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TechDays 2011 NAO Programming Session Jérôme Monceaux Chris Kilner.

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2 TechDays 2011 NAO Programming Session Jérôme Monceaux Chris Kilner

3 Les exploits de NAO en 2010

4 Aldebaran-Robotics in a nutshell o Founded in 2005, Headquarter in Paris, branch offices (Boston, Shanghai, …) o Goal : Create humanoid robots and control software as Personal Assistants, Home companions and Academics platforms o Close to 1200 NAOs in operations in 30 countries in 18 months o World leader in Humanoid robotics o 110+ employees : Engineers, PhDs, Sales & Marketing

5 Le produit dans son ensemble Powerful User Friendly DESKTOP application

6 Switches –Chest button –2*2 feet bumpers –0: not pressed / 1: pressed LEDs –8*2 RGB eyes –10*2 blue ears –1 RGB chest –2*RGB feet –12 head (acad) –Values from 0 (Off) to 1 (full On) Sensor switches / Actuators LEDs

7 Joint actuators/sensors Joints Angle value in radians - Be careful with fast moves - Stiffness (Hardness) From 0 (electromagnetic break) to 1 (current limit to maximum) Possible Freewheel (negative value) Set it before moving the joint Can be changed very fast (be careful) You can use it as a security (fall) There is no need for full hardness all the time Position from the MRE Angle in radians 12 bits precision, absolute, low noise On leg motors and all joints Electric current (in A) Without sign Security limitation You can use it as a power information Temperature (in °C) Simulation based on current Saved continuously on the chestboard Security limitation

8 3-axis accelerometer Direct accelerometer output (8 bits, +-2G) Gives a G reference, but also other accelerations 2-axis gyrometer Direct values Could be converted in angular speed (°/s) Zero issue 2 computed inclination angles Computed with a custom onboard algorithm Values in radians Sensor: Inertial board

9 4 *2 FSRs –Weight on each sensors –The value is calibrated and directly in Kg –Total weight on the foot –Position of the center of pressure on each foot Sensors: FSRs

10 Sonar actuators & sensors 2* Sonars –Every 100ms, you can send a request to the sonar –Automatic mode available (both side every 100ms) –We are providing multiple echoes (up to 10) Take care of the arms!

11 Example of sonar detection


13 NAO Developer Program

14 AR = Entreprise qui déborde sur ses communautés ALDEBARAN Robotics Clientsclassiques Salariés Aldebaran Test de boites Trouver des scenarios Co-developper des algorithmes Résoudre des Pbs Labos de R&D Ecrire des modules NAOQI Beta Testeurs Developer Program

15 Site Developer Program : une communauté internationale de très bons développeurs

16 Site Developer Program : Destination Applications Participation au problématique de Nao -Documentation -Amélioration des softwares -Travail sur la reconnaissance vocale B2B2C : Intégration de solution tièrce (Twitter, lastfm, akinator, paraschool, aibo, Microsoft-Kinect, eventful) Développement dapplications nouvelles : -Des jeux -Des players de musiques -Des challenges (arroser les plantes, tenir un labyrinthe) Applications dactualités

17 17 NAO &.net Presented by Chris Kilner

18 Easy way to program Nao –Use any.Net language C# VBScript Jscript Features –Full API – Motion, Vision, Audio –Access to all sensors and actuators Inertial Sensor, FSRs, joints, sonars… Programming NAO with

19 Installation Simple Install contains just: –One dll naoqidotnetvc90.dll –Autocompletion help file naoqidotnetvc90.xml –Documentaion file NaoQiDotNet Help.chm

20 Add a reference to the naoqidotnet dll Start.Net project

21 Hello World

22 Managed c++ wrapped around c++ No dependencies Compiled for.Net 2 for maximum compatibility –If using VS2010, this requires an app.config How is it made?

23 Type mapping C++ / C# Understanding.Net types std::string -> string int -> int float -> float bool -> bool std::vector -> System.Collections.Generic.List AL::ALValue -> System.Collections.ArrayList

24 Motion & Xbox controller Move Head with Xbox controller

25 Control Walk with Xbox controller

26 Merci de votre attention !

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