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Ministerio de Minas y Energía República de Colombia

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1 Ministerio de Minas y Energía República de Colombia

2 Agenda Characteristics of the Oil / Gas Sector Characteristics of the Electric Sector Characteristics of the Coal Sector

3 Main Characteristics of the Colombian Energy Sector
Oil /Gas

4 Reserves and world-class discoveries
18 sedimentary basins: Oil Reserves: 1.473 million barrels Gas Reserves: 6,7 trillion cubic feet of gas World Class Discoveries: La Cira- Infantas (500 MMBP) ’s Ballena-Chuchupa (5 TCF) ’s Caño Limón (1000 MMBP) ’s Cusiana (900 MMBP) ’s Cupiagua (700 MMBP) ’s Average lifting cost: US $2.90 / Barrel

5 Main pipelines Ballena - Barranca Atlantic Coast Gas Pipeline
575 Km. Long 200 MMCFG Atlantic Coast Gas Pipeline > 200 MMCFG Caribbean Sea Caño Limón - Coveñas oil pipeline 771 Km. Long 250 KBOD Capacity Throughput 1999: BOD Coveñas Venezuela Ayacucho Orú “OCENSA” oil pipeline 800 Km. Long 600 KBPD Capacity Throughput 1999: BOD (100% of available Production) Caucasia Toledo Samoré Caño Limón Banadia Vasconia El Porvenir La Belleza Cusiana-Cupiagua Miraflores

6 Natural Gas in Colombia
Demand (mcfd) Guajira 2,231 BCF 10 BCF Cusiana 300 BCF 3894 BCF 20 BCF Total reserves : 6,7 TPC Source: UPME

7 Natural gas business opportunities
Export potential Gulf of Mexico current trade potential with Venezuela and Panama potential markets in South, Central and North America future route to the Pacific Venezuela Panama Brazil Ecuador Benefits abundant resources guarantee self-sufficiency while allowing exports integration would allow seasonal stability of supply

8 A new policy is fully in place
Hydrocarbons Policy Fiscal terms Enviromental legislation Royalties New contract

9 Main Characteristics of the Colombian Energy Sector

10 Outrageous comparative advantages
Strategically positioned within the Andean Region, North and South America. A Hydrocarbon and Energy Hub Geography Diversified Energy Resources: Gas,Coal, Fuel Oil, Wind, Hydro, Solar Energy Surplus of Installed Capacity National and International Transmission Networks Wide Coverage Distribution grids Competition retail business Electricity Defined responsibilities on Planning, Regulation, Operational, Control and Surveillance Dynamic and mature regulation Institutional

11 Installed capacity (13.3 GW)
A generation portfolio of 13.3 Gw to satisfy a demand of 47,019 GWh 48,000 Demand (GWh) Installed capacity (13.3 GW) 47,000 Cogeneration 47,019 0,2% 46,000 45,000 45,772 44,000 44,511 Gas 27,8% 43,000 43,633 43,734 Hydro 43,206 42,000 63,8% 42,300 42,240 Other 41,000 5,2% 41,774 41,503 40,000 Coal 39,000 3,1% 38,000 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004

12 12,266 km of national transmission network (500 and 230 Kv) and 167 km of international grid to export 621 MW Venezuela - Colombia Cuestecitas - Cuatricentenario 230kV MW – km Zulia - La Fría 115kV - 36 MW – km Corozo - San Mateo 230kV MW km Colombia - Ecuador National Transmission Grid Panamericana - Tulcán 138kV - 35 MW – Km Jamondino - Pomasqui 230 kV MW – km 10,816 Km of Kv 1,450 Km of 500Kv

13 The Reestructuration of the energy sector began in 1994
Domestic TransmissionNetworks El Niño Drought-Rationing El Niño No rationing Increase of Restrictions on the system Constitutional Reform Law 142-Public Services Law 143-Electricity Andean CAN Rules 536 Attacks to Grid Infrastructure 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2003 Before POOL- SPOT MARKET After… Institutional Development Market End-Users Competition Private Participation Hydraulic and Thermo Balance Generation Availability Peak Demand Quality of service standards-Frecuency and number of interruptions Consolidation of regulatory, planning and operational institutions. Increase coverage rate of electric service Evolution of tariffs Cross- subsidies Non-regulated users

14 The scheme has attracted investors and competition
Traders Generators Distributors Transporters Public Private Number of agents per activity Both

15 Potential power generation projects
Thermal (1526MW) Hydro (7474MW)

16 Main Characteristics of the Colombian Energy Sector

17 Coal resources

18 Coal production(MT) and exports (US$M)

19 Amagá– Venecia – Bolombolo, 139 *
New projects in coal Existing prooved reserves: 7,000 MT 8o 4o 0o 76o 72o 68o EL CARMEN - CATATUMBO SAN LUIS AMAGA – VENECIA - BOLOMBOLO EL HOYO - LIMONCITO BOGOTA Strategic location of mineral deposits to be explored and exported to international Markets. Coal Projects: Amagá– Venecia – Bolombolo, 139 * El Carmen – Catatumbo, 61 * El Hoyo - Limoncito, 25 * San Luis, 122 * 17,000 MT of Potential Coal Resources

20 Colombia´s Oil and Gas Sector: Attractive and Surprising Opportunities
Go For It Thank You

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