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International Cooperative Education. Participating countries EnglandPolandGermanyRussia.

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1 International Cooperative Education

2 Participating countries EnglandPolandGermanyRussia

3 Participating Institutes Germany: Studieninstitut Braunschweig NSI-Consult GmbH OKS Vocational training college University Welfen Academy Braunschweig University International Hanseatic Academy Hamburg Chamber of Commerce

4 Participating Institutes England: Poole College University of Bournemouth

5 Participating Institutes Poland: Uniwersytet Willy Brandta Wrocławski (Breslau)

6 Example: MBA-Programme of the University of Bournemouth (Great Britain) The university of Bournemouth is one of the worlds largest providers in further and higher education both full and part time. At the moment there are approximately 17,000 registered students

7 Aim and purpose of the cooperation One main point is to train students in relevant specialised fields for them to have the ability to take on the role in management of all forms of companies. To develop the ability so far that in the world of business the right strategic decisions are made. The future managers will be given the ability to put the gained knowledge from their studies into practise, to create various solutions to problems which crop up in virtually all business environments.

8 Learning objectives Transferability of intellectual and analytical abilities Individual effectiveness as a manager in an organisation Understand the relationships and structures of an organisation which support the economical effectiveness of their company i.e. organisation.

9 Organisation full-time studies full-time studies part-time studies (distant learning) part-time studies (distant learning)

10 First of all five basic/foundation modules have to be completed… Module 1: Basics of management - Management, people and organisation - Finance for managers - Strategic marketing Module 2: Strategic Analysing und decisions - Making decisions - Strategical planning and competition analysing - Information administration and forcasting

11 Module 3: Use of strategies - Leadership and Entrepreneurship - Alteration management Module 4: Finance- und expansion strategies - strategical finance management - growth strategies Module 5: Strategies in Action - global Strategies - exploitation

12 Each module will be concluded and accompanied by activities to form an examination block.

13 But what is new? As we are working in a cooperation all languages are acceptable for all examination blocks including the main thesis Basically this means the students may choose the language in which they are to be examined.

14 What is new? Example: Module 3 (competence centre Breslau) The module is completed in ones home town within a fixed period the students would go into a workshop (about 5 days) of which 2-3 days is used for a résumé (English or German) followed by an examination Should a student not be able attend due to a reason beyond his or her control then the workshop section could take place in ones own country

15 After the induction blocks- the integrated modules… These can comprise of a large palette of themes of which 2 subjects of the core areas of management development can be chosen.

16 Finally… The final section of the MBA programme is concluded by a research project, which will give the opportunity to go into a theme or problem more deeply and to analyse it.

17 Certificate In order to complete the programme successfully each candidate must complete all modules within the prescribed period of time and attain the necessary grade.

18 Requirements to participate GCSE (specialised subjects for the study) General school GCSE (A level) Admission qualifications for a university An equivalent qualification, professional or trade

19 And in German 1. International Anerkannte BSc MBA Studium in vier Länder - Russland, England - Deutschland und Polen ohne Sprachnachweis, da alle Thesen und Arbeiten in der Muttersprache erstellt werden dürfen.

20 And in German 2. Bsc und MBA - Part-Time Studium erlaubt die Kombination von Studium und voller Berufstätigkeit. Das neu erworbene Know- how kann direkt in die Berufspraxis transferiert werden. Viele MBA - Studenten übernehmen bereits während des Studiums neue, verantwortungsvolle Positionen.

21 And in German 3. Kennzeichen des Studiums ist die konsequente internationale Ausrichtung der Studieninhalte mit Kompetenzzentren in vier Länder.

22 And in German 4. Die Bsc und MBA-Programme ist innovativ für die Managementausbildung an internationale Hochschulen Das berufsbegleitende Studienprogramm ist das Pionier-Angebot dieser Art in Deutschland sowohl in Polen, England und Russland

23 The Final Question wer möchte teilnehmen? who would like to participate? Кто хотел бы принять участие?

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