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PA Dutch 101 Video 29: Reflexive Verbs. Sich Verbs.

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1 PA Dutch 101 Video 29: Reflexive Verbs. Sich Verbs.

2 Reflexive Verbs Certain Verbs in PD need pronoun objects which refer BACK to the subject. These verbs are called Reflexive Verbs and sometimes can be best translated in English as myself verbs. An example of one in English is: I am washing my hands. The MY is reflecting back on the SUBJECT.

3 Reflexive Verbs Normal sentence structure for Reflexive Verbs is: Subject – Verb – Reflexive Pronoun – other stuff. Verb – Subject – Reflexive Pronoun – other stuff? Subject – Modal – Reflexive Pronoun – other stuff – Verb. No matter what, you ALWAYS need a Reflexive Pronoun in your sentence! Ich schtraehl mich es Haar.

4 Reflexive Pronouns As stated before, all sentences need a Reflexive Pronoun. This is what Reflects back on the Subject. ichmichmiruns dudichdihreich er/sie/essichsiesich

5 Reflexive Verbs Here are some common Reflexive Verbs: sich aa/duh – to get dressed sich uff/butze – to dress up sich balwiere, sich rasiere – to shave sich wesche – to wash oneself sich weh/duh – to injure oneself sich schtraehle – to comb

6 Reflexive Verbs sich anne/hocke, hie/hocke – to sit down sich verkelde – to catch a cold sich baade – to bathe sich dummle – to hurry sich uff/wecke – to wake up

7 Reflexive Verbs Translate the following sentences! Remember the Word Order: Subject – Verb – Reflexive Pronoun – Other Stuff. I am shaving. Ich balwier mich. He is bathing. Er baadet sich. We are combing our hair. Mir schtraehle uns es Haar.

8 Iewing - Practice Build Sentences: Du / sich hiehocke / in die Kich Du hockscht dich in die Kich hie. Der Andy / misse / sich dummle Der Andy muss sich dummle. Sich uffbutze / dihr / fer Karrich? Butzt dihr eich fer Karrich uff?

9 Bis die naegschde Video, Machts gut un schwetzt Deitsch! E-Poscht schreiwe:

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