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ENCM 369 Computer Organization

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1 ENCM 369 Computer Organization
Steve Norman and Norm Bartley Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering ENCM Computer Organization ENEL Digital Circuits

2 Welcome to ENCM 369! Introduction and Course Organization.
Highlights from the Course Outline. A Simplified Computer Model. ENCM Computer Organization

3 Course Instructors L01 – MWF 11:00 (ST 141) L02 – MWF 10:00 (ST 141)
Steve Norman. L02 – MWF 10:00 (ST 141) Norm Bartley. B01-B04 Tuesdays (ICT 320) T01-T02 Thursdays (ST 141/143) ENCM Computer Organization

4 Course Website Main Course Website. D2L.
Most information will not be on D2L, but will instead be here. Please go to: D2L. D2L will be used for password-protected stuff, mostly student grades. L01 and L02 will be merged into one D2L section. ENCM Computer Organization

5 Tutorials and Labs Tutorials Start Thursday, January 12 (Week 1).
Not worth any marks; there are no quizzes. Several small paper-and-pencil exercises each week. Exercises intended to help in labs, midterms, and final exam. Labs start Tuesday, January 17 (Week 2). Lab exercises are weekly, and will be due on Fridays. Help will be available from Norm and lab TAs. No “in-lab” or “post-lab” components, just Friday due dates. Attendance is not mandatory. It helps to start work on the labs before the lab. ENCM Computer Organization

6 Course Outline: Exams Two midterm tests. Final Exam.
Midterm #1: Wednesday, February 8, 7:00-8:30 PM Midterm #2: Monday, March 13, 7:00-8:30 PM. Final Exam. Three hours. Scheduled by the Registrar’s Office. Lots of past midterm and final exams (with solutions) posted for practice! ENCM Computer Organization

7 Course Outline: Grading
Course Component Weighting. Lab assignments: 20%. Midterm tests 30%, (15% apiece). Final exam: 50%. Minimal Pass Grade. A final exam score of 40% or higher is required to pass the course. ENCM Computer Organization

8 Course Outline: Textbook
Primary Course Textbook David M. Harris and Sarah L. Harris, “Digital Design and Computer Architecture,” Second Edition, Morgan-Kaufmann, 2013 (ISBN ). Available as an ebook on UofC library website. Supplementary Course Textbook Peter Prinz, Tony Crawford, “C in a Nutshell,” 2nd edition, O’Reilly Media (ISBN ). May be particularly useful for ENSF or ENCO students. Also available as an ebook. ENCM Computer Organization

9 Calculator Choices Sanctioned Schulich Calculators
ENCM Computer Organization

10 Course Outline: Do Well!
Missed or Delayed Term Work. Do not try to contact a TA about this; talk to your course instructor directly. Please see the course outline for more details. Get Help, but Don’t Cheat. When you hand in your assignments, ask yourself two important questions. Do I understand all the material that I’m handing in? Could I do this assignment again by myself without any help? The answer to both questions should be YES. ENCM Computer Organization

11 Quick Course Overview Primary Learning Outcomes.
What’s in a modern computer system. How it works. This is NOT a Programming Course! Programs are written in machine code (assembly language) so that: You can learn the capabilities of a modern processor and operations it can perform. You can design synchronous sequential logic circuits to perform these operations. ENCM Computer Organization

12 Coming Lectures Immediately Ahead ... In Later Lectures ...
Study the organization of a simple computer. Introduce the MIPS-32 computer architecture. Introduce MIPS registers, machine code, and assembly language. In Later Lectures ... Study the design of a single-cycle and a pipelined processor. Study cache memory and see how it greatly improves the performance of a computer’s main memory. Study how virtual memory works. Study IEEE-754 standard floating-point number representation and arithmetic. ENCM Computer Organization

13 Organization of Simple Computer
Main memory Processor I/O Input-Output Devices Bus I/O ENCM Computer Organization

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