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Business ethics.

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1 Business ethics

2 Structure Introduction Business ethics and globalisation (Kevin)
Business ethics and relationships with employees as stakeholders (Lisa) Business ethics and relationships with consumers as stakeholders (Steve) Role play (Fabian, Matti, Simon)

3 Ethical issue Does Mc Donald‘s have a global responsibility to take care about the health of the consumers?

4 McEthics in Europe and Asia
Criticisms in Europe: unhealthiness  risk of customers’ health advertising exploits children lack of nutrition information paying low wages In Asia: less criticism

5 Reactions: nutrition labeling healthy options/ balanced menu
promote balanced lifestyle “diet and exercise” sustainably grown coffee and biodiesel in Asia/other countries: same strategy  good marketing strategy, bigger choice of (healthier) products

6 Ethical issue Do corporations have a responsibility to respect international children‘s rights even if the national law does not exist?

7 Uzbek cotton: a new spin on child labour in the clothing industry

8 The case Oppressive regime  controls cotton production
Children are forced to work under bad conditions Western companies succeeded in boycotting the Uzbek cotton In 2008 the Uzbek government banned children under 16 from work

9 Ethical issue Are microcredit lenders justified in charging poor borrowers high interest rates?

10 Targeting the poor with microfinance
Consumer ethics Consumers as stakeholders Microfinance = small-scale financial service Directly targets poor people, who are excluded from mainstream banking sector

11 Microcredits positive negative risk on high interest rates
support small-business sector improve household budget provide greater opportunity for education

12 Role play

13 Thank you for your attention

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