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Welcome to Malmö University

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1 Welcome to Malmö University
International Staff Training Week 2013

2 Universities represented
University of Warsaw Imperial College London Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg AGH University of Science and Technology Catholic University of Lyon University of Ljubljana Kingston University London Yeditepe University Trieste University Public University of Navarre University of Patras Institute of Education, University of London Cracow University of Economics University of Montpellier James Madison University Open University of Cyprus Babeș-Bolyai University Universirty of John Paul II Cracow Rīga Stradiņš University Technische Universität München

3 University of Warsaw Founded in 1816
In top 4% of world-class universities The largest Higher Education Institution in Poland Over 240 bilateral agreements with universities from 54 countries 23 projects within Erasmus Mundus Action 2 (incl. 2 coordinated projects: Salam & Sigma)

4 International Relations Office
LLP Erasmus (Incoming students) Guest Student Programme Erasmus Mundus IBIES (Lot 11) ESN UW Accommodation Since 2007 involved in Erasmus projects Angelika Dudek







11 L’Université Catholique de Lyon c’est :
. . The Catholic University of Lyon was founded in 1875. 2 Campuses at the heart of the city. A new Campus will open in September 2015. 8800 students including 1600 international students 5 colleges : Theology & Religious Science, Philosophy & Human Sciences, Law, Economics & Social Sciences, Language & Literature, Science (BA, MA, PhD) 5 professional schools : ESDES – ESTBB – ESQESE – IFTLM – IPROB – ESTRI 3 Masters taught in English: Master of International Business Law, Management of Biological Resource Centers, Master of International Business Administration 15 education and research units (ethics, interculturality, social entrepreneurship…) 4 schools of engineering (Lyon Polytechnic Institute) and 2 associated university units Specificities: Theology, Human rights, Family science, Local development, French language and culture Institute L’Université Catholique de Lyon c’est : 7800 étudiants 1300 étudiants étrangers 5 facultés : Droit Sciences éco, Lettres, Philo Sciences Humaines, Théo, Sciences 5 écoles supérieures et professionnalisantes en lien avec le monde de l’entreprise 15 centres de formation et de recherche pluridisciplinaire 1 Université, 2 sites au cœur de la ville: Place Bellecour et Place Carnot L’Université Catholique de Lyon c’est : 7800 étudiants 1300 étudiants étrangers 5 facultés : Droit Sciences éco, Lettres, Philo Sciences Humaines, Théo, Sciences 5 écoles supérieures et professionnalisantes en lien avec le monde de l’entreprise 15 centres de formation et de recherche pluridisciplinaire 1 Université, 2 sites au cœur de la ville: Place Bellecour et Place Carnot Des atouts: Tutorat pour chaque étudiant Petits effectifs Formation Humaine interdisciplinaire Parrainage pour étudiants étrangers Aide au logement Vie associative Des spécificités: Droits de l’Homme Sciences de la Famille Développement local Théologie FLE

12 International Relations Office Aurore Lafforest
Working in the International Office of the Catholic University of Lyon, a major part of my responsibilities in the past 3,5 years has been: organizing and coordinating cultural events, academic conferences and seminars for 150 to 350 participants; developing exchange agreements with foreign universities; dealing with international mobility programmes for teachers, administrative staff and students; participating in the international communication of the university (brochures, guides, newsletters, annual magazine) and updating website; Searching for funding opportunities to finance international research collaborations, partnerships and projects.  2

13 Faculty of Law in Ljubljana
The oldest and the largest law faculty in Slovenia, est. in 1919 From 2009/10 acad. year: three-cycle degree system Cca. 2,500 students Renovated facilities, new faculty building since 2001 Modern law library, open to the public (134,000 items, more than 300 periodicals), established in 1920 Faculty publishes the Collection of scientific papers (in slovenian) and Slovenian law review (in english) 01/24/08

14 Working as a librarian I mostly catalog books, magazines and articles. Some of them are quite old while others are in digital form When needed I work at the reception desk, lend books and help with information I show students and other visitors how to use digital law databases Library provides us with a lot of working space because of the separate offices With coworkers we make a good team, we share ideas for improvement and our knowledge 01/24/08

15 The University A local university which embraces a diverse community.
Kingston University The University A local university which embraces a diverse community. Led by learning encourages collaboration and sharing of knowledge. Finding new ways to share information with students through apps, social media & blogs. Demonstrating that our research outputs have cultural, social and economic impacts through the research repository. Endeavour to blur the boundaries between students, researchers and staff.

