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Art Expo 2013-2014 Impressionism. Cassett La Toilette, c.1891.

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1 Art Expo 2013-2014 Impressionism

2 Cassett La Toilette, c.1891

3 Self-portrait circa 1878

4 Cezanne Mont Sainte-Victoire, 1904

5 Les joueurs de carte (Die Kartenspieler), 1892-95

6 Cézanne, Self Portrait, about 1880Self Portrait

7 Detail from Paul Cézanne, Portrait of Pissarro

8 Degas c.1883

9 Die Tanzklasse 1875

10 Detail from Hilaire-Germain-Edgar Degas, Self- portrait © The Art Archive/Musée d'Orsay, Paris/Gianni Dagli Orti

11 Gauguin 1888, The Vision after the Sermon, Jacob wrestling with the angel

12 Self-Portrait with Halo 1889

13 Manet Un Bar aux Folies-Bergère

14 The Railway. 1873

15 Monet Impression, Sunrise 1872

16 Rouen Cathedral. Facade (Sunset) 1892-1894

17 The Water-Lily Pond, 1899

18 Morisot In the Bois De Boulogne

19 Kornfeld circa 1875

20 Pissarro Boulevard Montmartre, Matin d'Hiver"

21 The Boulevard Montmartre at NightThe Boulevard Montmartre at Night, 1897

22 Landschaft bei Pontoise 1874

23 Renoir A Girl With a Watering Can

24 Dance at Le moulin de la Galette 1876


26 Pierre Auguste Renoir, Portrait of Claude Monet, Musée dOrsay, Paris

27 At the Theatre (La Première Sortie)At the Theatre (La Première Sortie), 1876-7

28 Rodin The Burghers of Calais

29 A photo of The Thinker 1879–1889

30 Sisley Flood at Port-Marly, 1876

31 Meadow 1875

32 Van Gogh Starry Sky over the Rhone


34 large fields of wheat under troubled skies and Wheat Field with Crows 1890

35 1890-1940. The Impressionist music style was found during the nineteenth century to the beginning of the twentieth century in France. The Impressionist style was in part a reaction to the romanticism style. It wants to make an impression, not clearly describe the tone of the music or painting. I believe that it was also in part a reaction to photography that recorded reality, and now painting could capture the impression of an event or environment. The music of the time uses whole tone scales as opposed to major and minor scales as the romantic style used in the past. It involves a lot of dissonance- chords werent used to relieve tension as they had in the past. It includes short melodies that have different moods throughout each piece. Claude Debussy and Maurice Ravel. Others include Paul Dukas, Charles Griffes, Alesander Scriabin, and Ralph Vaughan Williams. Debussy. 1862-1918. French composer. Music was not centered around one tone or pitch, he used symbolism. Used many parallel chords and unprepared modulations. Music was usually about events that occurred in his life. Clair de Lune was one of his most famous works. Maurice Ravel. 1875-1937. Known for his melodies, orchestral, and instrumental textures and effects. His music is found a lot in concert repertoire, also widely known for his orchestra pieces. His piece, mirrors was a five piano piece of harmonic revolution

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