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Entreprise Licence Manager (ELM)

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1 Entreprise Licence Manager (ELM)
29’ Entreprise Licence Manager (ELM) Stéphane Buvat Nom de code: 29min Entreprise Licence Manager (ELM) Juillet 2012 “Many of the products and features described herein remain in varying stages of development and will be offered on a when-and-if-available basis.  This roadmap is subject to change at the sole discretion of Cisco, and Cisco will have no liability for delay in the delivery or failure to deliver any of the products or features set forth in this document.”

2 How Does ELM Address Business Challenges?
Software compliance License management across products and clusters React to dynamic collaboration asks from business Consistent commercial and product license – UCL and CUWL Centralize/pool UC licenses Simple fulfillment, reporting, overage Solution Dramatically decrease operational licensing effort NO license blockage to install, upgrade, add, trial/demo Reduce sales cycle – wizard gives you licenses to order! Business Value

3 Enterprise License Manager
What's ELM Pre-Migration Checklist License Migration Overview License Migration Utility License Count Utility Enterprise License Manager License Upgrade

4 What is ELM? Licenses are now managed by an Enterprise License Manager (ELM) ELM can run on a separate server or co-resident with product ELM stores all the licenses the enterprise/SP purchased for the UC solution. ELM tracks the "feature usage" of each product registered for license management and then evaluates the overall license status of the features under use.  Based on the feature usage evaluation and the availability of licenses for the features, each product is notified of its license status i.e., whether or not the product is in compliance. UC products (UCM, UC, BE5K, BE6K) will be supported in 9.0 as well CUP via UCM and HCS.

5 Enterprise License Manager
Cisco Customer UCM Cluster 1 UCM Cluster 2 VOS Process ELM (Not Installed) ELM client Connection VOS Process ELM (Not Installed) ELM client Back Office UCM Process ERP SWIFT Internet ELM client ELM (active) FNO (Flexera) manual license request VOS License Manager - co-resident or on its own server Potential for: Automated license delivery License over-allocation Automated License Reporting Tiered License Substitution and Reallocation

6 Exemple: ELM Standalone installation
SOAP/https UCM ELM Standalone Network UCM Unity Connection

7 Install – Upgrade Installed by default with UC product deployments
UCM CUC Business Edition 5000 Business Edition 6000 Available as a standalone installation – Enterprise License Manager deployment Installable on all MCS hardware supported by the product (CUCM, CUC) Installable on VMWare using any OVA supported by the product (CUCM, CUC) Upgradable using Cisco Unified OS Administration Software Upgrades GUI

8 Install – Upgrade

9 Licensing Operational Modes
Products will initially run in demo mode until ELM is configured to manage product and a license file is loaded. Once a product is associated with an ELM, license usage will be reported to the ELM. The ELM will reconcile usage against license availability and report licensing status (compliance or non- compliance – overage) back to product. Customers will have 60 days to operate in overage before a license must be obtained and uploaded.

10 License Synchronization
The ELM will periodically query the license usage of each product – once a day by default. License usage information for all products will be totaled and compared against the installed licenses to determine compliance. License synchronization can occur on demand as well. Product License Sync Request/Response CCM License Usage ELM Client Enterprise License Manager

11 Lost Communication If the ELM and the ELM Client are not able to synchronize due to lost communication, The product synchronization problem is tracked at the ELM and the ELM administrator is provided appropriate warnings. The product will be informed of a license violation (reason=communication loss) and the time since detecting the communication loss It will be up to the product how to handle communication loss license violations During this period, licenses will become available to products that are accessible. Once communication is restored, license counts will be synchronized and the product will be informed of the cleared license violation. Product ELM Client ELM

12 What happens during demo mode?
Each product determines how they enforce demo mode. For UCM, There are NO restraints placed on the use of the system during demo mode.  All features can be configured and the number of users and phones is not limited.  For CUC, All features can be configured however the number of users is limited.  Demo mode never expires. Upgrading does not reset the product to demo mode.

13 What happens during overage mode?
Each product determines how they enforce overage mode. For UCM, the overage period is limited to 60 days. Upon expiration, The system will remain operational with provisioning restrictions Additional users and phones can not be provisioned Existing users and phones can not be de-provisioned For CUC, the overage period is limited to 60 days. Upon expiration, The system will no longer be operational. No voic may be left or retrieved. Upgrading does not reset overage. Rebooting can extend expiration by 1 day.

