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Sophie Compagnon, Melodie Debacker, Gaelle Datchoua, Catherine Lucas 1 Le 05/03/10.

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1 Sophie Compagnon, Melodie Debacker, Gaelle Datchoua, Catherine Lucas 1 Le 05/03/10


3 Specialized world pharmaceutical group More than 20 products marketed in the world Originally, French independent company Headed by Beaufour Family Third independent pharmaceutical firm in France (sales) About IPSEN 3

4 G5 pharma IpsenPierre fabreSanofi aventisServierLFB M1 800 M M3 600 M352,4M 4 five major actors in the French pharmaceutical industry Motor of economic growth

5 Key figures IPSEN workforceCA (EN MILLIONS ) R&D INVESTMENT (in M) 2009: ,1% 18,8% 20,1% 20,7% CA / employee 2009 : : : ,5% + 6,4% Global average : % + ratio important, + value added for job CA (EN MILLIONS )

6 Key figures 6 Sales by therapeutic area 2006

7 IPSEN sites in Europe Research centers: France, Spain, England Industrial sites : France, Swizerland, Ireland, England, Spain Commercial presence : Other European country 7

8 Other IPSEN sites US : research, industrial site and commercial presence South America : commercial presence China : industrial site and commercial presence Rest of Asia : commercial presence 8

9 Key figures 9 Five major western european countries 53,7% France 31,3% Italie 7% Spain 5,7% Germany 5,5% UK 4,1% Other european countries 22,7% North of America 4,4% Rest of the world 19,2% Sales by geographical area 2006


11 IPSEN background 1929 Launch of Romarène® digestive disorders 1954 Launch of Citrate de bétaïne® Beaufour dyspepsia Beaufour Laboratories Founded by Dr Henri Beaufour (pharmacist) in Dreux Integration of Henris sons, Gerard and Albert, in Beaufour Laboratories 1963 Launch of Actapulgite® antacid, gastric demulcent and anti- diarrhoeal 11

12 70s 70s Start marketing products of natural origin IPSEN background « IPSEN » creation Subsidiary company of « Beaufour Laboratories » = Institut des Produits de Synthèse et dExtraction Naturelle Gingko biloba Primary care 12

13 70s 70s IPSEN background 1972 Indications: Cardiovascular chronic venous insufficiency acute haemorrhoid episodes superficial phlebitis Ginkor® Active substances: Ginkgo biloba extract Heptaminol chlorhydrate Troxérutine 1987: Ginkor Procto® 1988: Ginkor Fort® Start marketing products of natural origin. Primary care 13

14 70s 70s IPSEN background 1972 Indications: Cognitive disorders Age-related cognitive disorders (excepted Alzheimers disease) Anti-ischemic (atreritis, Raynauds phenomenon) cochleovestibular disorders Tanakan® Active substances: EGb 761® (Ginkgo biloba standardized extract) Start marketing products of natural origin. Primary care 14

15 70s 70s IPSEN background 1977 Indications: Gastroenterology Digestive coating (pain of œsopagus, stomach, duodenum and colon) Acute and chronic diarrhea Smecta® Active substances: diosmectite (clay) Active substances: montmorillonite beidellitique (clay) Indications: Gastroenterology Digestive coating Symptomatic treatment of functionnal colopathies 1980 Start marketing products of natural origin. Primary care 15 Bedelix®

16 90s 90s IPSEN background 1996 Indications: Gastrointestinal constipation (adults and children) Forlax® Active substances: Macrogol 4000 (polyethylène glycol 4000) Primary care 16

17 Start in research Albert beaufour : biotechnology research Biomeasure Boston A. Beaufour research institute : peptide focused engineering Research relations with american universities

18 80s 80s IPSEN background Interest in specialized therapies Targeted therapy 1980 Partnership with Launch of Decapeptyl ® (1986) International development Decapeptyl® 1mois (1995) Decapeptyl® 3mois (1996) Decapeptyl® 6mois (2009, november) Active substances: triptoreline (GnRH agonist) Indications: Oncology Prostate cancer Uterin fibroids Endometriosis Early-onset puberty Female infertility 18

