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EC 2 E 2 N 2 2012-2015 Iwona Maciejowska Management Committee

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1 EC 2 E 2 N 2 2012-2015 Iwona Maciejowska Management Committee

2 EC 2 E 2 N 1 (2009-2012) - some deliverables Creation of a Structure for Addressing Linguistic Issues in European Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Education (a book Teaching chemistry in English) Creation of a framework offering lecturing qualifications for university teaching staff (Eurolecturer award)

3 EC 2 E 2 N (2009-2012) - deliverables Improving Learning Outcomes (a booklet) Generic skills in third cycle chemistry programmes (a report) The interface of chemistry and chemical engineering (a book, RSC)

4 EC 2 E 2 N (2009-2012) deliverables Transparency of Chemistry - database Internet-based test development Towards European quality labels for teacher education programmes (a report) Student-centred activities promoting European scientific citizenship: Summer schools (Conservation chemistry) and contests

5 WP 13 Kolejna edycja w roku 2012/13

6 Nowa edycja sieci tematycznej EC 2 E 2 N 2 2012-2015 106 partnerów: wydziały chemiczne, towarzystwa chemiczne, EuCheMS, CEFIC 7 partnerów spoza UE i krajów kandydackich np. USA, Australii, Kanady, RPA itd. 7 grup roboczych (WP) 3 doroczne konferencje Finansowane: spotkania WP, pobyt na konferencjach sieci Utrecht 4-6.04.2013 (do 150 uczestników)

7 WP1 -Towards Excellence in School and University Teaching A collection of good practice examples - to support teacher training courses for both secondary and tertiary teachers 1 EChemTest for future teachers, both regarding exemplary important content knowledge for teachers (ck) as well as exemplary pedagogical content knowledge (pck). 2

8 WP 1 -Database of expertise in teaching methods A resource for university teachers wishing to implement new teaching methods, providing them with relevant documents as well as experts who can provide advice. Leading partner: JU Co-leader: EuCheMS

9 WP2: Enhancing Professional Abilities A survey of the current situation in Europe concerning the training of professional chemists in subject-specific topics, or in generic competences. on-line modules for linguistic competences, managerial competences, and ICT skills. Two respective one-week intensive workshops. Database on subject-specific training possibilities Modules on selected subject-specific competences

10 WP3: Sustainable Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship training The formalization of a spinoff/start-up initial cluster The assemblage of an embryo support infrastructure

11 WP4: Impact of Chemistry on Everyday Life Case studies of the role of chemistry in the areas of energy, health, water, food and innovative materials Internet-based test on chemistry in everyday life

12 WP5: The Virtual Education Community 1.Development of guidelines for: a)developing learning objects as basic units of e- courses; b) building up courses, serving defined learning outcomes, using distributed learning objects; c) working in virtual learning environments (setup and integration of learning management systems). 2. Three awareness-raising workshops for teachers and supporting staff 3. Informative and supportive web-portal for the Virtual Educational Community

13 WP6 Broadening Student horizons Survey of mobility in all academic partner institutions Recommendations to enhance mobility in chemistry and chemical engineering studies and industrial placements.

14 WP 7 Re-tuning for Competences in Chemistry/Chemical Engineering for Europe 2020 Integrated descriptors for short-cycle studies (post-secondary chemical education) Quality label for short-cycle studies Guidelines for curricula combining chemistry and chemical engineering

15 NewsLetter Prenumerata:

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