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Pío Pista El caso del agente doble.

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1 Pío Pista El caso del agente doble

2 El caso del agente doble
What type of story is this? Romance? Adventure? If this is a spy story, what types of things might be in it? Have you seen any spy movies? James Bond? Mission Impossible? Others? How about any spy spoof movies? Get Smart? Pink Panther? What types of gags might be in a spy spoof story?

3 Capítulo 1, página 1 What does ORDEN stand for?
Describe the scene in English. Do you picture the desk as messy? Organized? What’s the main “problem”? Who in your class looks suspicious enough to be the possible double-agent?

4 Capítulo 2, página 1-2 What are all of these weird names all about?
Find the real places mentioned on a map. . . Then imagine where the secret island of Cocomoco is located. Who is Mama? Difficult: Who Would be her equiva- Lent in the James Bond Series? Head of James Bond’s organization: M

5 Capítulo 3, página 2 Is caramba a cuss word? What does LOCO stand for?
Difficult: Which group would be the equivalent of LOCO in the Get Smart series? Mamá calls María Malinche Pío’s “amiga.” Is that the best word to describe who she is to Pío? What would your reaction be if your girlfriend/boyfriend might be a spy for the enemy? Get Smart evil group: KAOS

6 Capítulo 4, página 2-3 What is the similarity with all of the aliases Pío creates for himself? Is the joke at the end of the first paragraph even remotely funny? Describe María. Is it rude to compare her to capuccino? Do you ever talk to inanimate objects? Is Pío a little touched in the head? What happens at the end of the chapter?

7 Capítulo 5, página 3-4 Are CDs too old school now?
What type of CD is this? How do you say “secret code” in Spanish? Difficult: Which show always had the information being destroyed in seconds? Is Pío convinced that María is a double-agent? Which way is he leaning? Mission Impossible was known for the self-destructing secret messages.

8 Capítulo 6, página 4-5 What is the common denominator for Pío’s aliases now? “De Colores” is really a song. Do you know how it goes? Why can’t the clerk give out the information about María’s whereabouts? Did the secret code work? De Colores:

9 Capítulo 7, página 5 What is “El Morro”?
Difficult: What ride at Disneyworld has a representation of “El Morro”? What information does Pío get from this meeting? Find the line in Spanish that says: The favorite Segway of secret agents. Describe what Pío sees in el Morro. Pirates of the Caribbean has a battle scene at el Morro.

10 Capítulo 8, página 6-7 What happens when Pío sees María?
Do you think María is Faithful to ORDEN? A double-agent? Playin’ for the other team now Does María shoot Pío? Translate María’s letter on page 7 Have you changed your mind about María?

11 Informe, página 7 What tense is this report written in?
What is different about the words that tells you this? Did Pío leave out any information from his report? What do you think might be next?

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