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2 Software is the component of a computer system which refers to the set of instructions written in a code-that computers can understand and execute. Another name for this set of instructions is program.

3 Operating System (Os) -software that controls the allocation and use of programs and data that a computer uses.

4 is a software that manages computer resources and provides programmers/users with an interface used to access those resources. is a layer of software which takes care of technical aspects of a computer's operation. It shields the user of the machine from the low-level details of the machine's operation and provides frequently needed facilities.

5 Operating system Developer Corel Linux Corel MS-DOS 5.x Microsoft Linux Linux Torvalds MS-DOS 6.x MAC OS 8 Apple Windows 2000 MAC OS 9 Windows 2003 MAC OS 10 Windows 95 MAC OS X Windows 98 Mandrake Linux Mandrake Windows CE MS-DOS 1.x Windows ME MS-DOS 2.x Windows NT MS-DOS 3.x Windows Vista MS-DOS 4.x Windows XP

6 Three Types of Software
System Software Application Software Programming Language

7 APPLICATION SOFTWARE This is designed and written to perform specific personal, business, or scientific processing tasks, such as payroll, processing, human resource management, or inventory management. Common Application software are the following:

8 Word Processor – This serves as an electronic typewriter.
Spreadsheets- These are programs that simulate a paper divided into rows and columns, where values can be placed.riter and even more. Database Programs – These serve to collect a structured collection of data, which can later be managed and manipulated.

9 Presentation Software – These are programs that allow users to create electronic presentation for reports and other functions. Reference Software – These are electronic versions of various references

10 Publishing Software – This allow the user to create page makeups and do simple typesetting to produce various materials, such as books pamphlets, reports, and booklets.

11 PROGRAMMING SOFTWARE Programmers use this software for making computer programs. Programming software is a tool to make software using different programming languages.

Common Error Messages As you work on your computer, there are error messages that come up. The machine at times tries to tell you where the problem is. These messages are like detective clues for the Help Desk.

13 Common Problems My monitor is blacked out I don’t have any sound. My machine is stuck and wont do anything

14 Checking of Peripherals
Keyboards If our machine, when booting, gives off a constant beeping noise, it is telling that your computer keyboard is not connected or not working. If there is no response, check the indicator light on the keyboard. Is there a key stuck? Gently pry off the cover and clean it with alcohol. Make sure it is not connected to your machine when you are cleaning it.

15 Mouse If your mouse starts acting erratic, it could be an insufficient memory problem. If your mouse will only move one way, either vertically or horizontally, your mouse may need cleaning. Shut down your machine and unplug your mouse from the computer. Optical mouse need cleaning of its bottom every now and then too.

16 Printer Verify that the printer is working correctly by running a test print. Unplug the printer cable from the back of the PC and try to print the printer Reattach the printer and run another test print, Turn off the printer and try to print to it. What error messages appear? Turn the printer back on and run a test print

17 Turn off the printer and remove the ink or toner cartridge
Turn off the printer and remove the ink or toner cartridge. Turn the printer back on. Do any error messages appear? Try printing to the printer. Do any error messages show up them? Reinstall the ink or toner cartridge and run a test print. Remove all of the paper from your printer and then try to print it. What error messages appear now?

18 A Dead PC A Dead PC First check the cable Check the wall outlet
Turn the system off and wait for a few seconds and then try again. Reach behind the machine and see if you feel air blowing out of the power supply.

19 Look at the keyboard for the indicator lights being lit up as the machine boots.
Sometimes the monitor has something to do with the system acting up. Unplug the power cord from the monitor and the wall and re plug it. Listen to identify a beeping series if there is one.



22 Testing Procedures Deciding When to Test the System.
Preparing to Test the System Powering Up the System for the First Time Adjusting BIOS Settings Replacing the Side of the Case and Bezel

23 Cable Troubleshooting

24 Hardware Make sure that the power cable is plugged in.
Be sure that all cables are connected. See to it that all components are switched on. The keyboard and mouse cables are snugly connected to their ports.

25 Watch out for power outages or electrical storms
Check if the network is operating and that the phone line is valid. Shutdown the system down and restart. Ask for assistance

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