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The Arts and Sciences at The Ohio State University

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1 Biological, Mathematical and Physical Sciences Council of Deans Interim Dean Matt Platz May 19, 2009

2 The Arts and Sciences at The Ohio State University
Biol Sci Humanities MAPS SBS Faculty (6/30/08) 142 82 324 223 219 Staff (6/30/08) 65 184 127 322 186 Student (TA, RA, work-study)(6/30/08) 150 323 399 260 Departments (40) 7 6 14 5 8 Schools (3) 1 Centers/institutes reporting to AS (24) * BPRC is SBS/MPS 2 3 10 5* Museums/Galleries (6) General Funds FY09 $28,574,351 $25,152,427 $62,739,189 $73,126,419 $62,252,303

3 Comparative Staffing Data
(by FTE Sept 2008) 3

4 Departments and Schools (BMPS only Faculty FTE)
CBS MPS Biochemistry (11.45) Astronomy (15.35) Entomology (10.6) Chemistry (35.05) Evolution, Ecology, Earth Sciences (27.47) and Organismal Biology (20.5) Mathematics (55.37) Microbiology (14.75) Physics (53.92) Molecular Genetics (14.02) Statistics (24.65) Plant, Cellular and Molecular Biology (6.8) Mergers and Reorganizations Joint Appointments Buildings Money Flow

5 MAPS Indirect Cost Recovery History (Dollars)
Fiscal Year Department 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 CBS 3.5 M 4.2 M 4.3 M 4.5 M MAPS 5.9 M 7 M 7.1 M 8.2 M 9.3M Total 9.4 M 11.2 M 11.4 M 12.5 M 13.8 M

6 Indirect Cost Analysis
EXAMPLE: MATT PLATZ IDC of $112,450 FY07 5/34 Chemists (Max. $160,000) Start up package needed $1.25M 1.25M = years 112,450 k/year

7 CBS and MPS: A Tale of Two Colleges!
Changes in Credit Hours and Faculty FTE Over a Four Year Period Total Credit Hours Taught - FY04 Total Credit Hours Taught - FY08 % Change Faculty FTE 6/30/04 Faculty FTE 6/30/08 CBS 98K 106K 8.2% 92 86 -6.5% MPS 329K 344K 4.5% 206 224 8.7% MPS also grew by 19 technical staff FTE over the same period!

8 Top 10 Undergraduate Majors at the Ohio State University
Autumn 2008 Major Count Biology 1975 Psychology 1513 Political Science 1017 Finance 997 English 879 Marketing 830 International Studies 804 Communication 762 Accounting 694 History 642 The biology major is the largest major at Ohio State, and has been since 2004 8

9 CBS Undergraduate Majors
Autumn 2008

10 CBS Enrollments in 100- and 200-level courses
Autumn 2008

11 MAPS Enrollments in 100- and 200-level courses

12 Undergraduate Majors (Autumn)

13 CBS Retention and Graduation

14 MPS Retention and Graduation

STEM Pipeline CHEMICAL/PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY Ph.D., M.Sc., B.Sc., B.A., Assoc Professional Undergraduate SBS, HUM School Biology (~3000) Majors BUS, others Chemistry (~300) Majors K-12

16 BMAPS Retention Initiatives Women in Math & Science

17 Undergraduate Achievements (majors in Physics and French)
2 Goldwater scholarship winners for Rhodes Scholarship winner in (one of 32 in the nation) All 4 Goldwater scholarship winners for Ohio State in 2006 were majors in MPS Jessica Hanzlik (majors in Physics and French) Rhodes Scholar Astronomy • Chemistry • Earth Sciences Mathematics • Physics • Statistics 17

18 STEM Initiatives Partner college in $3.6M NSF ADVANCE Institutional Transformation Grant— Comprehensive Equity at Ohio State Partner college in $2.5M NSF Grant– Ohio’s Sustainable Science & Engineering Talent Expansion Program (OSTEP) Bridges to Success Recipient college of Choose Ohio First scholarships Pending NSF proposal $200k to enhance diversity—Geoscience Awareness Program Anne Carey & SES Ph.D. student Steve Goldsmith with their Filipino colleagues doing field work at Mt. Pinatubo, Nov. 2008

19 Centrality of BMPS Programs
OAA has analyzed the programs that are consistently strong in the 14 public universities rated more highly than Ohio State by USNWR. 100% in the top third of their discipline Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Chemistry Cell and Developmental Biology Psychology 75 to 99% in the top third of their discipline Evolution Ecology and Behavioral Science Economics English Physics History Mathematics Political Science Sociology 50 to 74% in the top third of their discipline Anthropology Geosciences Molecular Genetics Spanish and Portuguese Statistics and Biostatistics 25 to 29% in the top third of their discipline Geography Philosophy Classics French Language and Literature Linguistics

20 Graduate Program Rankings†
Nationally ranked programs by US News & World Report* Biology ranks 25th % nationally Chemistry ranks 28th % nationally Mathematics ranks 29th % nationally Physics ranks 25th % nationally *Note USNWR does not rate Astronomy or Statistics programs † these are percentile rankings, not absolute 20

21 TIEs and Centers Advanced Materials (TIE) – Chris Hammel, Physics, Director (ENCOMM-- Electronic & Magnetic Nanoscale Composite Multifunctional Materials) Center for Emergent Materials (OSU’s first NSF MRSEC) – Nitin Padture, MSE and Physics, Director Climate, Water and Carbon (TIE) – Doug Alsdorf, Earth Sciences, Director Center for Cosmology and Astro-Particle Physics (TIE) – Terry Walker, Physics and Astronomy, Director Mathematical Biosciences Institute (TIE) – Martin Golubitsky, Mathematics, Director Translational Plant Science (TIE) – Bob Tabita, Director Byrd Polar Research Center – Berry Lyons, Earth Sciences, Director Spectroscopy Institute – Terry Miller, Chemistry, Director Institute for Materials Research – Steve Ringel, Physics and EE, Director Institute for Energy and the Environment-Doug Alsdorf, Interim Director, SES 21

22 BMPS Faculty Awards & Recognitions
Current + emeriti: 6 National Academy of Sciences members (OSU has 10 total) 11 Ohio Eminent Scholars 11 Distinguished University Professors 1 National Medal of Science winner Astronomy • Chemistry • Earth Sciences Mathematics • Physics • Statistics 22

23 Rock Star School of Earth Sciences Professor Lonnie Thompson makes Rolling Stone’s list of top 25 “warriors & heroes in our understanding of global climate issues.”. November 2005 Astronomy • Chemistry • Geological Sciences Mathematics • Physics • Statistics 23

24 BMPS SWOT Analysis Strengths: Great faculty and students, some wonderful facilities Weaknesses: Some poor facilities, small number of training grants and national centers, chemistry lab wait lists, CBS salaries Opportunities: “One University” concept and the emphasis on grand problems promotes collaboration within BMPS and with Engineering, Medicine, FAES , and SBS, leading to new external resources (training grants, national centers), creation of an entrepreneurial culture Threats: Skyrocketing start-up and renovation costs, reward system is not aligned with larger goals, robust, well fortified and fanatically defended silo’s, fear of change

25 The Largest Optical Telescope in the World!

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