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Dr Jonathan Simon Facilitator West Auckland Health Network.

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1 Dr Jonathan Simon Facilitator West Auckland Health Network

2 6 Key ideas: BSMC, its objectives IFHC + associated networks Changing players in Practice ownership Segmentation of the health sector Model of care and revenue Agreement (MoCRA) Localities Integrated Family Health Centres

3 BSMC Care close to home Integrated care Putting patients first Clinical leadership Working together for better care Healthier lifestyles Will require TRANSFORMATIONAL change. Integrated Family Health Centres

4 IFHC Is a part of an integrated delivery system not a co-location Will be focused on improved health care delivery using new models of care and information to improve health outcomes Will house, or be connected to, integrated, devolved DHB services and they will be part of the new integrated models of care Will form a network of local practices that also participate in the new models of care They will represent new function whose form may be a new building or a virtual network Integrated Family Health Centres

5 Practice Ownership Major changes are occurring in the sector Fuelled by older GPs looking for an exit strategy and fewer new GPs wanting to own and operate general practices Significant players: Radius Health (16), East Tamaki Healthcare(15+White Cross), Peak Health (14) Pinnacle(10), Southern Cross Primary Care(2). By Maori for Maori providers usually trusts Integrated Family Health Centres

6 Segmentation Five business models emerging High Needs business model – Radius, East Tamaki Healthcare, Whanau Ora Centres Health Insurance models based on affluent populations – Peak and Southern Cross Primary PHO/MSO owned practices being moved towards an integrated model – Midland Health Network Private family practice owned IFHCs Community owned Trusts ( eg Maori for Maori) Integrated Family Health Centres

7 Model of Care and Revenue Agreement (MoCRA) This agreement in conjunction with the IFHC and associated network in the lever for change within the locality which is the unit of change within the health sector This is an agreement for a new way of being not for activity It will be voluntary for those who choose to embrace change Applied to IFHCs and general practices, it will create the slowly germinating seed of transformational change in the health sector Integrated Family Health Centres

8 Localities Metro Auckland DHBs all moving to localities Unit of 50,000 – 100,000 people Clinically lead networks of all health professionals, primary and secondary Working to reshape health services and take responsibility for Clinical governance IFHC will grow within these localities and expand through their associated networks Integrated Family Health Centres

9 Integrated Family Health Centres New Zealand Triple Aim Best Value for public health system resources

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