19 90s 90s IPSEN background 1994 Dysport® Interest in specialized therapies Active substances: botilium neurotoxin,type A toxin-haemagglutinin complex. Indications: Neuromuscular hemifacial spasticity Cervical dystonia blepharospasm (glabellaires wrinkles) Purchase of K EYWOOD (UK) > 75 countries 19 Targeted therapy

20 90s 90s IPSEN background Interest in specialized therapies 1995 Somatuline® Active substance: Lanréotide = an octapeptide somatostatin analog Inhibition of Insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) and growth hormone (GH). Indications: Endocrinology Acromegaly Neuroendocrine tumours Somatuline Depot ® 1 st product from IPSEN R&D approved by the FDA and available at international level 20 Targeted therapy

21 90s 90s Family business Disagreements beetwen Albert and Gerard, at last Albert bought Gerards parts (50%) Still an independent family company Progressively, Stephane Francois, son-in-law of Albert, has more importance IPSEN background 21

22 90s 90s IPSEN background Death of Albert. Stephane Francois is renowned CEO, but Anne and Henri Beaufour dont agree with that. Stephane Francois is fired Welcome to Jean-Luc Bélingard ! 22

23 New team J.L Bélingard Chairman and Chief Executive Offi cer. Delegate General and spokesman for G , he was a member of the Executive Board and CEO of BioMérieux- Pierre Fabre. Anne BeaufourDirectorbachelors degree in geology. director of the Company since Henri BeaufourDirectorBachelor of arts degree. Since 2003,manager of Camilia Holding (LXB) Claire Giraut2003: Chief Financial Offi cer member of the Executive Board of the Technip Group Eric DrapéExecutive Vice-President, Manufacturing and Supply Organisation. Senior Vice President of the companys Diabetes Finished Products at Novo Nordisk Jacques-Pierre Moreau Executive Vice-President, Chief Scientifi c Offi cer founded Biomeasure Incorporated, based near Boston Frédéric BabinExecutive Vice-President, Human Resources Master of Business Law Christophe JeanGroup Vice-President Operations Chairman and CEO of Pierre Fabre Médicaments. 23

24 Optimize its primary care portfolio Geographic expansion Focus on targeted therapeutic areas

25 Optimize its primary care portfolio Life Cycle Management Life Cycle Management to develop new indications or confirm the medical benefits of selected products In-licensing In-licensing of new medicines to sustain Ipsens primary care franchise

26 Life cycle Management Optimize its primary care portfolio Tanakan® Principal indication: Cognitive disorders Age-related cognitive disorders (excepted Alzheimers disease) IPSEN intention: obtain AMM for Alzheimers disease indication GuidAge study GuidAge study, for 5years (beginning :2006) Efficacy and Tolerance of EGb 761® A Randomised, Double-blind, Multicentre, Parallel Groups, Placebo Controlled April 2010 Reimbursement + Price cut: -15%

27 Life cycle Management Optimize its primary care portfolio Ginkor Fort® Marketing authorizations in France, Andorra and Monaco relinquished to in august Reimbursement Turnover decrease 39.7% + Price cut: -15%

28 Life cycle Management Optimize its primary care portfolio Smecta® SMECTA SALES UP BY 4,8% in 2008 Bad reputation: taste 2008: new clinical results were released at international congresses orange vanilla flavour new packaging trend of natural products2008: new clinical results were released at international congresses orange vanilla flavour new packaging trend of natural products INTERNATIONAL EXPANSION China: 1st global market

29 In-licensing of new medicines Optimize its primary care portfolio Co-promotion agreements Nisis® and Nisisco ® Exforge® Hypertension Post-menopausal osteoporosis 2007Adrovance® Non steroidal anti-inflammatory drug Artotec® Adenuric ® Hyperuricemia 29 France France France Europe 1 1

30 30 Optimize its primary care portfolio Geographic expansion Focus on targeted therapeutic areas

31 Geographic expansion Country% variation France- 3,2% Spain2,3% Italia3,3% Germany5,3% UK- 1,1% Major werstern european countries- 0,9% Other european countries- 0,8% North of America307,1% Rest of the world (BRIC)20,8% Big progression Decrease reimbursement, generics

