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Andreas Pongratz CEO X-Art. © X-Art Pro Division 2006 Military, security and surveillance technologies in the realm of media and entertainment, education.

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1 Andreas Pongratz CEO X-Art

2 © X-Art Pro Division 2006 Military, security and surveillance technologies in the realm of media and entertainment, education and corporate communication Patra 15.6.2006

3 Facts! Object detection Object tracking people tracking On screen text detection Speech to text transformation Face detection

4 © X-Art Pro Division 2006 Statement 1

5 © X-Art Pro Division 2006 More Statements! Apple to sell videos TV fans bought about 8 million videos in the first three months of the service. (January 2006) Walt Disney Co.'s board of directors has given its approval to buy Pixar Animation Studios (January 2006) Murdoch Plans MySpace Videos News Corporation chairman wants to expand social-networking site into a venue for downloadable video, VoIP, and IM. (January 10, 2006) AOL Buys Video Search Startup According to sources, the No. 3 web portal pays $50 million for Truveo, ending months of speculation. (January, 2006) Yahoo, Google Add New Choices Leading search companies give users more control over content in the living room and on the cell phone. (January 2006) Disney launches broadband channel for preschoolers (January 2006)

6 © X-Art Pro Division 2006 What does this mean Users do not care about HD, SD, MPEG, AVI, D….. They want : what ? info/content they are interested in!!! when ? anytime where ? anywhere how ? On everything that is currently availabe BUT?

7 © X-Art Pro Division 2006 80% Unstructured 20% Structured OracleDB2 MS SQL

8 © X-Art Pro Division 2006 definitions! AquisitionTransformation Signaldata Information Knowledge Content! Metadata! Digitisation of source material Info on content like who/what is in the picture SmartEncode = realtime generation of Content and Metadata. RealTime Index! Collection of metadata key Concept IDOL

9 © X-Art Pro Division 2006 Todays leading supplier of Video, Rich Media and communication software solutions

10 © X-Art Pro Division 2006 SmartEncode Dataflow

11 © X-Art Pro Division 2006 Workflow EncodingAnalysys assembling Aquisition Indexing collaboration distribution Portal, WCM, Etc. Traditional sources Different sources

12 © X-Art Pro Division 2006 SmartEncode Tracks Zeit Metadaten Spuren: Sehen Hören Lesen Gesichts ID Sprecher ID Anwender Annotierungen Sprache in Text Timecode Keyframes Teletext Lynne Russell Hillary Clinton Clinton spoke with reporters Arrived in New York Older citizens who have Improving Medicare Speaking at rally Clinton auf dem Weg in den Senat Hillary Clinton Lynne Russell 00:08:40:0000:08:26:1200:08:34:29 Encodiertes Video >>Hillary Clinton Spoke with reporters when she arrived in New York about her proposal for older citizens... Audio Klassifizierung SpracheApplausSprache On-Screen Text Special Report Medicare Issues

13 © X-Art Pro Division 2006 Automatisches Indexing Module des VideoLogger Keyframe (Bild) Erkennung Spracherkennung (in Text) Audio Klassifizierung Sprecher Identifikation Gesichts Erkennung On-Screen Text Extraktion AutoClip Identifikation Themen Erkennung Namen Extraktion Shot Erkennung (Szenen) Externe Quellen zur Verfeinerung –S–Skripts –V–Video Schnitt Listen (EDLs) –G–GPS Daten (Standort) –S–Statistische Informationen –P–PPT Folien Präsentation und Text (MediaSync ) Manuell eingegebene Daten –S–Schema Information –C–Clip Markierungen Sekundäre Indizierungsprozesse –S–Semantik Web

14 © X-Art Pro Division 2006 Blue Chip customers

15 © X-Art Pro Division 2006 Centers for Disease Control (CDC) DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Program Agency) Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Department of Defense (DOD) NASA United Nations Customers by segments! Government customers! Education customers! M&E customers! Eduhi Linz Harvard Business School Oxford University Princeton University Stanford University University of Montreal University of Southern California MIT New York University ABC, ORF, BBC, CNN, MGM, Reuters, Warner, Sony, CBS, Fox Sports, Major League Baseball, LA Times, New York Times, Discovery Networks, BMG, Mediaset, Telecinco

16 © X-Art Pro Division 2006 News Monitoring

17 © X-Art Pro Division 2006 Corporate Communication adaptable web- interface Synchronise slides Search within one or all presentations Related documents Windows Media and RealVideo Formate Interactive content directory with slides preview

