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Our home town Bodmin Lauren Degenhardt.

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1 Our home town Bodmin Lauren Degenhardt

2 St Petroc’s Church This is one of the oldest parish churches in Cornwall, and still holds its traditional services on Sundays, and special occasions. It dates back to between 1469 and 1472! (although earlier churches existed on the same site back to 540AD) This is where the name Bodmin comes from, "Bos-Menegh" in Cornish meaning "abode of monks“. The Church now plays a central role in Bodmin’s history and development.

3 St Petroc’s Church St Petroc’s Church est une des plus vieilles et des plus grandes églises en Cornouailles. Elle est très importante pour les gens de Bodmin.

4 The Casket In a 12th Century ivory casket are the relics of St Petroc. Apparently these once included the Saint's head, however, in 1177 an Augustinian monk is reputed to have stolen the bones and taken them to Brittany. The relics were recovered by Prior Roger of Bodmin with some help from Henry II. Other highlights of the church include a huge 12th century Norman font and carved misericords which feature amongst other things a man with five fingers and a thumb!

5 The Casket ‘The Casket’ (une boîte) contenait la tête d’un saint célèbre. Elle a été volé mais rendue.

6 Mount Folly Mount Folly is the centre of Bodmin. There are lots of shops there, such as clothes shops, toy shops, cafés and book stores. There is also a park near the end, which has swings, slides, a climbing frame, and a pond for the ducks. Its nice to just sit there and relax, and there is an ice cream van there in the summer. Also, there is a war memorial near the edge, commemorating the world wars.

7 Mount Folly ‘Mount Folly’ est le centre de Bodmin. Il y a beaucoup de magasins. Au bout de la rue principale est un jardin public où il y a des balançoires et d’autres divertissements.

8 Bodmin Library Bodmin Library is a very popular place, where people go to read and loan books, DVD's, videos and to go on the computers to print things off. It is very old, and has been in Bodmin for at least half a century.

9 Bodmin Library ‘Bodmin Library’ est populaire. C’est grande et très vieille. Il y a beaucoup de romans.

10 The Beacon The Beacon is a stone monument, which is at the very top of Bodmin. It is dedicated to Sir Francis Drake, and is a very popular place, whether it be because people visit it to walk their dogs, or just because they walk home that way.

11 The Beacon C’est un monument qu’on peut voir de loin.

12 St Petroc’s Primary School
There are many different primary schools in Bodmin, but all are mixed, with full uniforms. We only have one College in Bodmin, which is called... Bodmin College! This is a specialist science college, and is now also a healthy food college, and creative college too! It is a very big school which has over 1400 pupils, and most people in Bodmin go there. Bodmin Education

13 Bodmin war museum The museum opened in the Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry Regimental Depot in It now occupies the old Quarter Master's Stores on the first floor of The Keep. It is divided into two parts: the Main Historical Gallery and the Armory. The Historical Gallery traces the history of the Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry Regiment from its formation in 1702 to its eventual amalgamation with the Somerset Light Infantry in 1950. The Armory contains a fine collection of small arms and machine guns. It also shows many of the colourful uniforms worn by the Regiment before 1914.

14 Bodmin war museum ‘Bodmin war museum’ ( le musée de guerre) a une collection de petites armes et mitrailleuses, et aussi beaucoup d’ uniformes colorés portés par l’armée.

15 Bodmin Gaol Bodmin Jail dates back to 1777 when it was built as the county prison and was the site of many public executions. The Prison was rebuilt in the 1840s and in the 1850s to house more prisoners. The prison was finally closed in 1922. The Crown Jewels and Doomsday Book were stored at the gaol during the First World War. Today, Bodmin Gaol is open to the public as a museum. Exhibits include some of the more notorious prisoners with details of their crimes. This attraction also has a bar, restaurant and gift shop on site. The stone cross by the prison wall denotes the start of the Camel Trail Cycle Way.

16 Bodmin Gaol ‘Bodmin gaol’ (Bodmin prison). Autrefois il y avait beaucoup d’ exécutions. Aujourd’hui, c’est un musée et aussi un restaurant. Il se trouve près de ‘The Camel trail’.

17 The Camel Trail The Camel Trail, is estimated to accommodate roughly 350,000 users each year. The Camel Trail is an 18 mile cycle way which follows a disused railway line. Cyclists travel alongside the Camel Estuary from Padstow to Wadebridge before joining the route through the Camel Valley to Bodmin. At Bodmin yet another line winds its way inland to the foot of Bodmin Moor where it comes to an end near Blisland, an extraordinarily pretty moorland village.

18 The Camel Trail ‘The Camel Trail’ suit une ligne de chemin de fer abandonnée. Il va de Padstow à Bodmin en passant par Wadebridge. C’est 25 kilomètres de longueur.

19 Bodmin and Wenford railway
The private Bodmin and Wenford Railway runs from the Cornwall mainline at Bodmin Parkway to Bodmin General station in the town of Bodmin. From here it goes on to Boscarne Junction. This railway is Cornwall's only standard gauge steam railway. Great Western steam tank engines are the main trains to be seen here but diesel trains are also used. The restored great Western Railway station in Bodmin is the line's headquarters. On most days you can see the trains being restored in the engine shed. Boscarne Junction provides a link with the Camel Trail.

20 Bodmin and Wenford railway
‘Bodmin and Wenford Railway’ (Bodmin chemin de fer) est un des seuls chemins de fer à vapeur en Cornouaille. On peut voir aussi la restauration des locomotives.

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