16 My role – Information Advisor
Teaching information skills in one-to-ones and in groups staff, students and work-based learners. Contributing to library subject blog and Twitter. Editing and adding entries to the KU research repository, which has a global audience. Adding resources to print and e-collection to help student and staff studies and research. Engaging with faculty members at meetings. Leading project to answer queries anywhere in the library, removing desk from enquiries.



19 International research institutions
TRIESTE NETWORK International research institutions Innovation and technology infrastructures TRIESTE UNIVERSITY 20,000 students 700 professors 10 departments Internationalization Research Technology transfer TRIESTE Crossroads of cultures

20 B = Library System + University Press + IT Dpt.
A = Research & PhD Dpt. B = Library System + University Press + IT Dpt. A∩B = Open Access Services DSpace-based Institutional Repository National Harvesting of PhD theses Brand new Open Access policy University Open Access Committee Stefania Arabito Open Access Advisor Research &PhD Dpt.

21 Public University of Navarre
31/03/2017 Young institution, founded in 1987, equipped for education and research Campus of International Excellence (CIE) of the Ebro Valley Campuses: Studies: Pamplona Tudela 17 Undergraduates 23 Post-Graduates 18 PhD Programs University community: Research: 9.000 students 910 teaching staff 500 administration and services staff 101 research groups 1.000 researchers

22 Henar Ortega Public University of Navarre
My tasks: Registration, modification and cancellation Tuition fees, exemptions Degree certificates Accademic records accreditation Recognition from other universities Transfer of records to other universities Transcrips: control, custody and file Henar Ortega Undergraduate Students Service Office for Engineering and Health Studies Public University of Navarre 31/03/2017

23 Work flows in both directions
SECRETARY University Services Technical School for Industrial Engineering and Telecomunication University Society Foundation Society Work flows in both directions Supporting School and Deputy Director: organisation, coordination and management of degree of Engeneering in Mechanical Desing Providing information to students, teachers and public in general and leading to the correct service, proposing and coordinating activities and workshops… Connecting companies from the area, publishing work offers… Public University of Navarre Anabel García 31/03/2017









 Master : 2 areas of study SOUTHERN EUROPE URBAN AREAS ENVIRONMENT  An international network 51 european universities 11 countries over the world (Japan, India, USA, Mexico, Chile, Argentina…)  One Research Laboratory 3 areas of research FORMS : from concept to production TERRITORIES, urban and landscape ARTS AND ARCHITECTURE : history and theory A publishing center Les Editions de l’Espérou  850 students 112 teachers 46 administrative staff 22 architecture’s schools in France

THE SCHOOL LIBRARY A pedagogical tool for students, teachers and professionals  A team of 5 peoples 33000 books / 170 periodicals 3000 architect theses / 3200 maps 500 DVDs / 400 building material samples  Classification Decimal universal (CDU) Data Bases : PYRAMID for books, ARCHIRES for periodicals and URBAMET My job  Registration and of new books  Recalling lent books  Management of DVDs Sylvie Réus












45 Technische Universität München
Founded 1868 3 campuses students 18% international students 13 faculties 42 Bachelor and 93 Master programmes 9300 staff members

46 Infopoint Mathematics/Anja Hoffmann
Student Services - General information for all students and applicants - Registration for Bachelor‘s and Master‘s theses - Registration for exams - Job offers and contract administration for student assistants Cooperation with the Admissions Office: Handling applications for Master‘s programmes

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