $250K) 12-inch open reel 35mm tape (from ICI) @ $10K/spool proved viability of OT, but ahead of its time (1TB in 1990) NIST Sponsored 2 Major Industrial Consortia in late 1990s: TRAAMS/DOTS (Polaroid/Kodak, Motorola, Xerox, ECD, Honeywell, SAIC … ) DVOTR (Polaroid, LOTS, Avid, EMC, Lucent)

11 ©MicroContinuum, Inc. 11 Background Several other efforts over the last 15 years were attempted but none became commercialized numerous innovative technologies were developed, but … all relied on complex, custom-designed optical heads hardware too expensive for mass market R&D cycle too long and costly for relatively small volume high-end applications

12 ©MicroContinuum, Inc. 12 Breakthrough Enabling Technology MicroContinuum Inc. has developed a high- speed, low cost method for preformatting optical tape enables use of low cost off-the-shelf optical disc components (head assemblies, circuitry … ) major reduction in development cost and time utilizes advanced magnetic tape transport technology Makes possible much lower cost drives Media cost/TB substantially below magnetic tape and/or optical disc

13 ©MicroContinuum, Inc. 13 Who We Are... MicroContinuum, Inc. is Cambridge, MA company spun off from Polaroid in 1998 Founders developed basic OT media technology for NIST ATP (Advanced Technology Program) and roll-manufactured optical disc programs while at Polaroid Licensed Polaroid background technology plus own newly-developed OT technology.

14 14 New Technology MicroContinuum, Inc. Advanced Surface Nanoforming (ASN) --for preformatting WORM and R/W OT Linear Variable Data Nanoforming (LVDN): --efficient replication of continuously varying data

15 ©MicroContinuum, Inc. 15 Roll-to-Roll Media Manufacturing thin-film flexible optical media

16 ©MicroContinuum, Inc. 16 What is ROM Tape? "a pre-recorded optical disc in a linear data format" -- a new optical medium based on roll processing technology Variable capacity cassettes Unique methods used for tape manufacture low cost, high volume production simple thin-film technology eliminates wet coating/drying processes

17 MicroContinuum, Inc. 17 Characteristics of ROM Tape Very high capacity media, allowing very large files on small cassettes (>>100 GB) --high quality using less compression creates a better product expandable capacity via longer tapes for supplementary material (directors cuts, promos/trailers … ) can allocate additional overhead (capacity) for enhanced encryption, color depth, ECC, etc. enables display capabilities beyond HDTV, i.e., 1080P, higher bit depths, future formats less (or no) compression possible

18 MicroContinuum, Inc. 18 Counterfeiting and ROM Tape ROM tapes cannot be recorded, modified or altered, either electronically or physically None of the existing optical disc replication plants or equipment can be utilized for ROM OT manufacture requires unique roll-to-roll process No economic incentive in copying large files to multiple discs and tapes, or non-removable hard drive --Provides a new opportunity for content owners to control illicit replication and distribution of proprietary content …

19 MicroContinuum, Inc. 19 Implementing ROM Tape Technology and licenses for creating the read- only tapes will rest solely with a consortium of content owners, or perhaps the MPAA A trusted manufacturer, e.g., Technicolor or others, will operate tightly controlled reproduction plants Finished digital cinema masters will be delivered on any medium (RAID arrays, etc) to the replication plant for mass replication and distribution

20 ©MicroContinuum, Inc. 20 Conclusion Optical Tape offers a platform for cost-effective, high-performance data storage archival medium in a small volume ROM Optical Tape offers enhanced content protection gives studios end-to-end control over their content cost effective manufacturing

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