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CASD Mobile Labs.

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1 CASD Mobile Labs

2 Mobile Lab Safety Students may never move the Mobile Lab from one location in the building to another. VERY IMPORTANT: Turn Cart OFF before plugging cart into electrical outlet. Plug Cart directly into wall electrical outlet, not a power strip. NEVER plug cart in when Power is ON (I pressed down is ON) For the new laptops it should take about 20 minutes to charge. When laptops are not in use they should be stored in cart and be charging for next use. It is a good idea to return laptops to the cart no later than about 10 minutes before the end of class so you’re not rushed, and the laptops can get a quick charge before the next class.

3 Laptop Cart

4 The links below are seating charts for 12 and 16 laptop carts.
Each cart is numbered and laptops should be numbered. There will be 1 designated printer per cart. Assign each student a number and be sure they always use the same laptop. That way there is accountability if anything happens to the laptop. The links below are seating charts for 12 and 16 laptop carts. You must double click on the folders in the PowerPoint to access the seating charts – not in Slide Show mode!!

5 A lock is required to unlock the cart
A lock is required to unlock the cart. Please do not share this information with students or non-Key teachers. Please DO NOT leave the keys in the carts or on top of the carts. These need to be locked up during the day if the laptop carts are not in use and at night.

6 Laptops and shelves are labeled

7 Power cable should not be pulled on as laptop is being removed
Power cable should not be pulled on as laptop is being removed. Gently pull power cable out and grasp each side of the laptop and slide out.

8 This is the view of the inside front of the laptop cart
This is the view of the inside front of the laptop cart. You can see the power pack that is attached to each laptop, as well as the power strip where the power packs are charged. You shouldn’t ever have to worry about unplugging from the power strip. When you slide the laptops back into the cart for charging, they can only go back as far as the power pack.

9 After students have received their laptops, you need to lock the remaining laptops. You should also stand near the cart to supervise the removal and returning of the laptops.

10 Laptops to Students Pick 2 students in each class to unplug laptops and hand to students. These 2 students should also put the laptops back in the cart. Stand by the cart while students unplug and remove laptops. Students are to use “3 point hold” while handling a laptop. 2 hands holding laptop against body. Laptops and trays are numbered, with cart name and then laptop number. Example, Wireless laptop cart 1 will be labeled WL1-01. If possible, students should use the same laptop each time.

11 Correct way to carry the laptop: 2 hands on each side and against body.

12 Computer Use Rules Each laptop cart will have the Computer Use Rules. Please go over these rules (maybe have students read the rules aloud) the first time your students use the laptops.

13 Computer Use Rules Using these computers is a privilege, not a right. If you do not follow these computer use rules, or intentionally damage a machine, you will not be allowed to use the computers. Only use your login name and password. Don’t use another student’s login or password. If you can’t log in using your password, tell your teacher. No food or drinks near laptops.

14 Student Laptop Return Students must shutdown laptop after use.
No student is allowed to leave your class at the end of the period until all the laptops have been accounted for and are placed back in the cart. Make sure each laptop goes on the correct shelf and is reconnected to the power supply.

15 Troubleshooting You are responsible for assisting students with the laptops. If you have a problem try using the following troubleshooting tips. If the laptop still doesn’t work, you can submit a call to MySchoolBuilding. First items to check: power is on Wireless slider switch- on the side set to “Wireless” (on some models)

16 Laptop Will Not Log On Have another student or the teacher logon to the laptop. If they are able to logon, the original student’s login information is incorrect. Verify the user name is entered correctly. If multiple users are unable to logon, the laptop needs to connect to a wired network cable. Shutdown the laptop, connect the cable to the laptop, turn it back on and login. The laptop can then be removed from the network cable. (This is only for HS and Ben Chamber’s laptops)

17 Laptop Doesn’t Connect to Network Drives
If you are not able to log on to a laptop please try hitting FN+F2 and then wait a minute and try again If it still does not logon, make sure the wireless switch (only on Lenovo and Dell E5410 laptops) is not turned off

18 Substitutes and Laptop Carts
Please don’t schedule a Laptop Cart when a sub is in your classroom. Subs don’t have training on the proper use of the Cart, and students are more likely to do damage to a laptop or go to inappropriate websites.

19 It’s important that students get the same numbered laptop each time
It’s important that students get the same numbered laptop each time. If the student has damaged a laptop, we can determine the student who caused the damage. Also, using the same laptop will allow faster logins since the profile has already been downloaded.

20 Laptop Cart Printer The Laptop Cart has a designated printer.
The laptops are configured to print only to this printer via network connection. Please keep paper tray filled. If ink cartridge runs out you can find toner in designated location to replace the cartridge.

21 Cannot Print Is the printer plugged in, lights on, has paper, and is not jammed or displaying any error message? Is the correct printer selected on the laptop for printing on that cart? Check the wireless print server and make sure the Wireless light is on and the USB light is on.

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