32 mission: revolutionize treatment for hemophilia Wide portfolio in hemophilia and haemorrhage OBI-1 : porcine FVIII treatment of hemophilia A Reminder: Hemophilia A = deficit in FVIII controlled by injections of human FVIII ( 2 – 3t/ week) Pb: 1/3 of cases, immune reaction (Ac anti human FVIII) preventing reinjection of human FVIII So OBI-1 : porcine origin low cross-reactivity to Ac anti hFVIII therapeutic benefit for these patients IPSEN ambition: engage in a niche sector 32 Example of partnership with Inspiration founded in

33 Example of partnership with Inspiration Sublicence OBI-1 IPSENINSPIRATION 50 M$ + 27,5 % sales 50M $ in cash or convertible bond 85 M$ financing 85 M$ = initial investment Shares representing 20% of Ins. equity 1 member of IPSEN in Board of directors of Inspiration Until 174 M$ Based on the successful development of OBI-1 & IB convertible bond into equity/payment 259 M$ of funding for development and marketing of its portfolio in hemophilia IPSEN could hold up to 47% of Inspiration equity! OBI-1: porcine F VIII belongs IPSEN

34 34 Example of partnership with Inspiration: Advantages IPSEN INSPIRATION Robust portfolio Engage in a niche industry Few competitors Low risk-taking (payment based on results) Benefit from the expertise of specialists in hematology If all goes well, can acquire the entire equity of Inspiration Biopharmaceuticals Enjoy a worldwide group to implement its products Addition of OBI-1 in their portfolio Become the world leader in the field of hemophilia Thanks to OBI-1, Insp. Portfolio could generate sales exceeding $ 1 billion within 10 years 2 2

35 Realize partnership permits to IPSEN: – sell products that are not in its field (little knowledge) – engage with partners only if it can make a profit – eventually buy out his partner / no longer care 35 So … 2 2

36 Partnership with Medicis and Galderma Botulinum neurotoxin, type A, bought from Octagen. Therapeutic indications: hemifacial spasticity cervical dystonia blepharospasm Esthetic indication: glabellaires wrinkles Keeps its rights Partnerships Market estimated to $ 760 – 800 M BUT Not part of Ipsens expertise

37 Partnership with Medicis and Galderma USA, Canada and Japan UE, Russia, East Europe, Central Asia, Israël, Liban. Developpement, distribution and market rights $ 90.1 M $ 26.5 M $ 75 M $ 2 M $ 35 M $ M 30% of turnover 2006, until 2036 Developpement, distribution and promotion rights Supplies. Fixed price. 2007, until 2019 $ 10M $ 20M $ X M 40% of turnover Min $ 30 M

38 Be sure to sell its product for a long period of time Reach unknown markets through locally well-known partners Develop a product which is already well- known as a medecine No bad surprises, less risky Be sure to be supplied 38 Partnership with Medicis and Galderma Advantages IPSEN GALDERMA MEDICIS 2 2

39 Endocrino logy Oncology Neurolog y Primary Care 2008 Partnership policy Hematolog y 2009 Taspoglutide (GLP-1 analog, antidiabetic): developpement and marketing Acapodene ( SERM, Prostate Cancer): developpement and marketing in EU

40 Optimize its primary care portfolio Geographic expansion Focus on targeted therapeutic areas

41 Focus on targeted therapies Therapeutic areas% variation Oncology1,1% Endocrinology26,2% Neurology17% Hematology- Total12,6% 299,3% of growth Wilde impact of : ,2% of growth 3 3

42 R&D since 1969 Early commitment, since More 800 personnes in R&D 20% About 20% of CA for R&D every year 20 Currently 20 programs

43 International knowledge 4 research centers: Paris Paris : medicinal chemistry and development Boston Boston : engineering of peptides and proteins Londres Londres : synthesis of steroid hormones Barcelona Barcelona : drug formulation

44 Partnership agreements Salk institute Salk institute (USA) : « the Ipsen Life Sciences Program » for proliferative and degenerative diseases. CEA CEA (France) : for Alzheimer and Parkinson diseases. ERINE ERINE (Netherland) : therapeutic concepts of endocrinology, diabetes and metabolism disorders. INSERM INSERM : breast, prostate tumors

45 Pipeline Their identity

46 Oncology : Angiomates : anticancer agent, anti-angiogenic acquisition of Sterix BIM : Cell signalisation, G-protein signal for prostate and lung cancer Cd25 inhibitors phosphatases : regulation of cell cycle Licencied out to Debiopharm for world exclusive right Preclinical

