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Introductions Sujasree Kurapati Managing Deque India

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0 Creating Successful Accessibility Programs through Governance

1 Introductions Sujasree Kurapati Managing Director @ Deque India
@sujasreek Aparna Pasi Senior Accessibility Consultant @satyaaparnap Dennis Lembree Senior Accessibility Consultant @dennisl © All Rights Reserved

2 Agenda A11Y implementations @ National level Driving forces Governance
Best implementers so far… A11Y Organization level Best Practices Live examples © All Rights Reserved

3 Two driving forces for accessibility implementations @ national level
© All Rights Reserved

4 UNCRPD Convention Ratifications/Accessions: 172 Signatories*: 160
Optional Protocol Ratifications/Accessions: 92 Signatories*: 92 Reference – CRPD and Optional Protocol Signatures and Ratifications © All Rights Reserved

5 ICT Accessibility Progress 2016 – G3ict Survey in 2016
Data collected from 104 countries Purpose Countries stand on digital accessibility Involvement of PwD in monitoring and reporting Are countries ready for implementation Reference: The CRPD 2016 ICT Accessibility Progress Report from G3ict © All Rights Reserved

6 ICT Accessibility Progress – G3ict Survey
43% countries demonstrate the ICT A11Y implementation and impact 21% countries possesses capacity to implement ICT A11Y Reference – Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities 2016 © All Rights Reserved

7 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
Applicable goals for PwD 1 - No Poverty 4 - Education 8 - Employment 10 – Reduce Inequalities 11 – Inclusive Cities 16 – Inclusive Societies 17 – Means of implementation Reference – Sustainable Development goals 2030 The 2030 Agenda applies to all countries; and, includes 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), 169 targets and 231 indicators. There are seven instances in the SDGs, Targets and/or Indicators with explicit references to people with disabilities, namely: Goal 1-Poverty, Goal 4-Education, Goal 8-Employment, Goal 10- Reduce Inequalities, Goal 11- Inclusive Cities, Goal 16-Inclusive Societies and Institutions, and Goal 17- Means of Implementation. © All Rights Reserved

8 So, Accessibility is the only way to go
© All Rights Reserved

9 Effective Governance @ National level
© All Rights Reserved

10 © All Rights Reserved

11 Legal Many countries have legislations around
Disability Discrimination Equal Opportunities Clear inclusion of Information Technology and media in latest amendments, if not mentioned earlier © All Rights Reserved

12 Standards Most of the countries are aligning with WCAG 2.0 Level A and AA Customized – Examples GIGW (India) KWCAG 2.0 (Korea) Section 508 © All Rights Reserved

13 Planning Yearly milestone approach Phased approach by functionality
Example – Ontario, Canada (Jan = WCAG 2.0 A, Jan = WCAG 2.0 AA) Phased approach by functionality Example - US (ACAA) (Dec 12th 2015 – 7 core functions on web = WCAG 2.0 AA, Dec 12th 2016 – All web = WCAG 2.0 AA) © All Rights Reserved

14 Awareness, Trainings Online trainings - Ontario, US
Subscriptions – Ontario, US Web Experience Toolkit (WET) – re-usable component(s) library – Government of Canada Campaigns – Accessible India Campaign (AIC) © All Rights Reserved

15 Enforcement Certification system – Korea
Yearly renewal of the same Confidential complaint with Canadian Human Rights Commission Complaints / Lawsuits and Settlements – US Through Procurement – US Accessibility Index – India Voluntary evaluation for readiness to be accessible Reference – eAccessibility Policy Handbook © All Rights Reserved

16 Enforcement Guidelines from Article 33 of UNCRPD
Focal Point – with in government Coordination mechanism – with in government Independent monitoring framework – outside government Civil Society – inclusion of PwD in monitoring process © All Rights Reserved

17 Policy Driven Adoption for Accessibility (PDAA)
Examples - State of Texas– Using it effectively for Procurement process Vendor ICT Accessibility Policy Assessment Criteria based Score system Can be adopted by organizations Reference – Framing PDAA © All Rights Reserved

18 Policy Driven Adoption for Accessibility (PDAA) - Criteria
Develop, implement and maintain an ICT Accessibility policy Establish and maintain an organizational structure that enables and facilitates progress in ICT accessibility. Integrate ICT accessibility criteria into key phases Reference – Framing PDAA of development, procurement, acquisitions, and other relevant business processes. © All Rights Reserved

