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Tired of monsters? Try the FSF1D Monster Unit using a CEFR lens

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1 Tired of monsters? Try the FSF1D Monster Unit using a CEFR lens
Beverly Kukhta-Jackson Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board OMLTA, H9, March, 2014

2 Tired of monsters? Please note: the files for the handouts are quite large, so instead of having them in 2 places, refer to the OMLTA Fall 2013 conference section of this OMLTA website to find them. You can also me and I will send them to you.

3 Qu’est-ce que c’est qu’un monstre?
This workshop will outline how to adapt the Monster Unit from our old program to better suit CEFR “l’approche actionnelle” and the revised curriculum with an emphasis on oral interaction and integrating language structures in a practical, fun way. la thème: Qu’est-ce que c’est qu’un monstre?

4 Le but d’apprentissage
Nous apprenons comment employer nos ressources dans une façon plus communicative.

5 Bev’s background over 20 years experience teaching Core and Immersion French - applied and general and academic, mostly secondary, some elementary department head, facilitator,Special Assignment Westdale is a semestered school - 75 minute periods program used: Sans Frontières & stuff I borrow & adapt & share Co-author of Tu Parles 1, RK Publishing

6 l’approche actionnelle
Action-oriented and communicative approaches to teaching FSL focus on meaning over form; emphasize meaningful interactive activities; centre on communicative language needs; and, when possible, highlight authentic tasks within the context of a classroom environment. While the communicative approach centres on communicating in the target language, the action-oriented approach requires students to perform a task in a wider social context. (pg. 31 Ontario Min. of Ed. FSL revised curriculum, elementary, 2013)

7 Vision and Goals for French as a Second Language Core, Extended, and Immersion, Grades 1 to 12 (Ontario Min. of Ed. FSL revised curriculum, elementary, 2013) Vision Goals In all French as a second language programs, students realize the vision of the FSL curriculum as they strive to: Use French to communicate and interact effectively in a variety of social settings Appreciate and acknowledge the interconnectedness and interdependence of the global community Students will communicate and interact with growing confidence in French, one of Canada’s official languages, while developing the knowledge, skills, and perspectives they need to participate fully as citizens in Canada and in the world

8 Life-long language learning
One of the 7 enduring ideas of revised FSL curriculum: Authentic Oral Communication: Reception, Production, and Interaction (pg.10 Ontario Min. of Ed. FSL revised curriculum, elementary, 2013)

9 La lecture (la Compréhension écrite)
Sans Frontières: Les Monstres à travers les siècles - photocopied - pre-reading discussion, then used 3 colours of highlighters - one for words that resemble English, one for words that you already know in French, and the third for words that you will need to look up in dictionary.  Checked dictionary words (wrote definitions on side of page), then read in groups and answered questions orally.  Talked briefly about how monsters reflect the fears of society.

10 Sans Frontières listening activity/handout - Le rêve du monstre - followed by speaking/writing - questions  reading/speaking activity/handout: Les monstres, ça t'amuse? écoute - des descriptions des monstres - Finished handout in groups - vocabulary development écoute - Le loup à la porte & Les dents de la mer – formative assessments écoute: la Lagune noire - assessed

11 Vocabulary building

12 Vocabulary building poster activity in groups – graffiti

13 Vocabulary building Reference sheets Chat Boosters (Tralco) Puzzles
TES connect: Think, Educate, Share various other sources

14 la définition d'un monstre
Watched a variety of monster movie trailers from a playlist collected on my YouTube channel (check under my address), then worked in groups "Qu'est-ce que c'est qu'un monstre?"  Un monstre est...     Un monstre n'est pas... Made poster on ledger paper then presented it to the class.

15 Mon monstre Create your own monster.
Lots of possibilities - be creative. Drawing Photoshop Make-up Model Puppet Modification of toy …etc…

16 La semaine de mon monstre
handouts - idea/planning sheet and reference sheets and explained. Students had work time in class. Told to follow directions carefully and encouraged them to help each other with planning and ideas.  Checked idea/planning sheet and gave feedback. Le brouillon (draft) checklist for peer editing and went over together carefully - be critical and kind.  (pg. 120, expectation D2 The Writing Process, Ontario Min. of Ed. FSL revised curriculum, elementary, 2013)

17 La semaine de mon monstre

18 mon monstre

19 La semaine de mon monstre

20 La semaine de mon monstre

21 La semaine de mon monstre

22 La semaine de mon monstre

23 La semaine de mon monstre

24 Je vous présente... reference handout - vocabulary useful in talking about monsters, and then did introductions of monster to group - like at a party introducing a new person.  Practiced over a couple of days in different ways – i.e. with partner, with small group, inner/outer circle, then did formative assessment with feedback.

25 Les meilleurs monstres

26 Les meilleurs monstres

27 Les rendez-vous à vitesse
Reference sheet (Chat Boosters) “Puis-je t’interviewer?”

28 Les rendez-vous à vitesse
Watched BBC French, Ma France:  le Turbo-dating video A  le Turbo-dating video B  le Turbo-dating video C  did comprehension handout

29 Les rendez-vous à vitesse

30 Notebook software – random group generator

31 Les rendez-vous à vitesse
Les photos….. Takes a full class – set-up, 5 – 6 interviews of 3 – 5 min each + 1 minute or so for final notes on compatibility, reflexion/self-evaluation/exit card at end, put room back together. Lots of fun!

32 Les rendez-vous à vitesse: une réflexion
La compatibilité Mon monstre est le plus compatible avec _________ parce que ________________________________________. Mon monstre est le moins compatible avec _________ parce que ________________________________________. Mon auto-évaluation J‘ai fait du bon travail quand ___________________________________________________________. Je pourrais mieux me préparer par ____________________________________________________________.

33 Parler, décrire, regarder, rire
Avez-vous déjà vu …? Grodzilla à la mer Grodzilla à la neige Grodzilla écrivain Un monstre avec plein de bras qui fait une blague à un monstre avec plein de z’yeux

34 …Etc… Monster films for FSF 1D Shrek Monsters Inc. Godzilla King Kong
Le Bossu de Notre-Dame (Est-ce que Quasimodo est un monstre?  Qui sont les "monstres" de cette histoire?) (Twilight) …Etc…

35 Additional ideas proposed during the workshop on March 29, 2014
Students make short trailer (about one minute) for a monster film (own ideas or adaptation of a real film) then take on roles of director, lead actors, etc. Do a “red carpet walk” with interviews by the media. Can research real Canadian directors and actors for this. Scaffolding required. Reading: find film critiques on-line in French. Read for comprehension and also can use in a group speaking activity to decide what film they would like to see. Add constraints such as the rating and preferences to make the task more “l’approche actionnelle”

36 La fin! Instagram : bevkukhtaj
(Former address: also: Twitter or search by address and: Bev’s blog: (This blog is aimed at students and parents and is usually updated daily.) Instagram : bevkukhtaj

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