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The connectors between English and Spanish

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1 The connectors between English and Spanish
Cognados The connectors between English and Spanish

2 Cogandos/Cognates   Definition: "Is a word that is spelled the same - or almost the same-and has the same meaning in both English and the Spanish language." or "Consider cognates as twins of similar origin. Some are identical and some are fraternal, i.e., similar but With a slight difference."

3 condition = condicion attention = atencion*
Words ending in tion convert to cion (They are usually feminine).  (La or las) Example: condition = condicion attention = atencion* La condición del prisionero es perfecto. *Please note there are no double consonants in Spanish except the double rr and the ll.

4 Words ending in ct convert to cto.
Examples: defect = defecto imperfect = imperfecto El producto es imperfecto.

5 Words that end ty become cognates by subsitituting to "dad" for "ty"
Examples: opportunity = oportunidad authority = authoridad Hay muchas oportunidades en las universidades.

6 Adverbs ending in ly convert to aMente
Examples: Rapidly = rápidamente Perfectly = perfectamente El dentista trabaja rápidamente.

7 Words ending in ist = ista
Examples: pianist = pianista reformist = reformista  El pianista es magnifico.

8 active = activo or activa native = nativo or nativa
Words ending in ive change to iva and ivo based on the gender of the base word. Examples: active = activo or activa native = nativo or nativa  El atleta es muy activo.

9 Words ending in ous convert to oso or osa
Examples: famous = famoso or famosa relgious = relgioso or relgiosa El artista es famoso.

10 Words ending in convert to words ending ina or ino
Examples: aspirin = aspirina penguin = penguino La penguina es negra y blanca

11 Words ending in ce convert to cia
Examples: conference = conferencia existence = existencia La conferencia es grande.

12 Words ending in em or am change to ema or ama
Examples: program = programa emblem = emblema Mi programa favorito es NCIS.

13 Words that end in ent or ant become cognates by adding e to the t
Examples: accident = accidente elegant = elegante La chaqueta elegante es brillante.

14 Verbs ending in ate can slide in ar to form a cognate.
Example: evaluate =evaluar operate = operar indicate = indicar Me profesor va a evaluar mi examen. (va a = going to)

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