18 © X-Art Pro Division 2006 LIVE samples

19 © X-Art Pro Division 2006 Case Study: Harvard Business School Online Lectures & Events Guest lectures & special events available to students and alumni on-demand Promotes alumni involvement & giving Video case studies available as prep- work for classroom Automated processes gets content online rapidly Seamless integration with HBS systems

20 © X-Art Pro Division 2006 Case Study: General Motors Focus Groups Situation : –1000s of hours of focus group video/month –Multiple departments involved in review Challenges : –Inefficient manual process of documenting and sharing information –Paper trail and wide distribution meant difficulty reaching consensus Objectives: –Offer efficient way to review video and prepare reports –Achieve uniform consensus easily Results: –Improved communications –50% less time preparing video for review –Decision makers have access to same material, on demand

21 © X-Art Pro Division 2006 New opportunities!

22 © X-Art Pro Division 2006 questions? Thank you!

23 © X-Art Pro Division 2006 Statistics Generation from The Corpus The DRE, using Bayesian Inference and Shannons Information Theory, builds Bags of statistics from a corpus of documents

24 © X-Art Pro Division 2006 The DRE Identifies Key Concepts

25 © X-Art Pro Division 2006 The DRE Identifies Key Concepts

26 © X-Art Pro Division 2006 The DRE Identifies Key Concepts

27 © X-Art Pro Division 2006 And Stores Statistics on Document

28 © X-Art Pro Division 2006 To Form a Conceptual Understanding

29 © X-Art Pro Division 2006 Natural Language Response Tell me about the golden labrador...

30 © X-Art Pro Division 2006 Natural Language Response

31 © X-Art Pro Division 2006 Conceptual Relations key Concept IDOL

32 © X-Art Pro Division 2006 Case Study: Structural Group Training Situation: –Complex projects require efficient access to step-by-step information –450 training videos, 40 minutes each Challenges: –Critical training info buried on tape –Time-consuming, frustrating learning process Objectives: –Provide efficient access to information –Train employees on new techniques Results: –Operational performance improved –Learning curve reduced –New opportunities in recruitment, sales & marketing, partner communications

33 © X-Art Pro Division 2006 Viele Lösungen- Eine Kerntechnologie SmartEncode Virage Solution Server Virage Content Management Platform

34 © X-Art Pro Division 2006 ABC News Agence de Presse AltaVista Asahi Broadcasting Athens Olympic Broadcasting Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF) BBC Bloomberg BMG Entertainment C-SPAN Canadian Broadcasting Corp.(CBC) Carlton Communications Castillia de la Mancha CBS Channel 4 China Central TV CNET Networks CNN Danish Broadcasting (Corporation) DES Digital Ranch Discovery Networks E! Networks e.Biscom SpA Etelvaz European Broadcasting Union (EBU) EXPN FOX Sports Georgia Public Television Globe Interactive Globovision Hong Kong Cable Infoseek Korean Broadcast Systems Lifetime Entertainment Los Angeles Times Major League Baseball Mediaset MGM MITV NASCAR Nat'l Academy of TV Arts & Sciences National Geographic Network Espana New York Times ME Kunden PBS Promontora de Video SA RealNetworks Reuters SCETV Scripps Network Sekani (formerly FootageNow) Sistema Brasileiro de Televisao Sony Music ST3 StreaMedia Communications TBS Ad Sales Technology Media Group TechTV(formerly ZDTV) Telecinco The Economist The WB Network Thomas Cook TV Turner Broadcasting Turner Classic Movies TV Azteca Warner Bros. Yahoo!

35 © X-Art Pro Division 2006 Education Kunden Harvard Business School Oxford University Princeton University Stanford University University of Montreal University of Southern California MIT New York University Pro Quest,SCETV, Seiko University, Southwest Prepatory School, St. Petersburg College, Sunburst Technology Corp.,University Center Rochester, University of Arizona, University of California, Santa Barbara, University of Georgia, University of Illinois at Chicago, University of Iowa, University of Massachusetts Medical, University of Michigan, University of North Carolina, University of North Texas, University of Pennsylvania, University of Quebec, Yokohama University, Ball State University, Bowling Green State University, Cal State Fullerton, CAL State University at Los Angeles, Case Western Reserve University (Weatherhead School of Management), Center for the Advancement of Distance Education, University of Illinois, Coast Community College, Delmar Thomson Learning, Florida Department of Education, Indiana Higher Education Telecommunication System, Instituto Latino Americano de la Communicacion Educativo, Kansas State University, Keio University, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Los Angeles County Office of Education, Marshall University, Michigan State University, National Institute for Japanese Language, National Library of Medicine, Nippon Institute for Educational Research

