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Verb Conjugation In The Present Tense

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1 Verb Conjugation In The Present Tense

2 German Vs. English In German there is only one form of the present tense: Schwimmen: ich schwimme In English there are 3: I swim I am swimming I do swim

3 Verb Conjugation for Regular Verbs
Rule: The endings below apply to most verbs except irregular verbs such as sein and haben but other verbs have other slight changes to them. Spielen is an example of a regular verb. Just take off the –en- and add the regular endings. Spielen: Subject Verb Ich spiele Du spielst Er/sie/es spielt Wir spielen Ihr Sie/sie

4 For verbs ending in –ern like dauern or –eln like klingeln you take off only the n not the en and add the endings. Verbs ending in –den like baden or –ten like antworten keep their e before the du, er, sie, es and ihr endings e.g. Badest or Antwortet. Some verbs get an Umlaut in the du and er, sie, es form. Such as halten: es hält. Some verbs change their vowels in the du and er, sie, es form. e.g. Helfen hilft.

5 Irregular Verbs E.g. Sein, Haben There aren’t any rules.
You just have to learn them. E.g. Sein Subject Verb Ich bin Du bist Er/sie/es ist Wir sind Ihr seid Sie/sie

6 That’s the End

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