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2 JUIZ DE FORA Located in the in the Mantiqueira Mountains (Serra da Mantiqueira), in the State of Minas Gerais, Juiz de Fora is a city with a hilly landscape and a pleasant climate. The city is strategically placed between three of southeastern Brazils major cities - Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, and Belo Horizonte - and provides quick access to important tourist attractions and historical cities in Minas Gerais. Juiz de Fora – Night skyline –Paraibuna River

3 JUIZ DE FORA With a population of approximately 500 thousand inhabitants, Juiz de Fora offers excellent education, healthcare, culture and leisure systems. The city is well known for its quality of life, and was ranked in 2008 as the third safest city in Brazil (IPEA, 2008). Juiz de Fora – City Center - Calçadão

4 JUIZ DE FORA In addition to providing a modern structure of medical and hospital care, Juiz de Fora is also an academic center in the region, due 13 higher education institutions established in the city. Juiz de Fora – Cine Theatro Central

5 JUIZ DE FORA The large number of students living in the city, ensures an intense social life in Juiz de Fora. Entertainment and amusement options for any taste are widely available. In addition to the many cultural events sponsored by the city hall and the Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora, the city has an extensive network of theaters, cultural centers, museums, cinemas, restaurants, bars and night clubs. UFJF graduation cerimony

6 JUIZ DE FORA Juiz de Fora in Numbers: Population 520,612 inhabitants Altitude678 meters (2224 ft) ClimateTropical high-altitude - Cwa Time zoneUTC -3 For further information on the city of Juiz de Fora visit

7 Weather – Juiz de Fora JanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDec High26°C27°C26°C24°C23°C21°C 22°C21°C23°C24°C25°C Low18°C 17°C16°C15°C13°C12°C 13°C15°C16°C17°C Average22°C23°C21°C20°C18°C17°C 18°C17°C18°C19°C21°C Precipitation N/A218 mm 198 mm 107 mm 66 mm 36 mm 28 mm 18 mm 51 mm 112 mm 190 mm N/A JUIZ DE FORA - CLIMATE Juiz de Fora - Winter Juiz de Fora – Summer storm Juiz de Fora – Spring

8 UNIVERSIDADE FEDERAL DE JUIZ DE FORA Founded in 1960, the Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora (UFJF) is a public interdisciplinary university that offers a great variety of undergraduate and graduate programs in different fields of knowledge. Today, the University confers 90 different diplomas in the areas of humanities, exact and biological sciences, engineering, linguistics, languages and arts, and receives approximately 3,000 undergraduate students and 1,000 graduate students every year. UFJF students with Brazilian President - Lula

9 UNIVERSIDADE FEDERAL DE JUIZ DE FORA The typical University calendar is organized in 2 semesters per year. Semester 1: usually from March to June Semester 2: usually from August to November

10 UNIVERSIDADE FEDERAL DE JUIZ DE FORA The University campus is an extensive green area placed 6 km (3,7 mi) from the city center, on which the buildings of its 16 academic units, distance learning center, and administrative complex can be found. The campus is open to the community and offers a good infrastructure for leisure activities, practicing sports, and hosting events.

11 UNIVERSIDADE FEDERAL DE JUIZ DE FORA For UFJF students, the campus also offers: 13 Libraries 10 Computer Rooms – granting free access to 234 computers with Internet connection University Restaurant - lunch and dinner for a reduced price. Sport Center University Pharmacy

12 UNIVERSIDADE FEDERAL DE JUIZ DE FORA In addition to its academic units, the UFJF also maintains several other application units where students can experiment, practice and conduct research on what they learn in class. These include:

13 UNIVERSIDADE FEDERAL DE JUIZ DE FORA University Hospital and Dental clinic




17 UNIVERSIDADE FEDERAL DE JUIZ DE FORA Base Três – Consultoria em Informática Unidata – Universidade de Dados e Pesquisa Rumos – Empresa Júnior de Turismo Reativa – Empresa Júnior de Química Mais Consultoria em Engenharia de Produção APSI – Empresa Júnior de Psicologia PORTE Engenharia e Arquitetura Jr. Junior Companies

18 UNIVERSIDADE FEDERAL DE JUIZ DE FORA Law School Office Applied Psychology Center Social Research Center Multimedia Studio

