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Outline of the Middle Ages

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1 Outline of the Middle Ages
World History E.Pleasants

2 476 A.D. Barbarian Invasions - Beginning 
of the "Middle Ages" - Fall of the (western) Roman Empire

3 A.D. Increased power of the Church 
- spreading of the monasteries - Pope Gregory I - Increased 
power of the Pope

4 CHARLEMAGNE - crowned Holy Roman Emperor
800 A.D. Complete the Charlemagne Personality Profile using the clip and your textbook. CHARLEMAGNE - crowned Holy Roman 
Emperor - 1st official union of church and state

5 Manorialism - economic system
900 A.D. Manorialism - economic system Feudalism - political system based on land

6 Feudalism PAGE

7 Feudalism: a political/social system where a lord offers protection in return for service
LORD – ruled over all land in a manor – nobleman VASSAL – noble who serves a lord of a higher rank in a military capacity INVESTITURE – ceremony between lord and a vassal to exchange land FIEF – land that is given to vassal – comes with peasants MANOR – small estate belonging to a lord and worked by peasants SERF – worked on the fief, bound to the land! (protection and necessities were the 
responsibility of the lord)

8 Manorialism  Self-sufficiency – everything that was needed for the lord and the people living on the manor was produced on the manor (food, fuel, cloth, leather goods, lumber) Peasants – did the work, were tenants on the manor The Manor: A. Serfs – not free – bound to the land; could not be traded to other lords, could not leave the manor B.Free Peasants – could leave the manor a. Owed duties: Read “Kings, Nobles, Knights, and Serfs” by Janet Brett. What duties did serfs owe to the lord? What would you find in a feudal village?

9 Growth and reform in the Catholic Church
AGE OF FAITH A.D. Growth and reform in 
the Catholic Church farming improvements growth of towns Nobles & Castles - power of the Noble 

families Knights & the Code of Chivalry Code of Chivalry

10 Great Schism 1054 A.D. Split between the 
Roman Catholic Church 
in the West and the 
Eastern Orthodox 
Church in the East

11 A.D. CRUSADES Europeans attemped to conquer the "Holy 
Land" in the name of the Church

12 A.D. Beginning of the end of the Middle Ages - 
Rise of Nations! Loyalty to the state. Black Plague

13 Body Biography - A Knight
Complete the provided diagram using words 
and symbols to indicate the following:  Equipment used by a knight  Code of Chivalry  Knight Training  Duties of a Knight Use Pages for ideas. Incorporate these concepts into 
your knight's thoughts, speech, 
heart, hands,and feet. Dress 
your knight accordingly.

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