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Measuring in Metric Units

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1 Measuring in Metric Units
Course 2 Chapter 1-4

2 Length millimeter (mm) about the thickness of a dime
centimeter (cm) about the width of your little finger meter (m) about the distance from the doorknob to the floor kilometer (km) about the length of 11 football fields

3 Capacity milliliter (mL) a small spool holds about 5 mL
liter (L) a little more than a quart

4 Mass milligram (mg) about the mass of a mosquito
gram (g) about the mass of a paper clip kilogram (kg) about the mass of a bunch of bananas

5 Basic Units Length  meter Mass  gram Capacity  liter

6 Changing Metric Units Unit kilo- meter hecto- deca- deci- centi-
milli- Symbol km hm dam m dm cm mm Value 1000m 100m 10m 1m .1m .01m .001m

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