47 Endocrinology : MSH agonists for the MC4 receptor : metabolic disorders like obesity Ghrelin agonists (BIM28131) : regulation of food intake and gastro intestinal function and treatment of cachexia Preclinical Inhibitor of 11βHSB : for metabolic disorders NutropinAp® : treatment of growth failure, new formulation for prolonged release Life cycle management Growing markets

48 Phase 1 Oncology : Elomotecan : cytotoxic agent, advanced metastasic cancer. Partnership with Roche in dec 2002, but Roche quits in may

49 Phase 2 Oncology : Diflomotecan : topoisomerase inhibitor less SE than other Endocrinology : IGF-1 and growth hormone : combination therapy for the treatment of idiopathic short stature. Combo BIM 23A760 : somatostatine analog and dopamine agonist for acromegaly and neuroendocrine tumors Better wide activity with synergy BN : breast cancer expressing oestrogen receptors partnership with Biomérieux for diagnosis

50 Phase 3 Oncology : Toremifene® : GTX licence buyout Development of new indications Hematology : OBI-1 : hemophilia Pig fact VIII

51 Phase 3 Endocrinology : Somatuline® Autogel® Somatuline® Depot® Increlex® : primary deficit in IGF-1 Global actor in the growth disorders Taspoglutide : type 2 diabetes (partnership with Roche) GLP1, third on the market Life cycle management

52 Neurology : Research program : new formulation for botulique toxin. Implant on the world market of Dysport® with Galderma, and Medicis and of Apokin® with Vernalis buyout

53 New authorization in 2009 Décapeptyl® 6months : launch in France. Dysport® : launch in USA for cosmetic and therapeutic indications. Azzalure® : marketing authorization in Spain, Germany, France and UK, and launch by Galderma

54 IPSEN gives itself the means of a strong and sustainable growth 54

55 History of stockmarket 55

56 IPSEN stockmarket Consideration of introduction in stockmarket, year of the opening of the capital of the laboratory to the caisse de dépots and paribas affaires industrielles, which then took a participation of 20% Initial Public Offering in december 2005 The conditions of market have not been favorable. Wait until they improve 56

57 Capital social Dividende par action: 0,60 Dividende par action: 0,66 57

58 * * Participation majoritaire des Beaufour. Implication des Beaufour Holding Mayroy 58

59 Sales and Income (Before 2002) 59

60 Sales and Income ( ) 60

61 Changes in Stock Price 61 Number of shares: , December 7 : 22,20 per share Always above 22, 20

62 Conclusion 62

63 SWOT analysis 63

64 What do you think about IPSEN? Catherine : + strong R&D - leave out of primary care PRODUCTION Sophie : + strong R&D + partnership organisation R&D Gaelle : + partnership organisation + growth DEVPT GALENIQUE Mélodie : + partnership organisation + strategy MARKETING STRATEGIQUE 64

65 Thanks for your attention Any questions ? 65

66 Embauches au sein du groupe 66

67 Partnership policy Marketing licence for Nisis® & Nisisco® R&D agreement and acquisition 20% of CA : new technologies Jan 09: co-promotion agreement Exforge® in France R&D agreement formulation growth hormone LP marketing licence for Testim® in France Development and marketing BIM Many partnership to enrich R&D portfolio and expand products range development and marketing licence Acapodène® in UE R&D collaboration : Market Ipsens products in Japan Oct 09 : new agreement SG2000 (anticancer agent, 1 st class) 67

68 Partnership policy R&D agreement for development of pharmacogenomic tests for growth retardation R&D agreement for development of innovative products in diabete, endocrinology and metabolism R&D agreement for development of diagnostic test in breast cancer co-marketing licence Adrovance® TM in France definitive merger agreement july 06: licence agreement Somatuline® Autogel® marketing licence Triptoreline under several brandnames (Salvatyl LP®) 1983: 1st development and marketing licence Decapeptyl® final purchase rights Apokyn® (PK) development and marketing licence Toxine botulique (dysport®, Azzalure®) 68

69 Partnership policy development and marketing licence BLI-800 : colic washing before coloscopy exclusive right of licence for Menarini Adenuric® purchase agreement, recovery of all actives related with OBI-1 69

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