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Password Reset Instructions

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1 Password Reset Instructions
My System Profile and Password Reset Instructions PART 1 For every Core-CT User ID follow these steps to use the Automated Password Reset feature: Log into Core-CT. Click My System Profile under the My System Profile link on the Portal home page or in the Main Menu drop down list.

2 2. Enter and verify your Email Address in the Email group box
2. Enter and verify your Address in the group box. Make sure the Primary Account checkbox is selected for the State business address. Core-CT will use this for temporary password notifications. It is also the address used for workflow. 3. Click the Change or set up forgotten password help link.

3 4. Click the Question drop down list and select a question to answer.
5. Enter a Response (not case sensitive). Click the OK button. 6. This completes the set-up for the Automated Password Reset feature.

4 Instructions for using the Password Reset feature
Part 2 1. Click the Forgot Your Password? link if you have forgotten your password when signing into Core-CT. 2. The Forgot My Password page displays. Enter your User ID. Click the Continue button.

5 3. Enter the same Response to the security question that you chose when you set up your Automated Password Reset. Click the New Password button. 4. The following message displays with notification that a password has been ed. Close the browser.

6 5. Go to your Microsoft Outlook Inbox
5. Go to your Microsoft Outlook Inbox. Open the system generated message regarding User ID Password. 6. Copy (right mouse click, Copy) or note the system generated password. Navigate to the Core-CT log on screen.

7 7. Enter your User ID (if it does not default)
7. Enter your User ID (if it does not default). Enter or Paste (right mouse click, Paste) the system generated password sent in the . Press Enter on your keyboard or click the Sign In button. 8. The system generated password expires immediately. Click the Click here to change your password. link.

8 9. The Change Password page displays
9. The Change Password page displays. Enter (or Paste) the system generated password in the Current Password field. Complete the New Password and Confirm Password fields. Click the Change Password button. 10. Click the OK button.

9 11. You are now logged into Core-CT. The Core-CT Home page will display.
Contact your Agency Security Liaison if you have any questions or problems.

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