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Instructor: Kristi Winter, MA University of Washington

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1 Intensive First Year American Sign Language (ASL 134) class Summer 2016
Instructor: Kristi Winter, MA University of Washington Dept. of Linguistics ASL Program

2 Agenda: Today: Thursday, July 21st SN Unit 5 ASL Phrases
Signing Lunch (12:15 pm - 12:45 pm) Thursday, July 21st ASL Film: “Gerald”

3 Unit 5 “Talking about Activities”

4 Homework 5:1 (pgs. 232 – 240)



7 Homework 5:2 (p. 243) Skit 1 – B Skit 2 – A Skit 3 – A

8 Homework 5:3 (p. 244) “G” and “H” Letters Grady Cheryl Hannah Sarah
Khan Guy Sage Henry Griffin Gloria

9 Homework 5:4 (pp. 247-248) Minidialogue #1 Description:
Dog #1: Big, white with a brown spot Owner: her daughter Dog #2: Medium-sized; reddish-brown hair Owner: her friend Dog #3: Small, black, curly Owner: Iva’s

10 Homework 5:4 (pp. 247-248) Minidialogue 2 Norman’s car: Partner’s car:
One year old; green; good sized; seats four comfortably; no shift; drink holder Partner’s car: brand new; blue; pretty small; two seater; shift; no drink holder

11 Homework 5:4 (pp. 247-248) Whose cup? how did they get the cup
Minidialogue 3 Whose cup? cup # 1: Daughter’s cup #2: Mother’s cup #3: Father’s cup #4: Cinnie’s how did they get the cup a gift from her college teacher likes dogs; her friend gave it as a birthday gift Christmas gift from brother bought during a trip to France; got four of them

12 July 2016 Sun Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30

13 Chores 1 M 157 5:4, p. 457

14 Chores 2 M 158 5:4, p • 5:5, p. 468

15 Signer A: Ask who B lives with Signer B: Tell who
A: Ask what each person’s household chores are B: Name (up to 3) chores for each person (spatial agreement) • one other person • two other people • three other people or more A: Ask if B doesn’t mind doing his or her chores (specify which chore) B: Give opinion A: Respond M 159 5:4, p. 462

16 Key Grammar (pages ) Designating locations for non-present people If you want to talk about more than two non-present people, who are not in any rank order, you designate a location for each person along a horizontal arc in front of you starting on your non-dominant side. When discussing each person, be sure to orient signs toward the designated location when discussing that person, i.e. their chores be sure the personal pronouns and possessive adjectives agree with the location when talking about the person One other person Two other people Three other people

17 Rate how you feel doing the chore
M 160 5:4, p. 463

18 ASL PHRASES PART I We will be learning ASL Phrases and common ASL signs that are frequently used in the American Deaf Community. In the handout, you will see the words – “ASL Gloss” which is a process used to represent ASL signs, not represent the meaning in English. Sometimes, the signs cannot explain it meaning alone in English, for instance, the ASL gloss, VOMIT, has no equivalent meaning in English.

19 ASL PHRASES PART I ASL has only one idiom – “TRAIN-GOES-BY SORRY” – which is similar to the English idiom: “Missed the boat.” It means the information presented will not be repeated due to your lack of attention. "What's up?" "What's happening" "How are you?" **Use this sign with somebody you know. I didn’t mean to say that, that’s not what I meant, "What are you doing?", “What did / will you do?” "Have you been to ...?" "I really hate that." Fascinating, interesting.

20 ASL PHRASES PART I Talk to yourself, a sense of isolation.
Blame no one else than yourself. Fall head or heels in love with. Excited, Yippee Need to stop talking right now, that’s enough talking, zip it Similar to English, "Cool!" I don't get it; over my head. I completely forgot about that, can't think of it now.

21 ASL PHRASES PART I Puzzled, confused.
Can’t hear a thing, completely deaf. Not far, a hop skip. I wonder about you, check you out, size up. Hero, role model to look up to Conceding, look down at. Watch over, protect.

(don’t use these for normal circumstances) WOW COOL SEARS SEE-YOU-TOMORROW UNDERSTAND

23 Lesson 5:5 Asking if Done Signer A: Ask if B is done with the chore
Signer B: Affirm or negate ASL signs: FINISH NOT-YET

24 Do Exercise 5:3 – Are You Done…?
Student Workbook, page 391

25 Lesson 5:6 Talking about Errands

26 Errands 1 M 162 5:6, p. 475

27 Errands 2 M 163 5:6, p. 477

28 Sequence 2 activities nod left raise brow & nod nod right
(errand 1) [transition] (errand 2) M 164 5:6, p. 479

29 Signer A: Ask what B did or will do on a certain day
Signer B: Tell two errands and/or activities M 165 5:6, p. 481

30 Exercise 5:4 – Sequencing Two Activities, (page 392-393)
Signer A: Ask what B did or will do on a certain day Signer B: Tell two errands and/or activities M 165 5:6, p. 481

31 Exercise 5:4 – Sequencing Two Activities
Student Workbook, page Copy the calendar on the board. Now fill in the schedule with two activities you did or will do for each day (six days past previous and the next six days including today.) Your Partner’s Schedule Ask your partner what s/he did/will do on a certain day. Fill in the calendar.

32 July 2016 Sun Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30

33 Using MUST DO Signer A: Ask what errands B must do
within the next few days Signer B: List 3 errands A: Respond • acknowledge information • express amazement • express sympathy M 166 5:6, p. 482

34 Level of Willingness Willing (3 items) Not Willing (1 item) M 167
5:6, p. 484

35 Homework for next class day:
Do homework 5:5-5:6

36 Sources: Smith, C., Lentz, E. & Mikos, K. (1988)Signing Naturally Student Workbook Level 1. DawnSignPress. San Diego, CA Smith, C., Lentz, E., Mikos, K. (2008) Signing Naturally Units 1-6. Dawn Sign Press. San Diego, CA. Zinza, Jason E. (2006) Master ASL! Sign Media, Inc. Burtonsville, MD. Eastman, G. (1989) From Mime to Sign. T.J. Publishers, Inc. Silver Spring, MD. Pictures from Microsoft Clip Arts

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