19 Policy Driven Adoption for Accessibility (PDAA) - Criteria
Provide processes for addressing inaccessible ICT. Ensure the availability of relevant ICT accessibility skills within (or to) the organization.   Make information regarding ICT accessibility policy, plans, and progress available to customers.     Reference – Framing PDAA © All Rights Reserved

20 Policy Driven Adoption for Accessibility (PDAA) - Result
© All Rights Reserved

21 Best implementers we identified in our limited study
© All Rights Reserved

22 United States of America
Compliance - Section 508, ADA, CVAA, ACAA, IDEA Responsible Authority - Department of Justice Responsible Authority for Guidelines - Access Board National Standard - Section 508, Moving towards WCAG 2.0 © All Rights Reserved

23 Enforcement Complaints / Lawsuits and Settlements
Department of Justice © All Rights Reserved

24 Ontario (Province of Canada)
Compliance - AODA Standard on Web Accessibility Responsible Authority - Ministry of Community and Social Services Accessibility Directorate of Ontario National Standard - WCAG 2.0 Level A, Level AA by 2021 © All Rights Reserved

25 Enforcement Social responsibility Seldom settlements
© All Rights Reserved

26 South Korea ACT: Anti-Discrimination Against and Remedies for Persons with Disabilities Act and Enforcement Decree (2011) Responsible Authority: Ministry of Public Administration and Security National Standard: KWCAG 2.0 (2010) © All Rights Reserved

27 Enforcement Ministry of Science, ICT and Future planning designates the organization(s) to certify From government: National Information Society Agency runs Certification System Number of websites received certification from NIS is 127 by 2013 © All Rights Reserved

28 Certifying Organizations
© All Rights Reserved

29 Enforcement © All Rights Reserved

30 Effective Governance @ Organization level
© All Rights Reserved

31 Initial Steps Familiarize yourself with accessibility
from all disciplines Acquire executive support schedule regular meetings Acquire budget information (if necessary)

32 Initial Steps Create a (diverse) core team if possible
ability, culture, age Decide on guidelines/standards WCAG 2.0 AA, Section 508, CVAA, AODA Customize is an option Assess current state of accessibility

33 Disciplines Ensure the leaders are aware and have minimal knowledge.
Leaders must ensure their team member are aware and have the knowledge.

34 Disciplines Executives Product and Project managers Content/writing
Design (visual, interaction, user experience) Usability testing Development Quality Assurance Legal Human Resources

35 Tasks Acquire/train champions in each discipline
Establish data/reporting format & procedures Implement testing and development tools

36 Tasks Provide time for accessibility during project/sprint planning
Patterns for design and development Enforce patterns unless explicit exception Document guidelines for disciplines Include accessibility in job descriptions, hiring process

37 Tasks Create a short-term and long-term plans
“Plant seeds” for long-term: captioning, components, mass alt text, etc. Prioritize highly trafficked areas and new products

38 Procurement Identify & select the best vendor products & services
Choose tools/products which make accessibility easier to achieve Validate claims of accessibility

39 Communication External communication Internal communication
Social media, blog, meet-ups, general Accessibility statement webpage work with Legal Accessibility point-of-contact for customers Internal communication address, distribution lists, Slack, intranet (maintain), newsletter Open office hours

40 Training Baseline/awareness Hands-on, empathy
Provide in-house or external documentation and/or online courses Hands-on, empathy Accessibility lab, field trip Disciplines: Provide in-person training sessions for each discipline Compliance: new-hire or yearly course HR, Legal

41 Events & Fun Host guest speakers GAAD Bug bashes Make it fun!
Quizzes, swag, prizes, mini project Recognize accessibility efforts and wins Spot/monthly award Newsletter feature

42 Final Thoughts Consider outside help (for QA, dev, etc)
Be the fireman not the cop Ultimately must hold managers/teams accountable Awareness > Process > Culture

43 Live Example Beginning – Policy Planning – Within the organization
Business priority Hit count utilization Within the organization Own team Reusable components Published accessible policy Support from higher management © All Rights Reserved

44 Questions?

45 Deque’s Full CSUN Schedule:
Sign up to receive presentation slides: Deque’s Full CSUN Schedule: @dequesystems

46 Saturday, March 4th 9am-12pm
aXe Hackathon Saturday, March 4th 9am-12pm Solana Beach AB Room

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