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The Modernisation of EU public procurement policy.

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1 The Modernisation of EU public procurement policy

2 The Single Market Act commitment Revised and modernised public procurement legislative framework, with a view to underpinning a balanced policy which fosters demand for environmentally sustainable, socially responsible and innovative goods, services and works. This revision should also result in simpler and more flexible procurement procedures for contracting authorities and provide easier access for companies, especially SMEs.

3 Preparatory works Comprehensive evaluation of the impact and effectiveness of EU public procurement legislation (published 24.06.2011) Public consultation by Green Paper on the modernisation of EU public procurement policy, (synthesis of replies published 24.06.2011) Conference on the modernisation of EU public procurement policy (30.06.2011)

4 Trade-offs Simpler/ more flexible procedures Better access (SMEs, cross- border trade) Sound procedures Strategic use Governance / professionalization of procurement

5 Simplification

6 Simplification - Green Paper replies

7 Simplification – possible measures Generalized use of negotiated procedure with prior publication Alleviations for small contracting authorities (PIN, flexible deadlines) Reduce documentation: self-declarations; European procurement passport Step up e-procurement: simplify DPS, procedures of CPBs fully electronic General shortening of deadlines

8 Strategic use of public procurement

9 Strategic use – Green Paper replies

10 Strategic use – Social considerations possible measures No obligations on what to buy at EU level No abandoning of link to the subject matter, but possible softening Enabling measures: LCC, production processes (including labour conditions)

11 Strategic use: social services possible measures -Special light regime for social services with a possible higher threshold -Presumption of absence of cross-border interest below Directives thresholds -Explicitly enable contracting authorities to better take into account quality and the specificities of social services

12 Better access – in particular for SMEs and start-ups

13 SMEs - Green Paper replies

14 SMEs and start-ups – Possible measures Exhaustive list of requirements for selection criteria Turnover cap Mandatory splitting into lots? Measures on subcontracting (e.g. direct payments)?

15 Sound procedures

16 Governance Professionalization of procurement

17 Further information publicprocurement/index_en.htm

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