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European Master in Materials Science (EMMS)

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1 European Master in Materials Science (EMMS)

2 What is EMMS? An international top-level programme selected by the European Union as one of the first ERASMUS MUNDUS programmes. A two-year Masters delivered by three top European Universities, designed for excellent degree-holders in Materials Science / Engineering and related areas, e.g. Physics or Chemistry.

3 EMMS Consortium The universities participating in the programme are:
Aalborg Universitet (Denmark) (AAU) Hamburg University of Technology (Germany) (TUHH) Universidade de Aveiro (Portugal) (UA) universidade de aveiro

4 Programme’s Aim To specialise students in the science and engineering of ceramics, metals, polymers, and composites, with emphasis on a variety of subjects like materials for electronics, biomaterials, nanotechnologies, etc.

5 Programme’s Characteristics
Quality Seal of the European Union - one of the first programmes selected for ERASMUS MUNDUS (Scholarships) Entirely given in English Large expertise in the field Excellent professor / student ratio Joint Diploma Language and Humanities courses

6 Programme’s Structure Overview
Semester. TUHH UA AAU First. Lectures. Second. Lectures and Internship. Third. Lectures and Project work. Project Work. Lectures and Project Work. Fourth. Thesis.

7 Examples of Research Works
“Effect of periodic overloads on fatigue crack propagation in Ti-6Al-4V”. “BST Thin Films Prepared by a Modified Sol-Gel Processing at Low Annealing Temperature for Microelectronic Applications”. “Poly(meth)acrylates/Double-walled Carbon Nanotubes: grafting from” approach via ATRP”. “Development of PA12 nanocomposites based on functionalized CNFs and CNTs”. “Nanoparticles encapsulating lanthanide complexes for bio-application”. “Influence of seawater environment on interface between carbon fibre and epoxy matrix”.

8 Programme’s General Requirements
A good first degree in Materials Science/Engineering and related areas, e.g. Physics or Chemistry Certified proof of a thorough command of English (through e.g. IELTS with a minimum of 6.5 or TOEFL 550 paper based, 213 computer based, 79 internet based). For more information about requirements, please refer to the programme website ( ).

9 Erasmus Mundus Scholarship
The programme is open for applicants from all countries, but ERASMUS Mundus scholarships are only available for nationalities other than EU, EFTA or accession states to the EU. 1600 € per month for a maximum of 20 month, plus two lump sums of 5000 €. The general fee for all EMMS students is 3000 € per year. Deadline for applicants eligible for ERASMUS Mundus grants : 31 January.

10 Other Erasmus Mundus Programmes
Offered by TUHH: Joint European Masters in Environmental Studies (JEMES) (Hamburg, Aveiro, Barcelona, Aalborg) Joint European Masters in Global Innovation Management (GIM) (Glasgow, Aalborg, Hamburg )

11 Other Erasmus Mundus Programmes
Offered by UA: Functionalized Advanced Materials and Engineering (FAME)

12 Other Master Programmes (TUHH)
Biotechnology Environmental Engineering Process Engineering These programmes are taught totally in English. For more information, please refer:

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