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Welcome to Nathan Hale 6th & 7th Grade High School Parent’s Night

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1 Welcome to Nathan Hale 6th & 7th Grade High School Parent’s Night
Wednesday, January 25, 2017

2 Welcome Address

3 Topics to Be Covered Welcome Address
High School options offer throughout the Chicagoland area The Importance of 7th Grade Next Step Q & A

4 High School Options

5 Various Types of High Schools
Neighborhood HS (Kennedy HS) Selective Enrollment High Schools Military Academies Magnet High Schools and Programs International Baccalaureate (IB) Career Technical Education (CTE) Charter Private

6 Neighborhood (Kennedy HS)
If you live within the boundaries of Kennedy High School you are automatically accepted to this High School It is not necessary to apply for the general program at Kennedy Registration will be completed in the Spring by our Counselor and Kennedy administrators Kennedy do offer at IB program which you have to meet the requirements for entry in order to be considered for a seat the following school year.

7 Selective Enrollment High Schools
Designed for academically advanced students Offer primarily honors and AP Courses Admissions testing required In order to be considered for Selective Enrollment High School students have to pre-qualify.

8 How can my student qualify for a seat at a Selective Enrollment High School? -Grades -NWEA -Selective Enrollment Exam -Where you live?

9 Eligibility Letter

10 Scoring Rubric

11 Selective Enrollment Cutoff Scores

12 List of Selective Enrollment High Schools
Brooks Hancock Jones King Lane Lindblom Northside Payton South Shore Westinghouse Whitney Young

13 International Baccalaureate (IB) High School
Offer a comprehensive and challenging pre-university program. Widely recognized for high academic standards. Students must pre-qualify for IB High Schools.

14 International Baccalaureate (IB) High School
You must attend one Information Session, even if you are applying to more than one IB school. Information Sessions for IB Schools are offered at each IB school. You can attend an Information Session at any IB High School, even if you don’t plan to apply to that school. If you live in the attendance area or overlay boundary of an IB High School to which you are applying, you will receive 50 additional points.

15 IB Scoring Rubrics

16 IB Cutoff Scores

17 List of International Baccalaureate High Schools
Ogden Prosser Schurz SENN South Shore Steinmetz Taft Washington Amundsen Back of the Yards Bogan Bronzeville Clemente Curie Farragut Hubbard Hyde Park Juarez Kelly Kennedy Lincoln Park Morgan Park

18 Military Academies Offer rigorous and relevant college preparatory curriculum. Each academy focuses on a different branch of the military. Students are selected based on a two-part questionnaire and an essay completed at the required Information Session, along with their NWEA MAP scores and final grades from 7th grade. Attendance at ONE information session is required.

19 List of Military High Schools
Air Force Academy Carver Military Chicago Military Marine Leadership Academy Phoenix Rickover Naval Academy

20 Magnet Schools and Programs
Offer specialty programs in areas including fine and performing arts, engineering, and agricultural. They do not have neighborhood attendance boundaries, and they accept students throughout the city . SENN Magnet program is the only magnet school that has a required admission screening---- Audition/Portfolio Review Students are randomly selected through a computerized lottery. Siblings are accepted first.

21 List of Magnet High Schools
Chicago Agriculture HS Michelle Clark HS Curie Disney II RTC Medical Prep Von Steuben

22 CTE-College and Career Academies
Prepare students for COLLEGE and CAREER SUCCESS. Offer hands-on training in various industries May give students opportunities to earn college credit and participate in job shadows and internships. You can apply up to 5 CTE Academies *There are Selective Enrollment schools who also offer CTE programs. (i.e. Jones, Hancock)

23 List of CTE High Schools
Amundsen Austin Bowen Clemente Curie CVCA Dunbar Farragut Fenger Foreman Gage Park Hancock Harlan Harper Hirsch Hyde Park Jones Juarez Julian Kelly Manley Marshall Mather Phillips Prosser Raby Richards Roosevelt Schurz Simeon South Shore Sullivan Uplift Washington Wells Westinghouse Williams Prep

24 Charter High School Charters are approved by the Board of Education but operate independently from the Board and each other No attendance boundaries Acceptance Criteria: Random Lottery

25 List of Charter High Schools
Aspira CICS Noble Network Perspectives University of Chicago UNO Urban Prep Young Women Leadership

26 Private High School Private Schools are autonomous and generates its own funding through various sources like student tuition, private grants, and endowments. Students have to complete an entrance exam for admission In most cases, private schools are religion based No attendance boundaries

27 List of Private High Schools
Mother McAuley Queen of Peace Brother Rice DeLaSalle St. Rita Marist Mt. Caramel

28 The Importance of 7th Grade

29 Next Steps: Begin researching High Schools
Research school performance indicators (ACT Scores, Freshman On Track, School Rating, Student Growth, Etc.) Contact the School Counselor Attend Open House Shadow current students Take advantage of Selective Prep

30 Q&A We Invite questions from parents/students

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