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Cosmic Artists is a show team which is joined by national and international successful sportspersons from top level sports – all wanting to continue their.

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2 Cosmic Artists is a show team which is joined by national and international successful sportspersons from top level sports – all wanting to continue their career in the bounds of attractive show events. From day one the main target was, and of course still is the transfer of the teams huge knowledge base in top level sports to high-quality and breathtaking show acts. We do not aim just to entertain, we want to captivate your senses and emotions. To meet the high demands of our customers and the audience, Cosmic Artists offers highest level artistic performances in exciting show atmosphere. Our artists have backgrounds in artistic gymnastics, team gym, acrobatics, trampoline and rhythmic gymnastics. In 2003 some artists took part at the Cirque du Soleils general formation training in Montreal and were prepared for Quidam. The Cosmic Artists established a repertoire containing a big variety of show acts – appropriate for all occasions. Whatever it is that you have been searching for, we can offer you the right shows for your event – no matter if there is a big or a small stage, no matter if indoor or outdoor and no matter if you are looking for something on the floor or high up in the air. Additionally there is the possibility to create extra shows and choreographies for product presentations, fairs and special events. Just as you like it. About us

3 Date/ Place of Birth: 11.01.1976, Schwerin Place of Residence: Berlin Career in Sports: Artistic Gymnastics since 1981 Current Occupation: Coach, Student, In 2003 Training at the Cirque du Soleil Cosmic Artists was founded in 2001 by Tony Mevius and Jan Peter Nikiferow. He took part at the Olympic Games 1996 in Atlanta and 2000 in Sydney. Furthermore he is European Champion in Artistic Gymnastics. Today the team is joined by over 20 sportspersons and artists. Tony Mevius Peter Nikiferow Our Team Date/ Place of Birth: 08.11.1971, Magdeburg Place of Residence: Berlin Career in Sports: For ten years member of the National Team of Germany Current Occupation: Office Administrator

4 Our Shows Vertical Rope Aerial Artistics Aerial Silk Hand2Hand Acrobatics Strength- Acrobatics Cosmic-High- Bar Blacklight-Power Blacklight AirtrackTrampoline Tumbling Artistics/ Gymnastics Artistic Moments Gymnastic Dreams Special Shows Shows with Live-Songs, Live-Percussion, Comedy-Acrobatic

5 Power, strength, artistic and elegance in perfect teamwork of the performing artists An unbelievable mixture of smooth and aesthetic strength-showing elements on and around the parallel bar with high speed and fascinating maximum performances – everything with musically perfect coordinated parts Well suitable for events with small stages; required size of the stage approximately 4x3 metres An all-purposes show as it is suitable for all kinds of occasions, Show available with or without mini bars No additional equipment required, the outfit can be adapted to the occasion of your event Cosmic Power and Strength

6 This show has a touch of Cirque du Soleil and is an exceptionally mixture of seemingly different kinds of movements. There is elegance, flexibility and power, dance and strength, there are soft and fast movements as well as the artistic conversion of emotions like sympathy and antipathy. For telling their story, through movements and expressions combined with music words are no longer needed Accompanied with dreamlike music, which will carry you from one beautiful moment to the next all the while increasing the tension and performance. Well suitable for all kinds of occasions, required size of the stage approximately 4x4m Recommended for evening performances with appropriate lighting equipment Performed by the the 4th of the 2000 Olympics in Sydney in Rhythmic Gymnastics Artistic Moments

7 Neon-Power Cosmic High Bar Mysterious figures, big movements and unexpected light effects will guide you through the High Bar Show and create an unique atmosphere – an atmosphere that appeals to your imagination. Performed simultaneously by up to three artists, no view for us, but glowing for you! Apart from mysterious music, difficult artistic elements and movements it is particularly the effects created by neon light and special costumes that will catch your eyes Total darkness is necessary for this show. Ideal possibility for presenting your company logo in neon light! Available in various choreographies and styles Spectacular shows: A combination of maximum performances and unique neon light effects. Neon Shows

8 Resisting gravity the artists give the impression of floating in the air. Come and join our journey through life with emotions, love, ups and downs..., in an aerial artistic show either on the vertical rope or on the aerial silk With pure elegance the artist works her way up without the audience noticing her ascent. Then, totally unexpected a series of breathtaking falls bring them back to the ground. High up in the air the artists create beautiful and dreamlike impressions and images. Aerial Artistic The height for fixation should be about 8 to 10 m. Available as duo and solo show. This show is performed by artists that have been trained at the famous Cirque du Soleil.

9 This show is an outstanding piece of athletic achievement with circus character. On top, the artistic duo is still competing in top sports. Various handstand and hand to hand combinations, unbelievable partner acrobatics and other breathtaking flying elements where one artists throws, supports or even catches the other Cosmic Hand2Hand Suitable for small stages! Also more than two artists possible!

