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Welcome to Ulm and Ulm University! Ulrich Stadtmüller, 26.11.2013.

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1 Welcome to Ulm and Ulm University! Ulrich Stadtmüller, 26.11.2013

2 Public university in the federal state of Baden-Württemberg Founded in 1967 as a medical- technical university ~10.000 students (ca. 33 % medicine), 12 % international, 200 professors, ~80 Mio. Euro third-party funding Campus integrated in Science City including several hospitals and applied research institutes and two business parks with Daimler, Siemens In 2012: 1.146 Graduates 405 Doctorates Ulm University Recyclable Plastics Laser Mouse Artificial Limbs Apoptosis HIV Research Neo Bladder

3 Science City Ulm May 2012 University Board Botanical Garden University East University Hospitals New Clinic of Surgery Business Park I ZSW Sports Facilities Utilities Center Military Hospital RKU Siemens, Takata Energon Telekom Business Park II Daimler AG Research Center University West Animal House Life Science Building University of Applied Sciences DRK ZBF

4 University with Well Focused Teaching and Research Profile Medicine, Dentistry, and Molecular Medicine Natural Sciences with Biology, Physics, and Chemistry Engineering Sciences with Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, and Psychology Mathematics and Economics with Business Mathematics

5 Students WS 2013/14: 10.037 WS 12/13: 9589 International Students: 11,9 % Faculties – Students (WS 2013/2014) Ingenieur- wissenschaften und Informatik (2289) Medizin (3171) Mathematik Wirtschafts- wissenschaft. (2204) Naturwissen- schaften (2373)

6 Study Programs 1997 2003 1977 2009 2010 2012

7 Globalization and Student Mobility Expansion of study programs taught in English to attract foreign students Fostering studies abroad to provide international experience to German students Advancing cooperation with partner universities, in particular with the German University in Cairo (GUC) and our strategic partners from U5 Implementing Double Degree Bachelor and Master Programs

8 Risk Management and Insurance Research Foci Quantum Science and Technology Energy Conversion and Storage Hematology/ Oncology Aging/Degeneration and Regeneration Cognitive Systems and Man Machine Interaction

9 Life Science and Medicine Financial Services and their Mathematical Methods Bio, Nano and Energy Materials Information, Communication and Quantum Technologies Research Profile

10 Associated Research Institutes Associated Research Institutes in Science City Ulm: Helmholtz Institute Ulm Electrochemical Energy Storage (HIU) Institute of Laser Technologies in Medicine (ILM) Center for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research (ZSW) Institute of Financial and Actuarial Sciences (IFA) ILM IFA ZSW HIU

11 Collaborate Research (Examples) 3 Collaborative Research Centers 3 Clinical Research Units (3 DFG, 1 BMBF) 4 DFG Research Units 6 Graduate Colleges 6 Emmy Noether Programs 1 ERC Synergy Grant, 1 ERC Advanced Grant 2 ERC Starting Grants 1 Humboldt, 1 Paul, and 5 Leibniz Professors, including Endowed Professorships 9 Professorship positions sponsored by industry

12 Cooperation: Boehringer Ingelheim Ulm University Biocenter (BIU) Collaborative Research Center financed in Private-Public-Partnership in the fields of Neuro Sciences Pulmology CardioMetabolics Tasks: Identification of patho-physiological tissue Molecular diagnostics Development of biomarkers Drug design Tissue regeneration including stem cell therapies

13 Cooperation with Daimler AG: Industry on Campus Project driveu Field of Research: Driver Assistance Systems Subjects: Vehicle Environment Acquisition Autonomous Driving Implementation in Test Vehicles Related Industrial R&D on Campus in the Companies: Continental Audi e-solutions BMW Car IT Conti Audi BMW

14 Ulm – City and Environment Ulm is located in the heart of Europe, separated from the Bavarian town of Neu-Ulm by the river Danube Small in population (Ulm / Neu-Ulm ~ 200 000), big in trade and commerce, outstanding in quality of life City with traditions dating back to medieval times Charming old city and spectacular tourist attractions, e.g. Gothic cathedral Muenster (highest Christian church spire in the world ~ 161 meters = 528 feet)

15 Ivory Lion Man (35000 y, 30 cm) Albert Einstein (1879 – 1955) Muenster Cathedral (1377, 161.4 m) Ulm Highlights Cathedral with highest spire in the world Birthplace of most famous scientist of last century Region of worldwide eldest human artwork

16 Page 16 Impressive Muenster Cathedral

17 Ulm is a charming place for living and studying In easy 100 km reach

18 Bachelor-/Masterstudiengang Wirtschaftswissenschaften Ulm: Bright Views and Opportunities!

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