14 ELM Administration Install – Upgrade Backup – Restore
Account Management ELM CLI Service Management Serviceability – Not integrated with RTMT Internationalization – Cisco Option Package Installation Supported languages include Japanese, Korean and Chinese

15 ELM Reporting The ELM provides various reports including:
Associated product instances License usage - product instance License usage – enterprise Licensing compliance status Product instance synchronization status Example License Usage Report

16 Backup - Restore Account Management Integrated with Disaster Recovery
Cross launch capabilty from ELM GUI to Disaster Recovery Uniform user experience Consistent CLI with other VOS- based products ELM “seed” administration account name and password set during installation ELM CLI can be used to change the ELM account name and/or password

17 ELM CLI CLI commands to manage the ELM admin user
license management change user password To change the ELM admin user password license management change user name To change the name of the ELM admin user license management list users To list the ELM admin users. license management add user CLI command to view requested certificate license management view certificate-requested To display the Cert Signing request on the ELM

18 Service Management ELM Services
Cisco ELM DB - PostgreSQL DB server Cisco ELM Server - ELM Server process Cisco ELM Admin - ELM Administration servlet ELM services are started by default – Network Services ELM DB and ELM Server services are startable, stoppable and restartable using the following CLI commands: utils service start <Service Name> utils service stop <Service Name> utils service restart <Service Name> All ELM Services can also be restarted using ELM Admin GUI

19 Pre-Migration Checklist
Prior to UC 9.0 migration: Fulfill any unused license PAKs* Install all licenses* Use Cisco License Count Utility (UCT) to plan UC 9.0 CUCM license requirements Order UC 9.0 Pre-Migration Checklist *IMPORTANT NOTE: Unused PAKs and/or licenses from pre-9.0 versions cannot be fulfilled once migrated to version 9.0

20 UC 9.0 License Migration STEP 1: UC 9.0 Migration
Upgrade UC Applications and UCM to Version 9.0 Reference the SRND at STEP 2: Install ELM 9.0 ELM Version 9.0 installed – with product or as standalone server Reference the ELM User Guide at STEP 3: Connect ELM to UC 9.0 products Add UCM (pub), BE6k/BE5k, Unity Connection products to ELM inventory Reference the ELM User Guide at Unity Connection UCM (sub) 9.0 Customer SOAP/https 9.0 ELM UCM (pub) SOAP/https 9.0

21 UC 9.0 License Migration (cont’d)
STEP 4: ELM Migration Utility Use ELM Migration Utility to Plan then Order then Install migrated licenses Reference the ELM User Guide at Plan STEP 5: Generate Migration Request Generate Migration Request creates the required information for license migration. Reference the ELM User Guide at Order STEP 6: Request License Migration From Product License Registration portal – Get New – Migration License – Unified Communications 9.0 Install STEP 7: Install License Install UC 9.0 License file (.bin) in ELM. Use License – Install License File Reference the ELM User Guide at step 4 step 6 ELM Customer step 5 step 7

22 Pre-9.0 Upgrade Example PUT or Ordering Tool Customer ELM
9. Upload “License Migration Request” from ELM PUT or Ordering Tool 3. Order Upgrade (PUT) or MIG SKU media 10. License file Customer 7. Use pre-9.0 upgrade utility to view & modify licenses to upgrade which includes currently used licenses and recommended licenses for unused DLUs install any unfulfilled PAKs (optional) Use new UCT to determine 9.0 licenses needed and DLU conversion 8. ELM wizard creates “License Migration Request” containing upgrade licenses/counts & old host IDs 11. Install license file 5. Upgrade cluster(s) 6. Required Licenses, unused DLUs, & old host ID ELM 100 unused DLUs converted to 50 Silver licenses After upgrade: 200 Silver 9.0 100 Gold 9.0 UCM 1 150 Silver 100 Gold 100 Unused DLUs Pre-9.0 upgrades only supported via manual fulfillment PUT used for UCSS upgrades Ordering Tool used for non- UCSS upgrades UCM 2

23 STEP 3: Connect ELM to UC 9.0 products
Add Product Instances

24 License Planning - Upgrade Licenses
STEP 4: ELM Migration Utility License Planning - Upgrade Licenses

25 License Planning - Upgrade Licenses
STEP 4: ELM Migration Utility License Planning - Upgrade Licenses

26 License Planning - Upgrade Licenses

27 License Planning - Upgrade Licenses

28 License Planning - Upgrade Licenses

29 License Planning - Upgrade Licenses

30 License Planning - Upgrade Licenses

31 License Planning - Upgrade Licenses

32 Migration License Request

33 Select Product

34 License Migration Request

35 Review and Submit

36 Licenses – Install License File

37 Migration Complete

38 License Count Utility (UCT)
(optional) May be used for planning migration to UC 9.0 licenses for CUCM instances. Allows a customer to view CUCM license requirements for all CUCM devices and to plan for unused DLU allocation to UC 9.0 licenses. Cisco License Count Utility may be downloaded from the software download site (Cisco Unified Communications Manager 8.6 utilities Unified Communications Manager / CallManager / Cisco Unity Connection Utilities ) License Count Utility (UCT)