19 UNIVERSIDADE FEDERAL DE JUIZ DE FORA Access to cultural attractions is another great opportunity offered by the UFJF. There are many spaces and projects – in addition to the events and expositions held by the University, and to the museums spread throughout the Campus – which include: Cine-Theatro Central (Central Theater) Fórum da Cultura (Forum of Culture) Casa de Cultura (House of Culture) Murilo Mendes Museum of Modern Art Dilvugação theater group University Choral UFJF Publishing Company

20 UNIVERSIDADE FEDERAL DE JUIZ DE FORA During its 60 years of existence, UFJF has been working to accomplish its mission, which is to produce, systematize and socialize philosophical, scientific, artistic and technological knowledge, increasing and deepening the formation of human beings for professional practice, critical reflection, national and international solidarity, under the perspective of developing a fair and democratic society and defending quality of life. For further information on UFJF visit

21 UNIVERSIDADE FEDERAL DE JUIZ DE FORA UFJF in Numbers: Founded in1960 Professorsapprox. 1.000 Undergraduate students approx. 12.000 Graduate studentsapprox. 6.500 Totalapprox. 18.500 Undergraduate programs36 Specialization and Residence programs67 Master programs28 Doctorate programs9 Distance learning programs14 Junior Companies10 Libraries13 Computer rooms10 Last Updated: June 2010

22 International Relations Office - CRI: The International Relations Office (Coordenação de Relações Internacionais CRI) is the administrative department of the UFJF responsible for receiving international students. All administrative formalities related to academic issues at the UFJF can be solved at the CRI office. The office also helps international students find accommodation in Juiz de Fora.

23 UFJF receives international students through Mobility Programs and Cooperation Agreements, established with other universities. International students can attend up to two academic semesters at the UFJF though exchange programs. At the end of the exchange period, students receive a transcript and the description of the courses they attended at the UFJF. Diplomas are only awarded by the students home university.

24 Eligibility for participation in exchange programs with the UFJF depends on students being regularly enrolled at a partner university with which the UFJF has a cooperation agreement for exchanging students.

25 Exchange programs at UFJF may include: - attending courses from a regular undergraduate or graduate program; - conducting a research project under the supervision of a UFJF professor. The Foreign Languages Department of the UFJF offers a regular undergraduate course of Portuguese for foreigners every semester. For further information on the CRI visit

26 PROGRAMS Biology and Health Sciences Biology Pharmacy and Biochemistry Physical Education Nursing Physiotherapy Medicine Nutrition Dentistry Master in Animal Behavior and Biology Master in Immunology / Genetics and Biotechnology Master in Ecology Master in Dental Clinic Master in Pharmaceutical Sciences Master in Physical Education Master in Nursing Master in Public Healthcare Master in Healthcare Doctorate in Healthcare

27 Exact Sciences and Earth Sciences Computer Science Statistics Physics Chemistry Mathematics Multidisciplinary Professional Master in Math Education Master in Mathematics Master in Physics Master in Chemistry Doctorate in Physics Doctorate in Chemistry

28 Humanities Human Sciences Philosophy Geography History Pedagogy Psychology Religion Science Social Sciences Tourism Master in History Master in Education Master in Psychology Master in Religion Science Master in Social Sciences Master in Management and Evaluation of Public Education Doctorate in Social Sciences Doctorate in Religion Science Doctorate in Education

29 Social and Applied Sciences Business Administration Public Administration Architecture and Urbanism Economic Sciences Social Communication Journalism Law Social Service Master in Social Service Master in Applied Economy Master in Communication

30 Engineering Civil Engineering Production Engineering Electrical Engineering – Energy Electrical Engineering – Robotic and Industrial Automation Electrical Engineering – Potency System Electrical Engineering – Electric Systems Electrical Engineering – Telecommunications Mechanical Engineering Sanitary Engineering Environmental Engineering Computer Engineering Multidisciplinary Master in Constructed Environment Multidisciplinary Master in Computer Modeling Master in Electrical Engineering Doctorate in Electrical Engineering

31 Linguistics, Language, Literature and Arts Music – Singing Music – Transverse Flute Music – Piano Music – Guitar Music – Violin Music – Cello Language and Literature- Portuguese Language and Literature - English Language and Literature - French Language and Literature - Italian Language and Literature - Spanish Language and Literature - Portuguese / English Translation Arts and Design Visual Arts Fashion Performing arts – emphasis in Cinema Design Master in Literature Studies Master in Linguistics Doctorate in Literature Studies Doctorate in Linguistics

32 Agriculture Sciences Professional Master in Science and Technology of Milk and Dairy Products

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