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Cognitive Assistance and Smart Homes Hélène Pigot DOMUS Laboratory Sherbrooke University.

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1 Cognitive Assistance and Smart Homes Hélène Pigot DOMUS Laboratory Sherbrooke University

2 DOMUS laboratory Funded in 2001 Members Sylvain Giroux computer science Hélène Pigot computer science, occupational therapy Bessam Abdulzarakrobotics Philippe Mabilleau computer science, embedded systems Claude Carongeobusiness Reseach assistant Francis Bouchard Students 1 Postdoctorat 20 Doctorat et Master Stagiaires Internationnaux (France) Projet étudiants– 1er cycle Collaboration et transfert Centre de réadaptation de lEstrie

3 Collaborations Computer science IIT, Institut International des Télécommunications, Montréal Ecole Nationale Supérieur des mines de Saint-Etienne, France Université du Québec à Montréal Université du Québec à Chicoutimi France Telecom SAP Computer science applied to medical domain Handicom, Ecole des télécommunications de Paris Sud, Evry Laboratoire TIMC-IMAG, Faculté de Médecine de Grenoble Rehabilitation Centre de réadaptation de lEstrie (traumatismes crâniens…) Centre Notre-Dame-de-l'Enfant, Sherbrooke (déficience intellectuelle) Centre de recherche Fernand-Séguin, Hôpital Louis-H. Lafontaine (schizophrénie) Institut de gériatrie de lUniversité de Sherbrooke Design Ecole de design industriel, Université de Montréal

4 Problematic : Social Context In Quebec, people with cognitive deficits Dementia : 5.1% of elderly Head injury : 3000 new cases each year Schizophrenia : 1% of the population Mental retardation : 3% of the population Home care People wish to stay at home Scarcity of resources Proxy burden Economical cost Needs Assistance at home Telehealth

5 Smart home and home care OBJECTIVES Facilitate stay at home for people with cognitive impairments Compensate cognitive deficits thanks to environnemental cues Appropriated to the context Personnalized According to the cognitive deficits Easy to use Put caregivers in the loop Reduce anxiety and burden Facilitate communication with caregivers

6 Prototypes Archipel Assistance at home Activities monitoring Complex recipes Smart home cues Touch screen Audio Tangible interface Experimentation 12 adults with mental retardation MOBUS Outdoors assistance Mobile computing GPS Functionnalities Agenda, Symptoms notebook, Caregiver communication Contextual information Experimentation 4 + 6 Adults with schizophrenia 4 Adults with cognitive deficits

7 Experimentation Lessons User definition People with cognitive impairments Caregivers Participative design Involving users at the beginning Technology based on users needs Change in habits Data collection Ecological data Logs, questionnaries Technology appropriation Various way of using the technology proposed

8 Conclusion Smart home used to Foster autonomy Support caregivers Various interventions Cognitive assistance Tele health Medical monitoring Medical staff and families involvment Scope of the project Use what exists Integrate different parts in a whole Interdisciplinary Research Bottom-up Research

9 Thank you

10 Indoors prototype : Archipel Activity monitoring Complex recipes Able to use technology Able to cook unknown recipe Less advices needed when technology is used Proud of using technology and cook by themselves Acceptability from medical staff

11 Outdoors prototype : MOBUS Mobile assistant Keep it simple Able to use technology Proud of using technology Acceptability from medical staff Change in habits

12 DOMUS: a smart home inside the university

13 Towards Tomorrow A dramatic change is needed Adapt envionment to people with cognitive deficits As our society has changed the environment for people with physical and perceptual deficits in 80s, so we have to do for people with cognitive deficits. Change our approach in health services while providing continuous and appropriate assistance To prevent risks To ensure good habits Cognitive assistance and TeleHealth are part of the solution

14 Thank you

15 Architecture

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