10 Particularly Minitramp is suitable for events in big halls, stadions or outdoor (required space: approximately 25 x 4m) Jumps over cars, walls etc. possible, up to 10 artists Stage requirements for Trampoline: approximately 4x6m and 6m hight, Shows with 2-5 artists Against all laws of nature - the proof that mankind is able to fly! The appeal of the Cosmic Trampoline and Tramp Shows lies in the spectacular jumps, the masterfully performed somersaults, in crazy combinations of fast and furious spinning-rounds, harmoniously rounded with dance and acrobatics Show available as Trampoline or Minitramp, both possibilities performed by European Champions Cosmic Trampoline/ Cosmic Tramp

11 No oversized airbed, no siesta, but high voltage tumbling, power and sensations that will captivate the audience and make the show a highlight that you will never forget Somersaults are a special highlight during this show, they are done in every thinkable direction with many spinning-rounds as well as behind each other, synchronically, alternately, above each other and in every other imaginable way Airtrack is an inflatable tumbling track (see pictures, a power connector is necessary for inflating the airtrack), size: rolled up 2x1m, inflated 16x2,5m - unique! Particularly suitable for events in big halls, stadions or outdoor (required space: approximately 18 x 3m) Inflating process is integrated in our show, Show available as sport- or charactershow! Cosmic Airtrack

12 Stefan Herbrich Ivonne Heiden Claudia Kuhnt Kathrin KewitzRobert Hirsch Uwe Marquardt Gymnastics: 7 times German Champion Individual, 3 times German Champion Team, participant in European and Worldchampionships Euroteam: 3rd Europ. Championships 2000 Gymnastics: numerous German Champion and winner of Germanys artistic gymnastics league Euroteam: 4th Europ. Championships 1998 Gymnastics: former member of the National Team Euroteam: Europ. Champion in 1998, 3rd Europ. Championships 2000 Gymnastics: numerous German Champion and winner of Germanys artistic gymnastics league, 5th Junior Europ. Championships (team), Euroteam: 5th Europ. Championships 2000 Gymnastics: member of the National Team. German Champion Euroteam: 3rd Europ. Championships 2000 4th Europ. Championships 2002 Double Mini Tramp: 7 times German Champion 2nd Europ. Championships (team and individual) World Champion Team Katarina Prokesova Trampoline: numerous Slovakian Champion Europ. Champion in 2000 2nd World Championships 2001 2nd Europ. Championships 2002 Participant in the Olympics 2004/ Athens! Peter Nikiferow: Artistic Gymnastics: numerous German Champion, European Champion on parallel bars, 3rd of Team Worlchampionships, participant in two Olympic Games Euroteam: German Champion, European Championships 2000: 5 th Mens Team Tony Mevius: Artistic Gymnastics: winner of numerous medals at German Championships, Champion of Germanys artistic gymnastics league Euroteam: German Champion, European Championships 1998: 4 th Mixed Team, European Championships 2000: 5 th Mens Team And more... Resumés sportives

13 Jeanine Fissler Born on 12.10.1980 in Berlin - Graduate in Business Administration - Coach for RSG 1984 started with Artistic Gymnastics 1988 admission into sport school (TSC Berlin) 1991 changed from Artistic to Rhythmic Gymnastics 1996 admission into the German National Team for Rhythmic Gymnastics Olympic Games 2000 in Sydney: 4th place!!! World Championships 1999 in Osaka: 5th place 5th place final clubs Europ. Championships 1999 in Budapest:6th place 5th place final clubs 6th place final ribbon/hoops 12 times German Champion Resumés sportives

14 Some of our customers and shows: References Mercedes Benz (Cabrio Weeks 2002; E-Klasse 2002; SLK 2004; Smart forfour 2004) Opel (Meriva; Signum; Astra 2004), Renault Scenic, Ford Fujitsu Siemens Computer (member of staff evening 2003; Cebit 2003) Vodafone ((End Of The Year-Party 2003) Adidas (End Of The Year-Party 2003; Europe Conference 2004) Shell Deutsche Oil GmbH Partner Conference 2004 (Airtrackshow) ZDF Fernsehgarten 2004 (Airtrackshow) SAT1- Frühstücksfernsehen, SAT1- Gongshow ARD- Rekordfieber, ARD-Deutschland Champions-Winner 2003 ALBA Berlin – Basketball Euroleague, Berlin Thunder – NFL, Hertha BSC – Football League Europ. Championships Boxing, Weltcup RG, Europ. Championships Volleyball Shows: Variete Chamäleon, Der blaue Montag, Tabea Sportmusical, Re-Opening of Berlins Olympic Stadion 2004... Europcar Fotoshooting, Preluders video recording (Hotter than You know)... more references and detailed information about us can be seen on our website: !

15 Galery 1

16 See more pictures on our website !!! Galery 2

17 Dreams have to come true! Lets realise your dream event and together we will captivate the senses and emotions of your customers and guest in a unique and unforgetable way! We are looking forward to cooperating with you! pixel: Cosmic Artists GbR Tony Mevius & Peter Nikiferow Palisadenstraße 53 10243 Berlin Tel./Fax : +49/ 30/ 42088386 Mobile: +49/ 163/ 5883377 (Tony Mevius) +49/ 163/ 8866114 (Peter Nikiferow) e-Mail: URL: Contact Sincerely, Yours Cosmic Artists

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