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By Sylvie Thomas and Nicola Walters

The voluntary act of accepting as well as adopting the identity of a local Note : there exists an actual desire to be welcomed into and to actively become a part of society

The retention of one’s own personal culture and beliefs, while pledging loyalty to the newfound community in which one lives and is surrounded by Original Identity (language, cultural customs/practices, religious beliefs, food, etc.) + New language, new customs/practices, new religious beliefs, new foods = New Identity No one identity prevails

The forcible integration of an individual into a new society In effect, and as a result, “forced” individual must accept the values, cultural customs, beliefs, practices, ideologies of this new society The problem with assimilation: the individual adapting to new society faced with challenge of choosing between original identity and new, imposing identity

Various parallel communities, but accepted because people don’t question their identities. No “levels” of being American. Achievement of citizenship via living there the correct amount of years (5 years on a permanent resident card) and passing the citizenship test.

6 CONT… “Immigrants permeate the fabric of America. They are an integral and important part of our society, its goals and its values. They are the backbone that helps make this country great. They are what sets us apart from every nation in this world. In short they are us.” “In the Mix”

7 CONT… BBC NEWS: Ethnic and racial diversity – the “melting pot” – is celebrated as a core element of the American ideology. “Bagels and pizzas and spaghetti were new things at one time… immigrants come and change America and are changed by America.” – Douglas Revlin

8 CONT… Beginning to fear foreign cultures (9.11)
The power of “political memory” Radical shift in how certain Americans view other countries. HB-56 – Police are allowed to racially profile anyone they suspect as being illegal. All contracts with undocumented immigrants are voided (Child support, leases, jobs) Crime for undocumented immigrants apply for a drivers license or a job. Must now carry papers to identify you are a legal resident in case pulled over by police in a routine traffic stop.

Don’t question identity : To be British is to have a passport/live there… anything… so long as you can feel/declare yourself British No strict definition of national identity = no desire to force integrate people via assimilation. London is considered the multicultural center of Europe, it has 7 million inhabitants who speak over 300 different languages(

10 CONT… The essence of multiculturalism is the idea that, if one makes immigrants feel welcome by allowing them to retain their culture and by seeking to address discrimination against them, immigrants will reciprocate by embracing a British identity and the values needed for a harmonious society. (first seen in LSE Research Magazine)


12 CONT… BBC NEWS Immigration has contributed half of Britain’s population growth in 10 years, according to new research. “Without a doubt, the conclusions each of us personally form on immigration will play crucial role in how Britain will look and behave in the years to come.” – Dominic Casciani

13 Concentrations of people born outside British Isles

14 CONT… “David Cameron, however, believes that multiculturalism has encouraged segregated communities where Islamic extremism can thrive.” – New York Times According to conservative party, Cameron just wants to discourage parallel communities from living separate lives.

Angela Merkel – “Multiculturalism has failed…for a while, we kidded ourselves into believing that they wouldn’t stay and would leave. Naturally, the notion that we would become ‘multiculti,’ that we would live next to one another and be happy about one another, failed.” (Pg. 1, WSJ article) “Merkel insisted in her speech that immigrant workers should not be considered ‘until we have done all we can help our own people to become qualified and give them a chance.’” (Pg. 3, WSJ packet, The Guardian article)

Horst Seehofer (Bavarian State Premier) - “Germany should…get tougher on those who refuse to integrate before opening itself up to further immigration,” (Pg. 4 WSJ packet) George Friedman – “Multiculturalism resulted in the permanent alienation of the immigrants…They identified with the country they came from much more than with Germany.” (Pg. 3 GFM) Theo Sommer – “Integration necessarily implies a far-reaching assimilation onto the German guiding culture and its core values” (Pg. 1 Wiki)

Friedrich Merz (Leader of CDU in 2000) – “Immigrants had a duty…to adapt to the basic cultural values of Germany” (Pg 1-2 Wiki) “…16 German states set their own (‘citizenship tests’) which can be based on an officially-defined German culture and values” Recep Erdogan (PM of Turkey) – “Yes, integrate yourselves into German society but don’t assimilate yourselves. No one has the right to deprive us of our culture and our identity” (Pg. 2 Spiegel) “…Blue Card holders will…have the same rights as Turkish citizens in dealings with authorities and banks

18 GERMANY CONT. Ceylan (Social scientist and religious scholar) – Immigrant colonies are vital for the survival of new arrivals, because they cushion the culture shock. On the other hand, the many years of isolation mean that immigrants lose contact with the rest of society. (Pg. 3 of 2nd Spiegel)

Primary school teachers are permitted to classify students into 3 categories : “rien à signaller”, “risque”, et “haut risque”. Luc Chatel (minister of education) – “Il est donc important de repérer les élèves en diffificulté dès le plus jeune âge et nous allons proposer à nos enseignants des outils supplementaires de repérage de ces élèves.” François Hollande (PS) – “C’est par l’accompagnement dès la maternelle et le primaire qu’on pourra corriger, dès le début de la scolarité les problèmes que peuvent rencontrer les enfants qui connaissent des difficulties.”

20 CONT… Official Document from the 31st of May : refusing foreigners work in France. French first, then European, then everyone else. Increasing the difficulty of getting a working visa and a job in France.

21 CONT… ONE passport!!!! Projet de charte des droits et des devoirs du citoyen français : To become French must : Adopt the history Values Principles And integrate into the national community Also be prepared to go to war

22 CONT… The “tri-colored” flag : bleu, blanc, rouge.
The national anthem : La “Marseillaise” The national slogan : “Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité” French National Day : 14 Juillet The symbolic representation of The Republic : “Marianne” The French language

23 CONT… France is a country that is : indivisible, secular, democratic, and social “La loi étant l’expression de la volonté générale, tout citoyen doit la respecter et nul n’est cense l’ignorer… Nul ne peut être constraint à faire ce que la loi n’ordonne pas.” –Democratic “Une personne qui est acquis la qualité de Français peut être déchue de la nationalité français si elle s’est soustraite à ses obligations de défense, ou si elle s’est livrée à des actes contraires aux interest fondamentaux de la France, sans prejudice des dispositions du code penal.”


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