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ER Modeling Example Hachim Haddouti. Hachim Haddouti, ER Modeling 2 Entities and Attributes.

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1 ER Modeling Example Hachim Haddouti

2 Hachim Haddouti, ER Modeling 2 Entities and Attributes

3 Hachim Haddouti, ER Modeling 3

4 4

5 5

6 6 See Ch2 p.157

7 Hachim Haddouti, ER Modeling 7 Example 2: Problem/Application Providing customer invoice details of Maroc Telecom on the web

8 Hachim Haddouti, ER Modeling 8 100|MAROCTelekom|0.2|98|20000430|EPLUS09800001M 203|1141310||Form|4032383060052000|||101|1|||SBS GmbH & Co OHG||Herr Giehr / TCS|EP- 3310509|Heinz-Nixdorf-Ring 1|33106 Paderborn|||||N|N|.|| 203|1141310||Form|4032383060052000|||104|2|||COMMERZBANK (WEST) BERLIN|10040000|201032012|D|50020200|BHF-Bank|26048371|-1 203|1141310||Form|4032383060052000|||110|3|||0.00||23588.94|20000502||||||DEM|0.00||12060.8 3|EUR 203|1141310||Form|4032383060052000|||103|4|||Siemens AG|Frau|Marina Gaier|ICM CD MP GSM RD M84|Grillparzerstr. 10|81675 München|2674396||||N|N||| 203|1141310||Form|4032383060052000|||103|5|||Siemens AG|Herr|Michael Seeger|ICM CD MP GSM RD M64|Grillparzerstr. 10|81675 München|2589571||||N|N||| 203|1141310||Form|4032383060052000|||103|6|||Siemens AG||ZU REV 3|Herr Henkelmann|St.- Martin-Str. 76|81541 München|2551629||||N|N||| 203|1141310||Form|4032383060052000|||103|7|||Siemens AG||ICN WN ES D72|Rolf Lang|Hofmannstr. 51|81379 München|2534747||||N|N||| 203|1141310||Form|4032383060052000|||103|8|||Siemens AG||.|KWU W5PS, Frau Martina Huber|Freyeslebenstr. 1|91058 Erlangen|2461632||||N|N||| 203|1141310||Form|4032383060052000|||103|9|||Siemens Immobilien Management GmbH & Co.||.|Herr Lauschke/SIM VST|St.-Martin-Str. 76|81541 München|2390515||||N|N||| 203|1141310||Form|4032383060052000|||103|10|||||SBS GmbH & Co. KG |Herr Giehr / TCS|Heinz-Nixdorf-Ring 1|33106 Paderborn|2222056||||N|N||| An Excerpt of raw data

9 Hachim Haddouti, ER Modeling 9 Identification of Entities, Attributes and Relationships INVOICE Call Detail Records (INVOICE_CDR_ITEM) Currency Customer TAX BILL_SUM SALDO Bank account ADDRESS Mid SUM Monthly Fees, once-only fee, free call units......

10 Hachim Haddouti, ER Modeling 10 Identification of Entities, Attributes and Relationships cont. A Customer can have one or many mobile cards; many phone no A customer can have many adresses. An Invoice will be balanced by using a bank account. An Invoice contains call sums, VAT, monthly and other fees Call Detail Record (CDR) is the prove of an Invoice. CDR can be deleted after certain time Invoices can be deleted after 6 months. Be sure that Bill_From cannot display the CDRs of Bill_To......

11 Hachim Haddouti, ER Modeling 11 ER Model for CDR

12 Hachim Haddouti, ER Modeling 12 A few Tables INVOICE (invoice_number, customer_id, phone_id, bill_date,..) ADRESS(invoice_number, Customer_id, phone_id, Street, City, Country, ZIP,..) PAYMENT(invoice_number, Customer_id, cu_bank_name, cu_bank_code, cu_bank_account, cu_pay_method, Due_date,..) TAX(invoice_number, gross_sum, net_sum, vat_amount, vat_rate, currency..) SALDO(invoice_number, saldo, total, last_booking_date,..) INVOICE_ITEM (invoice_number, phone_no, sequence, from_date, to_date, items, amount_per_item, total_gross, discount, gross_sum_off,..) INVOICE_CDR_ITEM (invoice_number, phone_no, position, call_group, distance_zone, time_zone, date, time, calling_number, duration, tarif_info, call_charges,..)

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