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Los Verbos Reflexivos ¡Apréndanlos!.

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1 Los Verbos Reflexivos ¡Apréndanlos!

2 ¿Qué es un verbo reflexivo?
It ends in –se: lavarse; mirarse; cortarse “se” refers to “self” So, if “lavar” means “to wash,” what does “lavarse” mean? Could it mean “to wash one’s self”????

3 Los pronombres reflexivos
ME = myself TE = yourself SE = yourself (UD) SE = himself/herself NOS = ourselves OS = yourselves SE = yourselves (Uds) SE = themselves You already know four of these – they’re the same as the indirect object pronouns you used with “gustar”-- Instead of “le/les” in 3rd person, use “Se”

4 Como funcionan estos verbos reflexivos…
¡Yo me seco el pelo! Reflexive pronouns match the endings on the verbs! Me seco (I / myself) Te secas (you/yourself) Se seca (he/himself) Nos secamos (we/ourselves) Os secáis (y’all / yourselves Se secan (they/themselves) Secarse = to dry off/ to dry one’s (hair)

5 -SE “changes” to match subjects!
myself yourselves (vosotros) yourself yourself, himself, herself, yourselves, themselves ourselves

6 Present tense of MIRARSE
Me miro. Soy guapo y fuerte, ¿no? First, remove se (it will “transform into your reflexive pronouns that go in front of the verb) – Then remove the infinitive ending “-ar”…Then add personal endings! me miro nos miramos te miras os miráis se mira miran

7 ¡Paren y Piensen! I dry (myself) off. (secarse) Me seco.
“Me” matches “yo” “-o” ending on verb. That’s reflexive!

8 Afeitarse: He shaves. Él se afeita.
“Se” matches “-a” ending on verb. That’s reflexive!

9 ¿Entienden? se -ar We take a bath. Bañarse Remove
“Se” goes in front of verb and matches subject Verb ending should match your subject and your reflexive pronoun! (Nosotros-optional) Nos bañamos se -ar

10 ¡A Uds. les toca! (Your turn!)
I wake up. (despertarse, e-ie) I fall asleep. (dormirse, o-ue) You (tú) get up. (levantarse) You shower. (ducharse) She dries off. (secarse) We shave. (afeitarse) Y’all (Spain) put on makeup. (maquillarse) They dress (get dressed). (vestirse, e-i)

11 ¡A Ver! (Yo) me despierto. (Yo) me duermo. (Tú) te levantas
(Tú) te duchas Ella se seca. (Nosotros) nos afeitamos (Vosotros) os maquilláis Ellos se visten.

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