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German Vocabulary: The Family (die Familie)

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1 German Vocabulary: The Family (die Familie)
Grandmother-Großmutter Grandfather - Großvater Aunt – die Tante Mother – die Mutter Father - der Vater Uncle – der Onkel Cousin (m) – der Vetter Cousin (f) – die Kusine Brother --der Bruder das Baby Sister die Schwester Michael Justin ellis

2 German Alphabet and Pronunciation Review
A= ah J= vot B= bay K= kah C= tsay L= ell D= day M= em E= ay N= en F= eff O= oh G= gay H= haa i= eeh P= pay Y= uep-si-lohn Q= koo Z= tset R= er Ä= similar to the e in melon S= es Ö= similar to the i in girl T= tay U= ooh Ü= no equivalent in English V= fow ß= double s sound W= vay X= ix

3 German Vocabulary – Greetings and Introductions -- Review
SAYING HELLO SAYING GOODBYE Hallo (Hello) Grüß Gott (Hello [in Southern Germany]) Guten Morgen (Good morning) Guten Tag (Hello, Good afternoon) Guten Abend (Good evening) Auf Wiedersehen (Goodbye) Bis morgen (See you tomorrow) Tschüs (Goodbye [Informal]) Bis Freitag (See you on Friday) Auf Wiederhören (Goodbye [on the telephone]) Alles Gute (All the best) Viel Glück (Good luck) Bis spatter (See you later) Machs gut (Take care [S]) Bis bald (See you soon)

4 German Vocabulary – Greetings and Introductions -- Review
Ja                                 Yes Nein                             No Heißen                         verb meaning “to be called” or “am” Wie geht’s?                 How are you? Wie geht es dir?         How are you? (more formal) Gut                              good Nicht                            not Sehr                             very Und                              and Dir/dich                       you (not at the beginning of a sentence) Mir/mich                     Me Danke                          Thanks Bitte                            please Wie                              how

5 German Review – Introductions, Greetings and Common Phrases
Ich heiße... ikh hie-ssuh My name is... [I am called...] Ich komme aus... ikh koh-muh ows... I'm from... Es geht. ess gate I'm ok. (informal) Wo wohnst du? vo vohnst doo Where do you live? (informal) Wie heißt du? vee hiesst doo What's your name? (informal) Woher kommst du? vo-hair kohmst doo Where are you from? (informal) Wie geht's? vee gayts How are you? (informal) Ich wohne in... ikh voh-nuh in I live in...

6 Let’s practice some of our new vocabulary using the following Web 2
Let’s practice some of our new vocabulary using the following Web 2.0 tools German Flashcards : Babbel German Online: Try out one of the vocabulary games at Wie Geht’s: Create a drawing of your family using: Label the family members in your drawing using the German vocabulary that you learned in this week’s lesson.

7 German Vocabulary - Meine Familie – Part Two
For this section of the lesson, we will use our new vocabulary to compose an to a friend or family member using Google Docs. Watch the instructional video for using Google Docs. The video can be found here: Set up a new document for your and share the document with your group members and the instructor. We will work together, as a group, to compose our s.

8 References Di Donato, R., Clyde, M., & Vansant, J. (2007). Deutsch, na klar!: An introductory German course (5th ed.). Boston: McGraw-Hill. German Words and Phrases. (n.d.). Retrieved April 24th, 2014, from Michael Justin Ellis

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