39 UCT

40 License Count Utility (UCT)
Use for pre-purchase planning Connect and generate license report Review current license usage Plan unused DLU license allocation

41 Questions / Réponses …. Nous souhaitons partager avec vous !
Pendant un mois, nous souhaitons recueillir toutes vos questions. L’intervenant apportera une réponse à chaque question. Un document Q&A regroupant l’ensemble des questions et des réponses sera disponible en ligne le mois suivant. Pour une meilleure gestion, les questions seront posées uniquement par en respectant les deux points suivants. L’ sera envoyé à l’intervenant du 29 minutes, en copiant Stéphane Buvat systématiquement. Le sujet de l’ sera « obligatoirement » sous le format: QA-29min-Année-Mois-’’nom de code de la présentation’’ (voir sur la première page de la présentation). Exemple: QA-29min UC on UCS

42 Questions / Réponses email ….
de l’intervenant Copie Stéphane Buvat – Respecter le format suivant: QA-29min-année-mois-’’nom de code de la présentation’’ *** Exemple: QA-29min UC on UCS ***

43 Les indispensables ……..

44 Chez Cisco ! Qui pour m’aider ????

45 Cisco vous aide et s’engage au quotidien
AVANT VENTE ETUDE - PLANNIFICATION - INTEGRATION SUPPORT O O P P D I Avant Vente Projets Production QUI: Partner Helpline Channel Account Team QUOI: Toutes Technologies QUI: PDI HelpDesk QUOI: Collaboration uniquement QUI: TAC / Advanced Services QUOI: Toutes Technologies 45

46 Partner Helpline Pour qui ? Pourquoi ?
Partner Helpline (PH) est un outil mis à la disposition des ingénieurs avant-vente des partenaires Cisco. Pourquoi ? Pour l’accès à une base de connaissances sur les produits Poster des questions nouvelles dès que cela est nécessaire. Obtenir une assistance complémentaire Aucun quota sur le nombre de « case » ouvert

47 Partner Helpline site Note : L’url pour le site en Français. (Nous recommandons d’utiliser en priorité la version Anglaise)

48 PDI Helpdesk Pour qui ? Pourquoi ?
PDI Helpdesk (PDI-HD) est un service de support proactif mis à la disposition à l’ensemble de nos partenaires Cisco. Pourquoi ? Répondre à des questions sur des tâches complexes de planification, de conception et de mise en œuvre des solutions de Collaboration Cisco (uniquement). Obtenir des documents pour répondre à un appel d’offre (Cliquer sur le lien Steps to Success dans Related links) Aucun quota sur le nombre de « case » ouvert

49 PDI Helpdesk site

50 PDI Helpdesk: Contacts
Heure d’ouverture Service ouvert : 5j/7 du lundi au vendredi de 7h à 19h Fermé les jours fériés Cisco Ouvrir un “Case” par internet Cliquer sur le lien: Ouvrir un “Case” par téléphone France Numéro : ou +33 (0) La liste des numéros téléphones des autres pays est disponible sur le site Consulter les Questions/Réponses Cliquez sur le lien:

51 TAC Comment ouvrir un case Online * (TAC Service Request Tool)
Telephone ** Case de sévérités 3 ou 4 Toutes demandes d’ouverture de Case Case de sévérités 1 ou 2 (ex. Coupure totale de la téléphonie). France tel : * TAC Service Request Tool : ** Liste des numéros de téléphone :

52 TAC Site Suivre le statut d’un Case
TAC Service Request Tool : Suivre le statut d’un Case Mettre à jour un Case avec des informations complémentaires Ajouter des fichiers au case Consulter les Case fermés depuis 18 mois. Note: Mise à jour d’un Case par Envoyer à l’ingénieur en charge du Case Mettre le numéro du Case dans le titre Copier

53 Collaboration: Liens utiles (1)
Newsletter CPI France : CiscoMag : Portail d'Interopérabilité : Sizing Tool : Applications UC virtualisées : Design Guides : 53

54 Collaboration: Liens utiles (2)
Dynamic Configuration Tool : Order Status Tool : Extranet Partenaires France : Partner Education Connection (PEC) : Marketing Library : (Vous y trouverez les templates powerpoint Cisco, les images des produits en différentes définitions voir avec fonds transparents) 54

55 Portails partenaires France
Collaboration Borderless-réseau: Borderless-sécurité : Et Borderless-wifi Borderless-management de réseau Datacenter mot de passe ciscoDC 55


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