36 © X-Art Pro Division 2006 Webcasting - Applications Internal –CEO speeches (corp) –Sales training (corp) –HR, compliance & safety training (corp) –Business updates (corp) –Classroom lectures (higher ed) –Guest speakers (higher ed) –Distance learning (higher ed) –Employee communications (gov) –Legislative hearings (gov) –Employee training (gov) –Seminars, Speeches External –Product launches (corp) –Product training 4 channel (corp) –Manuals/product descriptions –Direct marketing (corp) –Channel communications/training (corp) –Shareholder meetings (corp) –Earnings calls (corp) –Public lectures (higher ed) –Alumni outreach (higher ed) –Intercollegiate sports (higher ed) –Public meetings (gov) –Press conferences

37 © X-Art Pro Division 2006 Online Lectures and Events Objective: integrate video and rich media content into variety of university applications Requirements: –Content: 200 hours of class lectures, reference video and campus events recorded per semester –Distribution: need secure way to distribute different libraries of content to students and to alumni –Playback: ability to view high- or low-bandwidth versions of content –Slide synchronization: lecture video from six classrooms must be automatically syncd w/ PowerPoint slides –Robustness and reliability: about 2,000 users view content per week; usage peaks just before exams

38 © X-Art Pro Division 2006 Government Kunden! Anatel Autometric Broadcast Microwave Services Centers for Disease Control (CDC) County of San Bernadino DARPA ( Defense Advanced Research Program Agency) Defense Logistics Agency Department of Defense Department of the Army Department of the Navy Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Federal Judicial Center Florida Hillsborough County Commissioners Office Goodfellow Air Force Base Joint Combat Camera Center LA County Library of Congress Lockheed Martin March Air Force Base Ministero Interno Ministry of Post and Telecommunications NASA NIMA Office of the Secretary of Defense Other Classified Agencies Sandia National Labs Singapore Government Singapore Ministry of Home Affairs State of Iowa U.S. Senate U.S. Special Operations Command United Nations

39 © X-Art Pro Division 2006 Corporate Archive: Typically huge body of work is accumulated Accessing desired content is difficult with little or no opportunity to browse across archive Current distribution systems are laborious, manual and slow It is difficult and costly to repurpose for other uses Challenges: Solution: Digital archive is very efficient for mining 1000s of hours of video assets Online access gives controlled desktop access to specific individuals and groups Bottom line: Virage solution results in better marketing campaigns, stronger brands and new revenue opportunities

40 © X-Art Pro Division 2006 Webcasting–Event Operation Monitor event attendance in real-time Review audience questions and respond to them privately or publicly Push documents or links to your audience in real time including, images MS Office documents, PDFs and Flash Show polls to audience and review poll results in real-time

41 © X-Art Pro Division 2006 Webcasting - Reporting View reports by event summary, polls, questions and answers and participants See a list of attendees, their viewing time and their submitted questions and polls Print the report or download it as a CSV file for export into Microsoft Excel

42 © X-Art Pro Division 2006 Who is webcasting? Corporations High-tech Financial Services Pharma/Healthcare Manufacturing Consumer/Retail Services Higher Education Large state universities Elite colleges and universities Adult education providers Community colleges Government Legislatures – Senate/Parliament Civilian agencies - Health, Energy Military and Intelligence County and local governments

43 © X-Art Pro Division 2006 Case Study: The Coca-Cola Company Commercials Archive Situation : –Illustrious history of branding, advertising –Over 24,000 TV commercials in archives –Ongoing creation of new ads worldwide Challenges: –Difficulty gaining access to and sharing past ads for recapture of best ideas Objectives: –Find inspiration in previous works –Improve branding consistency –Leverage existing assets –Increase production efficiencies –Build searchable video archive to be accessible by 2,200 associates worldwide

44 © X-Art Pro Division 2006 Case Study: Cisco Systems Corporate Webcasting Ciscos Internet Learning Solutions Group 2 classrooms x 8 hours per day Multi-format encoding Integrated PowerPoint presentations Immediate on-demand availability Major savings in production costs

45 © X-Art Pro Division 2006 VideoLogger Interface Steuerungstasten Keyframe Sensitivität Abspielen des Videos Markieren und Annotieren von clips um Video zu segmentieren Teletext Info automatisch extrahiert Keyframes ermöglichen ein visuelles Storyboard Timecode aus externer Quelle Abspielfenster des analogen oder digitalen Video Schlüsselworte, Sprecher und Art des Audio aus dem Audio Gesichts, on-screen text und AutoClip Indizes

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